22 June 2016

My Favourite YouTubers

YouTube is one of my favourite places to go when I want to chill out, I love watching a while bunch of different videos of different types and just relaxing. I have a few favourite YouTubers who I could sit and watch for hours on end, so I thought for this post I would share with you my favourite Youtubers from different categories.

I love blogging and being a blogger, and Ihave  always dreamt of one days starting YouTube, I've wanted to for so long. I have been watching YouTube for years, before I even started blogging. There are some YouTubers I have been watching for years and some that are new favourites. I like watching a whole variety of different types of videos, so in this post I thought I would mention a few favourites in each category.

I am a beauty blogger and a make p addict, so of course there is a beauty section on this list. I love a lot of beauty gurus on YouTuber, but most of them aren't strictly beauty gurus so in this section I've got my favourites who are mostly focused on make up.

NikkieTutorials is one of my very favourite beauty gurus to watch for tutorials, her skills are incredible. The channel is run by Nikkie, and she is one of the sweetest people I have ever come across on YouTube, and she is so funny. I love her channel because her skills are amazing, and her looks are so beautiful, but she also brings a lot of fun back to make up with her funny make up videos, she always keeps her channel lighthearted and a little comedic sometimes which I love to watch.

KathleenLights is another of my favourite YouTubers. The channel is run by Kathleen, and a lot of her fomented is beauty related which I love. I really like watching her haul and collection videos. She gives such good reviews and really good swatches of the products she is showing which I love, as I like to get a look at the shades of products when I see reviews. She is super sweet and really talented.

I love when YouTubers include a bit of lifestyle into their channel and aren't always focuses on one genre as I feel like you get a better sense of who that YouTuber is as a person. I love watching channels with a mix of genres, they are some of my favourite channels to watch.

Zoella is a channel that I was in love with for ages, and have recently gotten back into. The channel is run by Zoe and I really love her videos. For a while the hype was all over her and her channel and I got a bit put off by it, but recently I've been watching her channel again and I really love her videos, and her personality. Her content has been back to being more fun and random and that's what I loved about her channel before, and it's what I love nowadays. I can spend ages watching her videos.

ThatcherJoe is a channel I have only been watching recently but I have fallen in love with. Joe is Zoe's brother, and he is absolutely hilarious. His videos are very random and they vary on topic, but I love his channels because he is so entertaining and his videos are always fun to watch. Joe does a lot of tag videos and collaborations with other YouTubers, which is why I love watching his channel. His videos are always a good laugh and they are always on a new, random topic, and a lot of the time he has guests in his videos which is always fun.

Comedy And Entertainment
I love comedy, I love to laugh and I love to make other people laugh. I am a big fan of anything that makes me laugh, and I love people who have a sense of humour, I think its one of the qualities I look for most in people, alongside being a good person. I am not a very serious prson, and when creating this list this was one of the easiest picks.

Danisnotonfire is my favourite comedy and entertainment channel on YouTube, and most likely my favourite overall. The channel is run by Dan and he is my spirit animal. I could watch his videos for hours on end and not get bored, I love his channel so much. I have loved Dan's channel for years, and I could rewatch his videos over and over and still laugh and not get bored. I think his personality is so similar to mine that's part of why I love his channel and him so much. I think he's incredibly sweet and funny.

AmazingPhil is my other favourite channel in this section. The channel is run by Phil, who is Dan's best friend. These two are a package deal in my eyes, I love them both and their channels both separately and I love them together. The are very similar in a lot of ways, which is why I love watching Phil's videos because I know they are going to be just as random and funny as Dan's. I love when the two of they collaborate on videos, which is pretty often, because I think they are both super creative and hilarious so the make some amazing videos separately and together.

I love watching special effects videos on YouTube. If you know me, you know that I love Halloween and horror and gorey stuff, so I love watching SFX videos whether they are horror tutorials or how to make yourself look like a minion or movie character.

Glam And Gore is my number one favourite YouTube channel for this kind of video, because she does, you guessed it, glam and gore. The channel is run by Mykie, and the majority of her videos contain a glam portion and a gore portion, so you can get just the glam look if you want, and then you can carry on the rest of the look for gore. She is incredibly talented at what she does, and I highly recommend if this is you kind of thing to check er out, because not only is she talented af but she has an awesome personality and is so sweet and funny. Her latest series of f videos is a Disney princess series so for a big Disney nerd like me, I love it.

Madeyewlook is another favourite of mine. This channel is run by Lex, and it features some horror looks but features more on movie characters and that sort of genre. She is incredibly talented, and very humble and sweet which is why I love her videos. Her looks are are spot on down to the finest details of a characters looks, which I love. Her videos recreating the new Joker and Deadpool are incredible and even the tiniest of details such as Jokers tattoos are the light hitting Deadpool's suit are covered perfectly.

I love watching YouTube videos, and a lot of the time I will watch random channels if I find it interesting, which is how I sometimes discover new favourite channels and YouTubers. I like to watch all kinds of random videos, and if something catches my eye under another video, I will channel hip until I find a channel I like and will watch a bunch of videos.

CinemaSins is a random channel that I have fallen in love with recently, as I am big movie fan. I love when people pick out errors in movies because I do it when I notice them, and this what this channel does. They go through movies and point out all the silly errors other people might not notice, and I could spend hours watching these videos.

BuzzfeedVideo is a big favourite channel of mine. I love Buzzfeed and send ages scrolling thorough it reading their content, and I love the Buzzfeed YouTube channel, the videos are amazing. Buzzfeed has a whole bunch of YouTube channels for various types over videos and I watch different types of Buzzfeed video so I've been on a lot of them. I love all their random videos, but the tastes are a firm favourite of mine.

Are any of these YouTubers that you watch?
Who are your favourite YouTubers?

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