6 June 2016

An Open Letter About Blogging And Bloggers

Blogging is something that I am very passionate about. I have been blogging for almost two years and in that time my love for blogging and my blog has grown a lot. Blogging and the blogging community are amazing, and in this post I wanted to touch on some of the things about blogging and bloggers that people don't always appreciate or know.

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post on called 'An Open Letter To Fellow Bloggers', which you can read here, which I loved writing and which received an amazing amount of love that post. I thought that since people loved that post a lot, I would write another one. The previous post was for bloggers, whereas this one is going to be about bloggers. I thought it would be good to touch on how amazing the community is, and how hard we work, which isn't often appreciated by people or companies.

Bloggers work hard
This is something that people don't always appreciate about blogging, it is hard work and we bloggers work very hard on our blogs to keep them running. It is more than just taking a few photos and throwing some words into a post. We have to come up quality topics and content, write good content, get high quality and aesthetically pleasing images and edit the photos - and that's just the post, which can be 2/3 times a week for some bloggers, we have to keep out blogs regularly updated. We also have to keep on top of HTML and blog layouts, maintain relationships with brands and fellow bloggers, keep active on social media, reply to comments and tweets etc. Then comes promotion and interaction, we have to be active on social media, we have to be interactive with other bloggers and promoting our content properly, which means more than one tweet and your done. People don't always realise how much work and offer its takes to keep a blog running, and to have a life outside the blog when its not your full time job. People can be quick to tell bloggers that blogging is easy but for me, like Rachel in Friends says, 'No uterus, no opinion', well for us I think 'No blog, no opinion', applies when it comes to how hard we work.

We aren't all 'blogging to get free stuff'
Oh, the free stuff, how this comment bugs me. Free stuff, that must be the reason every blogger blogs, right? WRONG. From time to time, we bloggers will get some freebies, it may be some sample sized items to test out, it might be full sized products, it might even be a day out, experience ot event, but that is not the reason we blog. Bloggers can be blogging for months, or years, before they are even approached by brands, if at all. We don't pay for these products, but we are not technically getting them for free either, as in exchange for the products were are being gifted, 99% of the time we will try out the product and produce a blog post on them, which gets the brand exposure and gets word out bout some new products, that our readers may not have yet seen on the market, or a brand they may not have seen. Not every blogger will get free items, and not every blogger revives the same items or opportunities, it is all down to how hard you work and your blog. We work hard and we are sometimes rewarded with perks. If all bloggers blogged to get a bunch of free stuff, then every blogger would be getting free stuff frequently, and would be getting the same free stuff, wouldn't they? Is this the case? No, that's 100% not the case so unless you know what you're talking about, it would be best to keep quiet because it's just going to royally piss bloggers off. I have so much respect for fellow bloggers because I know how much work they put in to their content and it really shows when a blogger is hard working and loves their blog.

Blogging is a legitimate platform, and we deserve to be taken seriously
It's 2016, and blogging is one of the most commonly looked to platforms for opinions and reviews etc of may different things; beauty, fashion, lifestyle, food, TV, movies, music, politics, news, technology... you name it, there will be blogs about it. So, isn't it only fair that it is treated with the same professionalism and respect as any other platform? There are still people who will discredit blogging and bloggers as 'just a blog', which there is no reason for, we work hard, we product quality content, and it is possible to make a living from blogging, we deserve to be treated with respect. There are some bloggers who have been able to turn blogging into a full time job, and make a living off of this, this is their profession. We are entitled to the recognition we have earned.

Bloggers are not fake
Bloggers being fake is one that people hear all the time. We have been given a product for free, we went to an event for free, we got paid to feature a product or product a post, we always say nice things and give nice reviews, so we must be fake, we must be only saying its good because it was free or we got paid or we want views - no, just stop. Bloggers dislike stuff, even if it was free or we were paid to talk about it, or we own it ourselves. A lot of the time, we genuinely love the product we have been gifted, or the ones we have purchased ourselves and chosen to feature on our blog. 99% of bloggers will be honest about their opinions on a product, company or event, regardless of if it was free or paid for, because we want out readers t get a real, honest review id the are going to buy something. There are a very small percent of people who will be fake so that can get more opportunities, but very rarely and we are definitely not all like that. The reason bogs are mostly positive about products etc in their posts, it because we will more than likely have only accepted offers that we think we will like and that fit out blog. If we are offered something that doesn't fit on our blog, or a product we think we won't like then we will likely reject the offer, that doesn't mean we are fake,it means we have common sense. Bloggers are not fake for posting positve things, bloggers are more likely to be fake when someone who is a a beauty blog starts randomly posting about amazing reviews of garden furniture.

Bloggers won't work with brands who take advantage
There are times that some brands will try to take advantage of bloggers, by requesting that we buy from them to review them and in return we might get a retweet from them - this sort of stuff won't work with us. Bloggers love to work with brands and 99% of brands are so lovely to work with and are very respectful but there are times when brands will try to get some free exposure with nothing in return, and this doesn't work wit us. We are more than happy to work with brands, but we put a lot of effort in on our end so we deserve to be treated with the same respect as anyone else that a brand would approach. 9/10 when a brand is pulling this stuff with one blogger they are doing it with many and bloggers are quick to publicise the brands and help out other bloggers so its really not worth it, bloggers are lovely but are a force to be reckoned with.

Bloggers are very supportive of each other's success
Bloggers are very supportive of fellow bloggers when they are successful. People sometimes think that bloggers are all very competitive but rally, we are super happy for other bloggers when they have something good happen, or they have some blogging success or an amazing opportunity. Bloggers are forever commenting and tweeting each other etc with nice messages and congratulations when something good happens, we are a very supportive and friendly bunch towards each other. I love seeing other bloggers have god things happen to them, especially when you can tell they love their blog and work really hard on it. As Mean Girls puts it: Four for you Glen CoCo, you go Glen CoCo.

The blogging community are some of the loveliest people you will ever meet
Bloggers are some of the friendliest and nicest people you will ever have the pleasure of meeting. The are so kind and supportive of each other, it really is a pleasure to be a part of it. Bloggers are always talking to each other, saying nice things about each other and really just being amazing. Everyone is so lively and fun, and easy to talk to. I love interacting with other bloggers because they are always so lovely, and so fun to talk to, even if its not about blogging. I love talking to bloggers in person at events and such, and talking to them online, because its great to get to talk to other bloggers who love the same things as you and who gets the whole blogging scene.

What things do you wish people knew about blogging?
Are these ones points that you agree with?

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