20 June 2016

The Brow Product You Need

Those of you who are regular readers of my blog will probably be aware that recently I have been getting really into eyebrows, and have been on the hunt for new eyebrow products. I recently got my hands on one of the new additions to Benefit's brow range, the Goof Proof Brow Pencil and holy moly am I in love with it.

I've been loving the Maybelline Brow Satin lately and it is definitely one of my favourite eyebrow products I've ever tried, however Goof Proof has definitely since taken over the top spot. Benefit has always been one of my favourite high end brands, and I have always been a big lover of their Gimme Brow. When I saw the were releasing a huge new line of eyebrow products I was beyond excited. I picked up this little smaller size Goof Proof in the July edition of Ella Magazine, and I have fallen in love with it.

Outer packaging
The outer packaging for this product is gorgeous, I love the combination of baby pink and silver together. Benefit products always have the most beautiful packing for their products on the outer and inner packaging, and I love that as it really shows how passionate they are about their brand. The front of the packaging is very eye catching, with standard details such as the brand name, product name and how much product is inside. There is also a little section on the right hand side of the front packing that shows you how to use t and ow it can change the brows. The shade of the product is printed on the lid of the box. The back of the packing contains the stands details such as the ingredients and brand name, as well as some details about what the inner product does, and what it looks likes. I think its very handy to have a little photo of the inside product on the back, as you can see what the applicator looks like before buying.

Product packaging
I love the packing of the product itself, I think it is incredibly sleek and beautifully. The product is in twist up pencil form, and come in a silver plastic casing. The casing is silver, however it doesn't feel cheep at all, it feels well made and sturdy. I love the shape of the lid on this product, it's a very unique shape and I think it looks really good on this product. I love anything silver, and as with the outer packing the silver and pink colour scheme applies to the inner packing as well. The product has what it does and the shade on the side of the packaging for when you discard the outer packaging. Inside the product is a retractable, twist up eyebrow pencil, which twist up from the top. I love that this pencil is twist up, and that you aren't wasting any product sharpening it with each use and you can twist up and go. I think this is very handy for people. I have the sample size, which for a sample is a pretty decent size. The only difference between the sample an the full size is that the full size is bigger, and comes with a spoolie on the other end of the product.

One of the main thing I love about this product is the way it applies. I love the shape of this brow pencil, it makes the application incredibly easy. It has a pointed tip that makes it super easy to get a really clean, defined brow, and a wide base for filling in the brows. I love this because it is really easy to get a really defined, full but natural looking brow with this product. You can use the pointed tip to shadow out your brows, then go right after with light strokes of the thicker end to fill in the brows, and they looks very shapely and full, but still natural and over draw. I like that you can use a very light hand with the product to fill the rows in natural and you don't have to lean heavy on the brows or drag the product, it is very smooth and soft on the brow. Using this product has made my brow application a lot quicker and easier which I love.

I have found that this product to wear very well on the face, and it is super long wearing. I haven't noticed s smudge or rub off throughout the day, as the colour is the same at the end of the sat as it is when it is freshly applied. I have worn this product with setting spray and without, and it is very long lasting both ways, slightly longer with the setting spray but that is the same for any make up. The product says it is waterproof and I have worn it in the rain and haven't noticed it rub away or smudge which is a good sign.

I am incredibly impressed with this prodcut, and  I am so happy I managed to get my hand on this sample size. I will 100% be purchasing the full size of this prododuct as I love it.

Have you tried this eyebrow pencil?
What is your favourite eyebrow product?

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