26 July 2016

American Horror Story 101

Readers of my blog and any of you who follow me on social media know I am a big fan of horror, gore and generally all things creepy and spooky. I recently decided to watch American Horror Story and see what it was like, and I'm beyond glad I did, I am love with it and it has become one of my favourite TV shows. The show can be a bit confusing or full on for some people, so in this post I'm going to do a little breakdown of the show season by season for any fellow lovers, or people who want to start watching.

American Horror story premiered on our screens in 2011 and has been a huge name in the TV world since then, if you don't watch it the chances are you have still heard of it, it's infamous. The programme is very unique in so many ways, but for me the most unique thing about it and what I have loved about it is that every season (currently 5, with 6 premiering in September) has the same main cast, but has a completely different theme, setting and characters. This can be confusing for some people, so that's why I wanted to do a little breakdown for you. I'm hoping that by breaking it down season by season it can make things a but simpler for people to understand the way it works, and get a little feel for each season. There won't be big spoilers in this post, just some information and hints about each season.

Seasons 1-4 are currently available on Netflix so those are four I'm going to focus on. Some people love gore and blood and some people hate it, some people don't like crude shows and some don't like jump scares, so with this post I want people to be able to see what seasons they might like or dislike. Each season the theme, setting and time period changes, as does the title of the season. Jessica Lange, Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters are three of the shows main actors, and they appear in every season up to season 5, when Jessica Lange left the show. What is great about this show is that since every season is different, you can start at any season you'd like and you're good to go. Or you can be like me and start with season 1, get completely hooked and engrossed and binge watch all 4 seasons in one week.

Season 1:  Murder House
The first season of AHS is Murder House. The season is set in 2011 in on Los Angeles and focuses on the Harmon family who move into a new house with a very bloody history. The premise of the season is that anyone who has ever been killed or died in the house or its grounds is stuck there, forbidden to move on or leave the grounds. The first season of the show is one of my favourite season, it gets off to a slow start but once the gore and murder starts to kick in it really kicks in. Two of the shows main actors in every season play two of the main roles, Jessica Lange as the Harmon's neighbour, and Evan Peters as her son. Sarah Paulson is one of the main cast throughout the show and comes into the season midway. I love this season, I think it is the perfect intro to the show to get a feel of what the show is like and how the future season will be. Dylan McDermott plays an excellent role in the show.

Season 1 has its fair share of blood and gore, and it focuses heavily on the murder house's past, which I like as they do a very good job of tying the past and present together with flashbacks. I like you are kept guessing along the way with plot twists, and there are definitely a few big plot twists you don't see coming which keep you on your toes. I think its a good started point for anyone who wants to get into the show.

Season 2: Asylum
Season two is called Asylum, and is set in 1964 in Massachusetts, in Briarcliff Mental Institution. This is 100% my favourite season of them all, I love it. The season is set in a mental institution and many of the patients are criminals classed as criminally insane. The institution is run by nuns and there is a very strong religious reference through the entire season. The focus of this season is on the notorious serial killer Bloody Face (who's identity is kept secret), and the journalist Lana Winters who is investigating Bloody Face and Briarcliff. The three main cast return, with Lana being played by Sarah Paulson, and her acting in this season was absolutely phenomenal. Evan Peters plays inmate Kit, and Jessica Lange, who is also particularly incredible in this season, plays head nun Sister Jude. The theme of this season was a fantastic one, the acting from every character was phenomenal.

This season is by far the bloodiest, the most gory, the scariest and the darkest. If you are squeamish or easily scared then Bloody Face might be a bit full on for you in the gore department. This season is filled with a tonne of plot twists, and you become so engrossed in the storylines that they hit you like a tonne of bricks, you definitely don't see them coming, especially the big reveal of who Bloody Face is. I am in love with this season, it is definitely the one I recommend most for anyone.

Season 3: Coven
Season three is Coven, which is set in 2013 in New Orleans. The season focuses on the descendants of witches who survived the Salem With Trials. This season is not the first of the three to mention the supernatural theme however it is the first to base its entire season on the them of withcraft and voodoo. The season sees a coven witches at an all girl's school for witches learning about their powers as a coven, led by head of the coven Coredlia Goode, played by Sarah Paulson, and the Supreme of the coven, Fiona Goode, played by Jessica Lange. The season focuses on them protecting an immortal serial killer from the past, Madame LaLaurie, which causes new tension in their ancient feud with the Voodoo Queen. Kyle, who is played by Evan Peters, is a boy hidden by the coven as they brought him back from the dead. This season sees some familiar faces from season one, as well as new additions Kathy Bates and Angela Bassett who plays their parts incredibly.

This season is gory and graphic, however it is less gory than the previous seasons. Coven focuses heavily on the theme of racism, and is quite graphic in some of these parts. One of the main characters is very racist and very opinionated about it which is focused on a lot as it is key to the storyline. The season is set mainly in the present day, however there are a few flashbacks that tie the story together well. I really enjoyed this season, I thought it was different from the previous two seasons in that it is still fairly gruesome and bloody, but it isn't as focused on it as the previous two season. I recommend this season for people who want to try the show out without seeing as much blood and gore.

Season 4: Freak Show
Season four of the show is called Freak Show. This season is set in 1952 in Florida. It focuses on a Freak Show run by Elsa Mars, played by Jessica Lange, and their lives as performers. The majority of the main characters in this season are physically deformed in some way that leaves them classed as a freak and who are working in the freak show. Amongst the performers are Dot and Bet, the siamese twins played by Sarah Paulson, are the new additions to the freak show and Jimmy Darling, aka 'Lobster Boy' who is played by Evan Peters. The show focuses on the performers as they try to uncover the mystery behind their kind being killed one by one, as well as the case of Twisty the murderous clown and the dangerous killer who decides to follow in hos footsteps.

This season is fairly gory at parts, however it is more bloody the gory. There is a lot of murder in the season, however it is more messy and bloody than gore in a lot of the parts. The season is set primarily in the present day, with a couple of flashbacks and flash forwards. I loved this season and I would rewatch it, however it is my least favourite of the four I have seen.

I absolutely love American Horror Story and I am very happy I watched it as it has become one of my favourite shows.

Are you an American Horror Story fan?
What season is your favourite?

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