6 July 2016

High End Beauty Brands You Need To Try

I love make up, it's one of my favourite things to buy! Like most beauty bloggers, I have tried out my fair share of brands and there are some for me that I love and always recommend.

One of my all time favourite beauty brands without a doubt is Benefit. I love their products, their extremely night product quality is matched only by their beautiful packaging and amazing brand identity. Benefit have a huge line of products in all the beauty areas, and the quality of their products is phenomenal across their line, and you definitely get why you're paying for. If you're a sucker for high quality products, and cute, quirky packaging then Benefit is the brand for you. On hiyaitsashley I've previously done a brand focus on Benefit which you can read here.

  • Rollerlash - this mascara is my holy grail mascara. I have quite straight eyelashes, they curl only at the ends so this mascara is incredible. It does exactly what is says in the tin, and I get perfectly curled, her black lashes, with no eyelashes curler in sight?
  • Hervana - this boxed blusher is the perfect light, dusty pink for my pale skin. It can be work lightly and be build up. It is incredibly blendable, and the product lasts ages. I've had mine for so long, at least a year, and an only just starting to hit pan, even thought I wear it every time I wear a full face of make up.
  • Watt's Up - If you read my blog or follow my Twitter, you know I love my glow, and this highlighter is one of the best highlighters I own. It's a gold toned, cream highlight, which is extremely pigmented, and blends effortlessly. Worn on its own, or underneath a powder highlighter this little baby packs a serious punch in the glow department!
  • They're Real! Push Up Liner - I love eyeliner, and this little baby has been at my number one spot since it released. It's gel eyeliner in a pen, it's jet black and it stays on, seriously once it's on this baby isn't coming off. I love how easy it is to apply, and how good it looks on the eyes.

I couldn't write up this list and it include MAC, their lipsticks alone would get them on this list, but of course that's not the only reason I think they are a must have for any beauty enthusiast. This brand is huge worldwide, and so many bloggers and non bloggers love their products, and if you own anything from them you can see why. Their quality is incredible, and their products are very varied and versatile. I love the MAC packaging as well, is very sleek and classy. One of the big reasons I love this brand is that their colour matching for base products is spot on, I have never had a foundation match me as good as a MAC one. As with Benefit I have done a brand focus on MAC that you can read here.

  • Lipsticks - MAC lipsticks are incredible popular in the beauty world, and us bloggers love them. They are incredibly high quality, the pigmentation is perfect and there is a huge variety of shades and finishes to suit anyone. I love MAC lipsticks, currently I own 11 of them and counting. My personal favourites are Stone, Viva Glam I, Viva Glam Ariana Grande, Honeylove and Taupe. I love the matte finish most as their matte formula is incredible, it is comfortable on the lips and not drying, and it stays out for a long time without budging. I've got post on my MAC lipstick collection of you'd like to see swatches of any of the 11 I have, which you can find here and here.
  • Lip Pencils - the MAC lip pencils are a great addition to your collection if you love lipsticks. The shades work well for various underneath various lipsticks, they apply amazingly and they don't felt drying on the lips. They keep lipstick in place all day, without feathering.
  • Studio Fix Fluid - this foundation is my favourite foundation that I have tried. The shade is a perfect match for my skin tone, it is has a great coverage yet your skin feels though there is nothing on it as it sinks perfectly into the skin. I love that it can be worn with light coverage or built up for heavier coverage without looking heavy or cakey

Urban Decay
I love Urban Decay, and they have been a brand I have loved for a long time. The brand is highly well known in the beauty world and the blogging community as a brand of high quality and quirky products. The brand has a lot of staple, best selling products and are always coming out with amazing themed collections and new products that are amazing quality. I love the brand, I think they are amazing.

  • All Nighter Setting Spray - this products is my holy grail. I think it is a mist have product for any make up lover, as it is the perfect setting spray to keep your make up fresh and in place all day. It doesn't leave your ace wet, or sticky. It dries complete into your skin in seconds, and it will keep your make up in place until you take it off. I have been using this product for so long, and I have noticed the difference in my make up on days I don't use this, I love it.
  • Naked Basics - this eyeshade palette are my go to eyeshadows. I bought this little mini naked palette to test out the Urban Decay shadows and I am so happy I bought it as it is amazing. I love the eye looks to can create with this palette, I love that it's affordable and that the incredible high quality of Urban Decay make up is still there even in their smaller items. The shadows are highly pigmented, long lasting and very good for blending. They aren't chalky and there is no falling with them, which I love. I love this little palette for creating various everyday neutral looks and smokier looks.

Too Faced
I absolutely love Too Faced, it is one of my favourite brands. I love the products and the packaging is absolutely stunning. I love the high quality that you get with Too Faces products and there is a huge variety of products they sell, which is amazing as there is something to suit every person and skin tone and type.

  • Melted Lipsticks - these lipsticks are liquid lipsticks that come in a squeeze tube, with a felt applicator. They come in a variety of beautiful shades, and are highly pigmented. A little goes a long way with these lipsticks as you need the tiniest amount of product to get amazing pigmentation. The felt applicator makes application incredibly smooth and soft on the lips. The colour is long lasting and and looks amazing.
  • Chocolate Soleil Bronzer - I love this bronzer, it is my holy grail powder bronzer. I have very fair skin, and this product looks amazing on my skin tone. It is very light, and blends perfectly. It can be built up for darker bronzing and contouring, and it doesn't look muddy. The product also smells of chocolate which I love as it gives a little added kick to the product. I love how smoothly blends into the skin, and that it can be worn with very lightly and look good on pale skin.
Are these brands you have tried out?
What high end brands do you love?

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