15 July 2016

Incredible Italian At Tony Macaroni*

I love food, but most of all, I love Italian food. Tony Macaroni is right up their at the top of the list for me when it comes to Italian food, I could eat their food for every meal. This week I was invited along to Tony Macaroni at the Glasgow Fort, and I jumped at the chance. As always, Tony Macaroni nailed it.

The Tony Macaroni restaurant in the Glasgow Fort is beautiful on the inside. The tables white marble tops, which I think is stunning and goes very nicely with the wooden frames. The restaurant is well spaced out, and although it is very modern, bright and airy, it has a very authentic, rustic Italian feel which I really like. The bar and kitchen are very open, you can see the chefs at work which is a nice added touch. Lets take a minute to appreciate how soft and comfortable the chairs were, I want them everywhere I go.

As always with any time I have visited Tony Macaroni, the service was impeccable. The staff were friendly and welcoming, and happy to help if you needed anything during your meal. I went along with my best friend and fellow blogger Robyn, and my two younger sisters. I like having them with me as Robyn and I share the same taste in food, my youngest sister is very honest, if she does or doesn't like it, she'll tell you, and my other sister has an egg allergy so she's great to take along as it really gives an insight as to how well the staff will handle customers with special dietary needs (spoiler; they were fantastic with us). We has been booked in for a table ahead of arriving, and when we arrived it took around ten minutes to be seated, which is not a long time at all, however as we had booked a table a head it was a little unusual as people who were arriving after us were being seated first. I don't mind waiting at restaurants for a table as Robyn and I never usually book in advance, I just thought this was a little unusual for booking ahead. Regardless of this, this service was still impeccable.

We ordered drinks and sat chatting for a while while we browsed the menu. I loved that the staff were always around, and every now and again would check to see if you were ready to order, but they didn't hover when you said you needed more time. After a while we decided to split a starter. We chose the Focaccia, which is pizza bread topped with garlic and olive oil. I loved this dish, I was in heaven and could have easily eaten a whole one by myself. The bread was soft on the bread, and crispy on the crust, it was the perfect ratio. The cheese was soft and stringy, and the garlic was the perfect little kick of flavour. I love garlic and I think it is a very strong flavour, which was used perefctly in this dish. It wasn't too overpowering, and it wasn't too subtle, it was spot on. The olive oil was also a tasty little added bonus, and it was only slightly greasy which I liked.

For our main course was decided to go 'jimmy style', which is an option offered on their presto menu that allows two people to share a pizza and pasta, so each person has half a pizza and half a dish of pasta which was amazing for us. Robyn and I decided to split the Pollo pizza, which was the chicken pizza and Penne Polo e Pesto pasta, which penne pasta with chicken, pesto and a hint of chilli. Nicola and Lisa decided to share the Diavola pizza which is the pepperoni pizza, and the spaghetti bolognese. I want to mention the service from the staff here, as they were incredible with us. Nicola has an egg allergy, which means choosing pasta is a tricky business as many pastas use egg in their pasta and/or their sauces, particularly white sauce pastas. When we were ordering, we informed the waiter about her allergy and asked if it would be possible to double check with the kitchen about the ingredients of both pasta dishes, as we planned to share them all between us, and he was completely understanding and said he would double check everything for us and let us know if it was going to contain any egg. He didn't complain or turn his nose up at us, he was very accommodating and kind about it which I think was amazing. We ordered two bowls of chips to share as well because we are greedy and chunky chips from Tony Macaroni are amazing.

First things first (I'm the realest), the sheer portion size of these dishes per person - holy moly. I can't quite believe the size of the dishes per person, especially for the price of £5.95 per person. The portions were huge, which for a greedy person like myself was amazing for such a good price. The chicken pizza was absolutely heavenly, the pizza was soft, the mozzarella cheese was stringy, the chicken was soft and flavourful and the crust was super crunchy aka the perfect pizza. I loved that the pizza was so warm and soft, but still had a lovely crunchy pizza crust, as I love the crust on pizzas. The pizza came uncut, which was the only issue I had as I can't cut pizza into slices with a knife without ruining it. I loved that the pasta came in its own dish on the serving plate instead of spooned onto the same plate as the pizza. The chicken and pesto pasta was also very tasty, however I would have preferred my usual Risotto Polo (chicken and broccoli risotto) if it had been an option. The pasta was soft, as was the chicken and the pesto sauce was very flavourful. I really liked the pasta, however I most likely would order something else next time as I prefer more creamy, cheesy pastas. I got to taste the pepperoni pizza and the bolognese as well, and both were amazing. The pepperoni pizza was amazing, and pepperoni isn't usually a pizza I eat however this pepperoni was amazing. I was flavourful and soft, it was amazing. The bolognese was also surprisingly good for me, as I mostly don't like tomato based pastas or red meat, however this one was delicious. The sauce to mince ratio was perfect, which is why I liked it as sometimes tomato pastas have far too much sauce, which was not the case.

Nicola thought that the diavola (pepperoni) pizza was delicious, and that the pepperoni was a little bit spicy but not too spicy, which was nice. She loved the bolognese, she thought the tomato sauce was very rich and flavourful but not watery. She liked that there was a lot of spaghetti and that the portion size was really good value for money. The chicken pizza was very nice, and she liked that the pizzas were very thin and not too doughy. She didn't like the pesto pasta however, it wasn't to her taste. She was very appreciative of how helpful the waiters were when it came to checking about the ingredients for her.

Lisa's favourite part of her meal was the diavola pizza, although she would have preferred the pizza to be already cut into slices before serving. She liked the bolognese, and thought that there was a lot more bolgnese than pasta in her serving which was the only downside. On the chicken pizza she liked that the chicken was very well seasoned and that the pizza wasn't greasy. She thought the pesto pasta was nice but quite spicy for her taste. She thought that getting a half serving of each was a great idea because you can try different dishes at once, and if you dislike the pasta you still have pizza and vice versa.

For dessert we chose to get the Tony's World Famous Extravaganza which was a huge ice cream sundae with so many toppings it was amazing. Myself, Robyn and Lisa shared this giant dessert, and it was delicious. There were so many amazing ice cream flavours and various toppings on this dessert that there was something for everyone. The dessert served all three of us, and although we ate a huge chunk of it between us, we couldn't finish it as it was huge. The dessert was about the same size, if not bigger than mt head. It was amazing. I think that was an amazing dessert options for if you have a group of people who want dessert instead of getting a few separate ones. It was delicious and a lot of fun to eat.

Lisa thought that having such a large desert option for sharing was a great idea as its good for groups, and very fun to eat as the ingredients changed as you got further down the bowl. She loved the different flavours, and she is usually more of a savoury person but she thought it was amazing. The ice cream had egg in it, so Nicola had to have her own dessert, for which she chose to have the lemon sorbet. She loved it, she thought it was very authentic lemon flavour and it was very bitter just like lemons are. She thought it went very well with wafers, and wished she had more.

I absolutely love Tony Macaroni's and as usual this visit was amazing. I was so happy with the food and I will definitely be back to taste some more delcious food.

Have you ever been to Tony Macaroni?
What is your favourite restaurant?

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