21 July 2016

NYX Picks*

Last week I was invited along to the brand new NYC counter in Boots in the Glasgow Fort to meet the team and try out some products. I love NYX so I was very excited to be invited.

There are currently NYX counters in both of the Glasgow city centre boots, however the NYX counter in the Fort is definitely my favourite of them three. It is much larger than the other two, and it carried a lot more products. I love that the counter is quite large, as it allows you more space to browse and search the products without being crowded by other shoppers. Another big bonus to this stand is that Glasgow Fort is open until 10pm, so you are able to go along and shop in the evening, as the shop is open late which is great.

When we got to the counter we were greeted by the lovely staff, who were a delight to talk to. The girl who helped us and talked to us about various products was incredible welcoming and very easy to talk to, it was like talking to a friend instead of a staff member. She answered every question we put to her with no issue, and talked us through a lot of the product we were interested in, I was very impressed. We didn't feel crowded by staff but there was always someone there if we did want to ask something.

After chatting for a while, Robyn and I browsed the shelves to pick out a few items that NYX were kind enough to gift is to try out. I picked out five items, which were a Pro Foundation Mixer, the HD Foundation, a Liquid Suede liquid lipstick and two Jumbo Eye Pencils.

Pro Foundation Mixer in the shade Luminous
The NYX Pro Foundation Mixer is a product that is designed to alter the shade or finish of your foundation. You mix a couple of drops with your foundation, and apply it your face. There were a few shades of this foundation mixer at the NYX stand that all done different things for your face, I chose to go with the shade Luminous as I am all about that highlight and glow so I wanted to see if this product would give my face overall a little more glow to it. The product is a liquid formula and comes in a squeeze tube. The shade is a light pearlescent pink colour, and on its own it is very glowy, with a lot of shimmer on the liquid, it is not glittery however when blended in its own, it is a lovely glistening shade. I tested the product with the NYX HD Foundation by mixing two drops of the mixer with the foundation and applied to to my face. I noticed that there was slight glow to the skin, but nothing too strong. I decided to try this product out as a liquid highlighter and this is where I noticed the real power of this little guy. This is a perfect liquid highlighter, it blends really nicely and it gives a lovely pearlescent glow to the cheeks. I used it on my cheekbones then applied my Mary Lou Manizer on top and my cheeksbones were glowing. I would definitely recommend this product of you' like a subtle glow to your foundation but I would strongly recommend it as a liquid highlight. I liked the finish it gives when mixed with foundation, however I feel like you might need to use quite a few drops of you want a very glowy finish.

HD Foundation in the shade Nude
This foundations is a liquid foundation that comes in a squeeze tube. I really liked the finish of this foundation, it left my skin very soft and it didn't feel like I had make up on. The foundation is quite liquid, and I found that I had to use a little more product than usual to get a full converge however it didn't built up to feel cake. I could layer the foundation to bulky the confer erase very easily, as it is a fault thing consistency. I am use to my foundation being a little more thick, however with this being more thin in consistency it would be perfect for no make make up days, as it is thin enough to give some coverage but not so thin that there is no colour pay off on your face. The product is easy to blend into the skin, and there is a good range of shades. I would recommend this foundation, especially if you want a foundation that you can use for lazy days and for full face days.

Jumbo Eye Pencils in the shades Milk and Pure Gold
This product is an eyeshadow pencil in a stick format. I have wanted the shade Milk for so long as it is the perfect white base colour for shadow. The formula of the product is is very soft and cream, and the shades are very pigmented. The creamy texture of the product means it is incredible easy to apply to the eyes and to blend. I got two shads from the range, Milt which is a bright white, and Pure Gold white is a beautiful gold shade. I tested these two shadows out together, I used Milk as a base and allied Pure Gold on top. I noticed that when I used the two cream eyeshadows together, the colours faded very quickly. However when I use using Milk as a base for powder shadows, it worked incredibly well. I used it alongside my Naked Basics palette and shadows looked amazing, they applied nicely and the pigmentation was amplified. I used Pure Gold on its own all over the lit and it looked much better. The pigmentation was a lot better and the application was smoother. I would 100% recommend the jumbo eye pencils, they have some beautiful shades and they are so easy to work with.

Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in the shade Stone Fox
I am a huge lipstick person, so when I saw the lipstick section at the NYX counter I knew I had to get something. I picked out one of their liquid lipstick from the liquid suede collection, as I fell in love with the colour. The shade I got is called Stone Fox, and it is a beautiful dark grey with a. Hint of blue, and I love it. If you know me you know I close dark lip colours, and I us kilt opt for dark berry colours or deep plums, but this dark grey blue caught me eye and I'm so glad I picked it up. The formula of these liquid lipstick is amazing, it is very smooth and creamy to apply, and the doe foot application is quite large, and rounded at the end which makes it incredible seat to get a crisp line. The lipstick is very comfortable to wear on the lipstick. It dries almost complete matte, but it doesn't feel at all drying or uncomfortable. Once the lipstick dried down, they is very very little transfer unless you press your lips hard onto something. The lisp feel a little tacky when pressed together but it is only very slight. I absolutely love the formula of these lipstick, it is one of the best liquid formulas I have com across so far in terms of application and comfort. I very highly recommend these liquid lipsticks.

I am really happy with everything I got from NYX and I am very grateful to the lovely people over at NYX in the Glasgow Fort Boots for having me and letting me test out some goodies. I love the brand and I am so happy there is such a huge counter to go and browse.

Are you a lover of NYX products?
What are your NYX recommendations?

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