29 July 2016

Spectrum Collections: Your Face's New Best Friend*

I love Spectrum brushes, they are so soft and such amazing quality. The lovely people over at Spectrum Collections were lovely enough to gift me with an amazing 4 Piece Contour Face Set to test out. I am in love with these brushes so for this post I'm going to share my thoughts on them with you so you can see what they're like.

The set comes with four amazing brushes with the standard pink handle, that have blue bristles with purple tips. These brushes are incredibly soft, and they are very well made for being such an affordable brand. In this set there are four different brushes - the B01 Flat Topped Buffer, the B02 Domed Buffer, the C03 Tulip Powder and the C04 Angled Powder.

The B01 Flat Topped Buffer is an amazing brush for applying foundation with. The brushes is quite dense, however the bristles are incredible soft not at all stiff, there is a lot of movement in the bristles. I usually use my Real Techniques sponge to apply my foundation, however I have found that using the brush has been just as smooth on my skin, and given my just as much coverage. I love the smooth, flawless finish the brush gives you. The brush is flat topped, so it is perfect for stippling, and the density of the bristles allows you to get a much more even and flawless coverage than some other brushes. The bristles are dense, but the flexibility in them allows you to stipple your foundation into the skin, and buff it around the face without dragging or moving the product around. The flawless base I get with this brush, it looks perfect.

The B02 Domed Buffer brush is one that I have found very good for using with setting powder, and to apply powder blush. I like to use it for setting powder as I have noticed that I can apply a very light layer of setting powder with the brush, and it is gently to use around the eyes. The brush is smaller than a normal powder brush so I have fund it very useful for setting under the eyes as the it small and rounded so it fits nicely, and much better than a large brush. This brush is very dense all over, and I have found that the rounded shape of the top of the brush is very good for applying blusher, as the it is very easy to place the product on the apples of my cheeks, and blended it out. The brush is very soft, and I've noticed that it picks up the powder products very well. I like to use it to apply blusher as the brush is a little smaller than a normal blusher brush it fits much better into the product.

The C03 Tulip Powder brush has become one of my all time favourite brushes to apply highlighter with. If you know me you know I absolutely love highlighter, and I love to glow. The shape of this brush makes it perfect for applying powder highlighter, as it has longer bristles, and it is almost oval shaped as it is slightly wider in the middle, with a thinner, rounded pointed end. This shape is perfect or highlighting the face, as the brush picks up a good amount of product, and it is very easy to be precise with where on the face to place it. The bristles on this brush have a lot of movement which makes it very good for blending your highlight. I love this brush as you can create a soft, blended highlight or a bold, strong highlight with it.

The C04 Angled Powder brush is an amazing brush for applying bronzer and for contouring. The head of the brush is quite large and fluffy, with an angled tip. I love using this brush to contour my face, and for blending my contour. The head of the brush is nice and big, and I like to turn the brush on its side and use the edge of the angle for applying my contour, and the large fluffy head to blend. The size and shape of his brush make is really good for bronzing the face around the sides of the face and the forehead. I picks up a good amount of product, and it is very gentle on the face when blending out out. I love this brush and t is one of my favourite for contour and bronzer.

I love Spectrum brushes and I am very pleased with this brush set, I am very happy to have it in my collection.

Have you tried any Spectrum brushes?
Which brand of brushes is your favourite?

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