29 August 2016

Colours And Cocktails with Colour Elements

On Wednesday night I was invited along to Castle Galleries in Glasgow for a fun filled blogger event courtesy of Colour Elements in collaboration with amazing brands such as The Body Shop and ZiZis. I spent the evening finding out about what colours are flattering to wear and chatting with the other amazing brands and bloggers who were there.

The event was packed with amazing brands and bloggers and throughout the night we got to enjoy chatting to lots of lovely people, and enjoy the beautiful gallery and some nibble and drinks. The Body Shop were there to let us test out their new face masks and swatch their new eyeshadow palettes which was amazing.

The event was held in the beautiful Castle Galleries which is located inside Princes' Square in Glasgow city centre. The space was beautiful, it was the ideal location for a laid back evening of cocktails and mingling. While we had one on one colour meetings with Colour Elements, a chat with The Body Shop and some nibbles and cocktails we were surrounded by beautiful art work on the walls.

I attended the event with best friend Robyn, and once we arrived we were greeted with s warm welcome and given a lovely rum cocktail. We were introduced to various staff members, before I whisked away for a chat with the lovely Karen from the Colour Elements team who told me about their service and their app. Colour Elements is a company who aims to allow people to see what colours wok best for them, and allow them to buy clothes that they will lookk good in. The company look to empower people by showing the the best colours o wear, so that they have a basis to work off of when chossing clothes to flatter them. They provide you with your own colour ID which is matched to you. It will tell you whether you are Earth, Air, Fire or Water and whichever you are will determine which kinds of colours would look best on you. I was matched to Air with a little Fire for a pop of colour. Colour Elements has released an app that is available to download so you can see your element's colours, and they have an outfit service where they will email you with outfits using item of clothing with your colours in them.

Colour Elements gave a little speech and demo during the night to show us how colour can change a person's look or differnt outfit. The model started of wearing all black, then changed into colour outfits for a job interview and then a night out look which was good to see so we could get a feel for how to change up colour in various styles. The team were lovely, and it was fun to see how colour can change up a look and how colour works for diffident people.

The Body Shop set up a little area at the event to show off their new face mask range and their new eyeshadow palette which was amazing. We got to test out the new Himalayan Clay mask on the back of our hands, and boy oh boy was it amazing. The mask was smelled incredible and is a dark green colour when you apply iy, anf turned a light green grey shade as it dried, and after it was washed off my skin felt amazing. The mask had an exfoliating texture as there were little lumps in it to help exfoliate the skin,and as it dried you could feel the skin tingle and tighten.

One of their skincare technicians was on hands to give us each a face mask map, which was to see which types of their new face masks is best to use on certain areas of the face. They were super lovely, and it was so nice to find out what kind of mask is best for my skin. We each got a copy of the face mask map so we knew which mask to use where, and we were given free samples of three of their new masks, which I loved as they looked incredible.

At the event The Body Shop were also showing of their new eyeshadow palettes that they are relasing which was amazing. We got to swatch them and see the colours, and they are stunning. The shadows are so smooth and butttery and the pigmentation is amazing, they are beautiful. There was one larger palette, and a selection of quads in arious shades. There were some beautful nude, natuarl shades and some more dark and smokey shades.

Each shade in the palettes are removable, so you can interchange the colours to customise your palette which I think is amazing feature, as you can take them on the go with you can carry your favourite shades on one palette. I am very impressed with the selection of shades and the quality of these shadows.

Throughout the night we had amazing food to snack on courtesy of ZiZis, which I was incredibly hapy about as it is one of my favourite restaurants. There were delicious pizzas, and increible garlic bread rolls which was amazing. There were also cupcakes and cocktails being served through the night which was amazing as they were also absolutely delicious.  I went with my best friend Robyn, and while I was there I also met some lovely bloggers, Jordanne, Bethany, Lyndsey, Charlene and Claire, who were incredibly lovely.

What colours do you love to wear?
Are you a fan of face masks?

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