24 August 2016

How Blogging Changes The Way You Think

I absolutely love blogging and over my time as a blogger I have learned along the way, and as my blog has grown in size I've learned more about blogging and being a blogger, and my thought process has changed on a lot of things. For this post I thought it would be fun to take a look at how changing changes the way you think about things.

Social media
Non bloggers - "I wonder what Leonardo DiCaprio is up to right now? I should check his Twitter. This meal is delicious, let's Instagram it"
Bloggers - "I'll get these tweets scheduled to promote this post, and check the #s to see what new beauty posts are up to read"

As a non blogger Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and all the jazz is a fun place to post about your day, what you've had to eat, to catch up with people and stalk your favourite celebrities.

As a blogger, social media is a place to promote your content and connect with fellow bloggers. It's somewhere you can discover new bloggers to follow, blogs to read and brands to works with. You can share you content across the world, and network with brands and PRs to work with your blog. For a blogger social media is key, it's the perfect way to keep out blog on show.

Weather and lighting
Non bloggers - "Yaaaas, it's sunny and dry. Let's get outside, sunbathe and enjoy this weather"
Bloggers - "YAS, natural light! Let's get the props out and 1,000 blog photos taken while the lighting is good"

People who don't blog think the best thing about the sunshine and the weather being good is the heat and the chance to get out and sunbathe. For them it is a chance to enjoy the sun, relax and get a tan.

Bloggers love the sun for this reason as well, but for bloggers is mainly all about that natural light. I think I speak for the majority of bloggers when I say that we worship a few hours of natural light, it is when we can get a tonne of blog photos and Instagram photos taken that we can use for blog posts and promotional tweets and Instagrams. No-one likes a badly lit blog photo.

Beauty shopping
Non bloggers - "This Two Faced eyeshadow palette is stunning, but I already have similar shades. This foundation feels amazing, but it's quite expensive and I've got foundation already".
Bloggers - "Oh my god, this eyeshadow palette Two Faced collection I need to buy it it's worth the splurge. This foundation looks incredible, I'll get it even though I have 20 other foundations, I can review it on my blog"

Non bloggers sometimes don't throw their money at every new beauty releases, as they aren't seeing these new products on their timelines for months before their released. They are a lot more careful with their money and don't get as drawn in by press material like we do.

Bloggers are a lot more drawn in by new releases and we splurge on the more expensive items more often because use out blog to justify spending that kind of money. We see press material and promotional blog posts for weeks and months before the items launch, and we tend to use the "It's for the blog" or "I can review this on my blog" lines a lot. Blogging about beauty can be very expensive, but we love it.

New products
Non bloggers - "I'm so excited about using this new make up. Let's us new things that I just bought"
Bloggers "I can't use these yet, I need to get swatches of these before I use them! Oh and I would get photos of them looking all pretty before I break into the packaging."

Ah how I envy non bloggers with their new make up. For non bloggers they can get new make up and just open it and use it without having to worry about swatches and getting photos of the products in their brand new packaging looking pristine and photogenic.

Bloggers are always wanting to get the best shot of their products for their blog and that means clean and new and with swatches of the gorgeous new make up they bought. I love taking and seeing photos of brand new make up looking all pretty and new but it can feel like years before you can use you're new make up.

Homeware and props
Non bloggers - "That water bottle is nice but I already have one. That journal is pretty but I don't need one, so is that stationary but they're the same as the ones I have just with cuter print"
Bloggers - "That tray is rose gold, I need it even though I don't have any use for a tray, but it will make a good prop for a blog photo. I've got 12 notebooks at home but that one has a pretty pastel design. I don't need anymore ornaments, buts oh that's a chrome elephant, it can be used in blog photos"

People who don't blog won't go and waste money on random things they won't use. They'll buy what they need and they won't spend a lot of money on something expensive that they aren't going to use.

Bloggers spend a lot of money buying a lot of random little things that they usually won't use for anything other than as a prop in a blog photo. If it's rose gold, bloggers will want it and will use it as a prop in their photos. Blog props are usually random things that we have me practical use for and even if we do we probably won't use them incase we ruin it and can't use it. Even if we have 15,000 different colours, prints and sizes of the same thing, we will buy more of the same if it's cute and blog photo worthy.

I had a lot of fun writing this post, I thought it would be quite a quirky, fun one to do because although it's a bit of fun, these are things that bloggers actually think. It's part of the job, and we love it. If it helps us to improve our blogging, then it's worth it to have to way a little bit longer to open a product or to have 25 unused foundations.

Do any of these things apply to yo?
Has blogging changed the way you think?

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