11 August 2016

Why I Love Pokémon Go

If you have been anywhere online recently then you'll have heard of a brand new game that has sent the world into a frenzy, that's right, I'm talking about Pokémon Go. This game has been a massive hit recently and has been all over the internet and social media, it's the biggest game craze we've had in a long time. I play it, my best friend plays it an a tonne of he bloggers I follow play it, it's everywhere. I absolutely love this game and in this post I'm going to be covering what I think is so great about it and giving a few tips for any of my fellow Pokémon trainers.

There are a tonne of reasons I love this game, so in this post I've got a few if the big ones to talk about, and some tips for fellow players.

It's very interactive
I play a lot of games and apps on my phone, and I play a lot of games on my Xbox, however all of the games I play are very standard, you don't get a lot of control or involvement with the game. That's why I love Pokémon Go, it is very interactive and you can play the game in real time. You control how your trainer looks, and what they wear, then you go out into the real world, to real places and catch Pokémon, which I think is so unique. It is so different from other games where you just sit around and push buttons, then move onto the next level or the next quest. I love that you can walk out and about to catch the Pokémon and that you can catch different Pokémon in different places. I love that you can have the game in game mode, where you are just seeing a map and some greenery when you catch a Pokémon, or you can have it in AR mode and can actually use the camera ans see the Pokémon as if it was in the real world. I think these factors combine to give a unique gaming experience, and is a good part of the reason it is so popular worldwide.

 It's really good exercise, and makes exercising more fun
This is a point I really love about Pokémon Go, it is a really good way to get a lot of exercise, and it makes it a lot more fun. I love walking, and since getting this game I have walked for a good 2+ hours every day to hunt Pokémon, and I love it. I love getting out about on long walks, and this game makes it so much fun. It's very fun for walking alone and ever better with friends. My best friend Robyn loves the game as well, and we have been going on little Pokéhunts (yes I made up that word), over the last couple of weeks and it has been incredibly fun. We enjoy playing the game on our walks that much that on one of them we ended up walking to the next town over without realising it, in search of Pokémon. Since getting the game, I have found myself offering to walk everywhere I need to go, instead of going by car. I love that the game encouarges exercise in a fun way. You can collect eggs to hatch that give you rarer Pokémon, that you can only hatch by walking 2km, 5km or 10km which I think is fantastic. I love how active this game has made me, and I love that it makes exercise not feel anything like exercise.

It's a fun way to pass time
I think that this game is a fun way to pass some time when you're bored. If you're a passenger in a car and you're bored, you can collect items from Pokéstops as you pass by, and catch some Pokémon that spawn where you're driving through, they might be ones you don't get where you live. If you're bored sitting at home, take a walk around your local area, get some fresh air, see some new places in your local area and catch some Pokémon. If you're on a train or bored while out in a big town you can catch some rarer Pokémon you don't see at home. It's great to whip your game out if your sitting around somewhere bored, because you never know what Pokémon may spawn in around you. It beats sitting there complaining and annoying other people, because you have something interesting to keep you busy.

It's nostalgic
I love this game regardless of my age, I am 20 and for a lot of people around my age, this game is something nostalgic for us. I remember watching Pokémon on the TV as a kid, (was I the only person who liked Team Rocket, Jessie's hair colour is beautiful), and as an adult there is game that has bright that franchise up to date in a way I enjoy. I loved the Pokémon show as a kid, Misty's outfit choices are so nice, and I loved Ash as his name was similar to mine so I always rooted for him. Pokémon has been around for so long, and I love that it has been brought into the 21st century in a way that we can enjoy. These days everything is about technology, kids are on it as well as adults, so I love that it was brought up to date through a game that can be played and enjoyed by everyone, The game is for all ages, it appeals to younger kids as its a cool game they can play, and it appeals to us younger adults because it is nostalgic for us, we grew up watching and knowing about Pokémon and it;s been brought back n this really cool way, and modernised. I love it, and I don't care how old I am, I think it's fantastic.

I have been playing Pokémon Go since it was released in the UK, and I am hooked on it. I have quite a few good Pokémon so far, including some of my favourites, Squirtle, Pikachu, Jigglypuff, Meowth and Eevvee along with its evolutions. I'm curently level 20, and have a fairly good line up in my strongest Pokémon, I have a CP 1098 Clefable, CP 1069 Vaporeon, CP 1043 Jolteon, CP 1009 Hypno, CP 1001 Flareon and CP 923 Primeape in my top 6 for gym battle, #TeamValor.

Tips for fellow players
XP/Levelling Up
  • Use an incense and a lucky egg at once. Incesne will draw Pokémon to you and a lucky egg will give you double XP
  • Collect common/low level Pokémon and evolve them while you have a lucky egg on, you'll get double XP on everything, which is usually 1,000 XP for evolving (500xp doubled)
  • Evolving Pokémon into new evolutions you don't have in the Pokédex will give you extra XP for a new entry, double if you have a lucky egg on
  • Reaching level 12 gives you Great Balls, and reaching level 20 gives you Ultra Balls
  • Travelling slowly in a car, taxi or by bike will count towards hatching your eggs
  • You get extra candies from eggs which will help evolve Pokémon
  • You can get all of the starter Pokémon including Pikachu from 2km eggs
  • Use your unlimited use incubator for 2km eggs as you they hatch the quickest and you have unlimited uses, and use other incubators that break for the longer distance eggs
  • Evolve your highest CP Pokémon as you will get a stonger evolution
  • You can transfer doubled Pokémon to get extra candies to help with evolving
  • Each Pokémon has a different evolution multiplyer, some will b stronger evolutions than others
  • If you are evolving an Eevee, it has three evolution in Pokémon Go - Flareon, Jolteon and Vaporeon, the one you evolve too is often random but there is a way to get the one you want by changing the Pokémon's nickname from Eevee to something else. Change it to Pyro for Flareon, Sparky for Jolteon and Rainer for Vapoeron.
Do you play Pokémon Go?
What is your favourite Pokémon?

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