15 October 2016

Beauty Basics: The Dos And Don'ts

I am a huge beauty fan as most of you probably know, and over my time learning about make up and growing my skills and collection there are a few things I have picked up along that way that you should and shouldn't do to get that flawless, 'I woke up like this' finish that you want.

I've divided the post into some little sections, base and browseyescheeks and lips. Make up is a very individual thing, everyone has their own unique style and things that they like and dislike, so these points are just a few little pointers for things that can help or hinder your make up applications.

Base And Brows
Your base and your brows are the most important part of your make up routine. A good base can make or break your make up look. A good base will make the rest of your make up application seamless and fluid, and look flawless. A bad base will make it harder to apply the rest of your make up and it won't look as flawless.
Brows are a huge part of your make up look, they frame your face and can change the entire shape of your face.

Let your primer dry into your skin before applying your base– this will prevent your base from sinking into the skin and looking flawless
Apply your base onto wet primer - the foundation won’t sink into the skin properly and look lovely and flawless

Use a primer suited to your skin type - it makes your make up look so much better and your skin will stay breakout free
Use the wrong primer - this can not only affect how your make up look but cause breakouts
Use the correct type of concealer for the areas you are trying to cover – use thicker concealers for spots and blemishes and liquid for the under eyes
Use the wrong type of concealer for what you are covering – This can result in cakey make up and more breakouts

Use the correct shade of concealer – Knowing how to use the right shade of concealer an how to colour correct can be your skin’s best friend to fix any blemishes
Use concealer that’s too dark or too light – Using concealers that are too dark or too light to cover up or brighten the face isn’t a good look, there are better products for that
Match your foundation to your jawline - this is your true shade and will give you the closest match
Match your shade to your hands or arms -  if you’re unsure of a shade ask an assistant

Blend your foundation down your neck – it looks so much more   natural and not like caked on make up
Leave a line along your neck where your foundation ends and your neck starts – it’s a look from the 00s, where it should stay
Have eyebrows that are the correct shape for your face – Your brows shape change the look of your entire face, and it’s important to have the correct shape for your face shape
Have a certain eyebrow shape because it’s popular or in style – The overall look of your face depends on your brows, never have a brow shape just because it popular

Use the correct shade for your eyebrows – Your eyebrow shade usually depends on the darkness of your hair colour, so it helps to get a match from an assistant
Use a hade too light or too dark for your hair colour – You don’t   want to be platinum blonde with jet black eyebrows, or black haired with essentially no eyebrows because your shade is so light

There are so many was that you can do your eyes, from the shadow to the liner to the mascara, there are infinite combinations you can do. These are a few tips I've learned to make sure any eye look you create slays.

Apply a base – Whether it’s a primer or just a base colour, a base always helps when creating an eyeshadow look as it gives you something to work with
Apply eyeshadow to your lids if you haven’t set your base – The shadows will crease and be sticky, and wont blend out properly

Blend, blend, blend – Your eyeshadow should always be blended out, to give a seamless and beautiful finish
Leave your eyeshadow unblended – Streaky eyeshadow that is just packed on the lid and left doesn’t look attractive on anyone, at all
Use the correct shape for your eyes – There a tonne of eyeliner styles and some work better for certain eye shapes to make the eyes look larger or longer
Create eyeliner shapes that don’t suit your eyes – Certain styles can close off your eyes and make them look smaller such as black liner in the waterline
Take the wand in and out of the tube – This clumps up the mascaras and makes it go gloopy, which makes applying it harder
Clean off clumps from the wand as well as dry or flaky pieces – If you apply the mascara with clumps of flakes these will affect the look of your lashes

Contour, blusher and highlighter are a great way to add to any look. I love playing around with contour and blusher, and I adore a strong af highlight. There are a few tips I've learned from playing around with them.

Use a matte bronzer or a  powder – This looks more natural and adds better definition to the face
Use a shimmer bronzer or contour shade to contour your face – This doesn’t look natural like a matte bronzer would, and isn’t as flattering as a matte shade

Blend your contour in the right places – This is essential to make your contour work, it needs to be blended and in precise places
Leave your contour unblended    - This doesn’t look natural on the skin, and can look dirty and unflattering on the skin
Blend it in the right places – It should go on the apples of the cheeks and blended
Leave your blusher sitting unblended on the cheeks – It looks unflattering and less natural then when it’s properly blended into the skin   to give a rosy look
Apply it in the right places – Your highlighter draws attention to the areas where it is applied, so you need to make sure you only apply it to the areas you want to show off
Apply it to areas where you don’t want to draw attention – The areas where you have applied highlight are strong focal points on the face because of how glowy it is, so if you don’t want attention on a certain area, don’t apply highlight there

I love lipstick, I think a good lip adds a lot to any look, wherever it's a nude, a darker shade or a classic red. Here are a few pointers I've picked up to get the perfect pout.

Keep your lips moisturised before applying lip products – This keeps the lips looking soft and smooth, giving a perfect base for lip liner or lipstick
Leave your lips chapped and dry before applying lipstick – Lip liner and lipstick doesn’t look very good on dry and cracked lips, as it settles into the lines and cracks
Apply all over the lips and neatly to keep the lipstick on all day – Lip liner will make your lipstick apply smoother and neater, and last longer
Apply lip liner too far over the lip lines – Lip liner can be used to make your lips look fuller but can also be a giveaway they are too   overdrawn
Apply darker shades carefully – The darker lipstick the shade, the harder it is to clean up any errors
Be sloppy applying dark shades – If a darker shade smudges onto your chin or face, it can be awful to clean up

Apply lipstick to moisturised smooth lips – This makes the lipstick look better and more on point
Apply lipstick to dry or chapped lips – This is a very unappealing look, as lipstick settles into the cracks on your lips

I love learning about make up as I go, and over my two years blogging I have learned a tonne about make up and how best to apply it. I love learning from other blogs and from YouTube videos, and these are a few top tips I've learned.

Do you use any of these tips?
Have you got any dos and don'ts about make up to share?

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