12 December 2016

The Palette Of All Palettes

On a little trip to Debenhams I was browsing the beauty counters as I always do, when something stopped me in my tracks: the new Urban Decay Ultimate Basics Palette. I love Urban Decay, it's one of my all time favourite brands and this palette in particular is one that I have been lusting after for ages. I have had the original Naked Basics for a while, and I recently picked the Naked 3 and I love both, however this palette *heart eyes emoji x100*, it is perfection.

Urban Decay's range of Naked palettes are legendary in the beauty world, they are loved by beauty lovers all over the world. The Naked Ultimate Basics palette is the latest addition to the Naked line up, with 12 all new, all matte shades. The packaging is much larger and more chic than the other basics palette, which I love. It is larger, and the packaging it stunning and more well made.

The palette is square in shape, and comes in golden plastic packaging. The packaging is textured, with a pattern that resembles sun rays. I think this is the most beautifully packaged palette of all the Naked palettes, and one of the most beautiful palettes I've ever seen. The inside of the lid is a huge square mirror, and there is a smaller version of the brush that comes with the other Naked palettes. Inside the palette are 12 beautiful and brand new neutral shades, all of which are matte. The shades are all neutral shades, and are perfect for everyday natural looks, as well as adding a little pop of colour with some of the more maroon shades. 

There are 6 shades to a row, and the top row of shades are some of the most neutral shades. The 1st shade is called Blow. This shade is the most stunning highlight shade, even though it is matte it has a lovely sheen to it that makes it the perfect for the brow bone and inner corner highlight shade. Next up Nudie, which for me is the perfect every day all over lid colour. It is a beautiful lightly tan colour that is perfect for a base shade. The third shade along is Commando, this shade is another nude with a slightly darker darker tone than Nudie, and it is a beautiful shade. Next along is Tempted, a beautiful warm, grey toned brown shade. This shade is is a lovely warm brown shade, that resembles the shade of cocoa powder. The fifth shade along is Instinct, which is a lovely pink neutral shade. I love this shade as an all over lid shade to give a little wash of colour, it looks beautiful and is very wearable. The last shade on the top line is Lethal, which is one of my favourite shades in the entire palette. This shad is an amazing warm maroon shade. This shade is beautiful, it can be blended out to be soft and natural, or built up to pack a punch.


The bottom row of this palette also contains 6 beautiful shades. First up we have Pre-Game, which is a stunning neutral off white, creamy shade. This shade is perfect for blending alongside some of the darker shades to lighten them up. It is all great to use as an inner corner an brown brown highlight, or all over the lid as a base for lighter and more natural eye looks. The second shade on this row is called Extra Bitter, which is a beautiful burnt orange, slightly burgundy shade. This shade is one of my favourite shades in the entire palette. It is a beautiful shade that can be blended out really well for a lovely soft burnt orange, slightly burgundy shade or built up for a bold pop of colour that looks stunning on the eyes. The third shade is called Faith, which is a stunning light brown shade. This shade is your standard basic nude eye shade, it is perfect to run through the crease for a little colour, and it also looks stunning sweeper across this lid and blended with some of the lighter shades in the palette for a stunning standard natural eye. The fourth shade in this row is Lockout, which is a beautiful warm, medium brown shade. I loce this shade as it is the perfect crease colour. It blends our perfectly and gives the most stunning effect on the eyes. It is perfect for neutral looks, and for giving them a slightly smoky look. The next shade along is Magnet, which is an absolutely stunning grey shade. I love anything silver or grey, so this shade is right Jonny alley. It is perfect for smoking out an eye look with a twist, and for adding a little pop of colour to your eyes. The last shade in the palette is called Blackout, which is a straight up black shade. Every good basic eyeshadow palette has a black shade for creating dramatic and smoky looks, and this palette is no exception.

I absolutely adore this palette. There are 12 stunning matte shades, and each one is very stunning, wearable and blendable. What I love about this palette is that all the shades work together, and you can create sonmant varied looks from one palette. The shadows are highly pigmented and extremely blendable. It really is the ultimate basic palette.

I highly recommend this palette for anyone who loves eyeshade, it is the perfect basic palette for anyone and the shades are all matte, and beautiful on their own and together with other shades. It is the perfect palette.

What is your got to basic palette?
Have you got the Ultimate Basics or any other Naked palette?

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