7 March 2017

Beauty Products Worth The Splruge

Over the last couple of months I have been slowly growing  my make up collection to the point where I have an entire dresser full of products, and even more that are piling up, (the problems of a beauty blogger, eh?). There are a tonne of new products out there and some cult favorites that I have been loving lately, so I thought I would share them with you, so you can join me in buying way more product that we could even need at one time.

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer
This is little beauty had been a cult favourite of so many beauty bloggers and vloggers for so long, and recently I finally got around to trying it out. I have been after it for so long, and now that have it I have no idea what I was doing before - this concealer is the best that I have used in a long time, and I think it is quite possible my all time favourite. It is very easy to see why it is such a cult favourite.

The formula of the concealer is a dream come true, it is so smooth and creamy (duh), that it blends so effortlessly and smoothly into the skin that it looks flawless and you can barely tell there is any product on the skin. The coverage of this concealer is incredible given the smooth and blendable consistency, it perfectly covers dark circles, its not heavy on the skin, its not sticky and a little goes a long way with this product. The finish this concealer gives is one of my favourite things about it, it gives such a brightening, radiant (duh 2.0), glow to the undereyes but it is not overly 'highlighting'. This concealer is bomb!

Too Faced 'Better Than Sex' Mascara
This mascara is one that I have been so pleased with over the last few months. I have always loved the Benefit Rollerlash, it was my holy grail before I found this one, but then this little beauty came into my life and I was sold. What I love about this mascara is the volume it gives my lashes. I have very being lashes, they aren't super long or dark, and that aren't thick. This mascara gives them a beautiful jet back black, thick appearance and they look so full. It almost looks likeI have  fake lashes one, when I don't. The want is a great size, it makes applying the mascara very quick and easy, which I like. The formula is lovely an light on my lashes, and I don't notice any clumping or crumbling, which is a pet peeve of mine.

I love this mascara so much, the knee way it could be any better would be if it curled my lashes the way Rollerlash does, (Benefit x Too Faced collab please?), then it would be unbeatable in my eyes. Once I curl my lashes I get the same curl thy I do from Rollerlash so it's not too much of a negative, however it would be awesome to have that curl right from the wand!

Benefit Goof Proof Eyebrow Pencil
*heavenly music*. This eyebrow pencil, giiiirl. Benefit have really knocked it out of the parkwith their new eyebrow line, and the Goof Proof pencil task number one spot from me. This product makes it so unbelievably quick and easy to fill in my eyebrows. One of this big things I love about this pencil is the shape of it, it has a diagonal shape, with with thin tip and a thicker base which i love as it is so easy an smooth to shape the brows as well as fill them on, as the thinner end is great of detailing an the thicket end is great for quick filling with an gaps in the hairs.

I love that this product comes with a spoolie on the other side of the pencil, as I love to brush my brows through when I do them to sort out the hairs. A lot of the eyebrow products that I have used in the past haven't come with a spoolie, which is annoying because a spoolie isnt something I have! Having the spoolie attached to the product  also saves a little bit of space. When you have as much make up as most of us beauty bloggers have, having the two in one is perfect as it spaces you a little space, perfect for slipping in another liquid lipstick.

Urban Decay 'All Nighter' Liquid Foundation
This foundation has been my holy grail product recently. I am someone who thinks that the key to any good make up look is a good base, which is why I often tend to stick to high end brands when it comes to foundations. Now, don't get me wrong I have tried out some pretty good drugstore ones but any that I've really loved have been high end, and this little gem is no exception. I've tried a lot of foundations in my time and it wasn't until I found this one that I truly found my perfect foundations. I love the shade choice first off. I have very pale skin, and sometimes it can be hard to get a good match for a foundation, even in high end brands, but not with the All Nighter. I've found that the shade match with this foundations is extremely true to shade, it blends so flawlessly into my natural skin shade that it doesn't look like I'm wearing anything, and unlike some out pricey foundations I've tried it doesn't oxidise and change colour, which is a big bonus for me.

One of the big selling points for me with this product was the coverage that you get from the product. I love a full coverage foundation, but one that still has a lightweight feel, and this product gives me that. One pump of this foundations is enough to cover my entire face, and what's great about it is that it feels so lightweight on the skin, but has such a good coverage that it even covers dark circles, redness and any spots extremely well. So well in fact, the most days I don't event need to bother with concealer, it's that's good. I love that this product is such high quality and has such good coverage, because with pricier high end foundations, the less you can use to get the coverage the better, as they can cost a pretty penny to repurchase. The finish from the foundation is matte which I also like, as I've found that the product actually dries fairly matte like it says, meaning often I need very little if any powder which helps with the lightweight feel even further as I don't need to pack on powder to set it. All around I absolutely love this product and will be repurchasing it when it runs out, so far it's the only foundation I've found that has ticked every box.

Too Faced Melted Matte Liquid Lipstick
I love liquid lipsticks, they are some of my favourite type of lipsticks, especially when they are matte. I have tried and loved a few formulas for liquid lipsticks, including NYX and Dose of Colours, so when Too Faced released their line I was so eager to get my hands on one of their shades to try out the formula, and I am so glad I did. I absolutely love the formula of these liquid lipsticks. They are such a comfortable consistency for being a matte finish, but they are very long wearing. I love matte liquid lipsticks, but I really dislike when they are so matte that your lips are dried out and crusty, but there's lipsticks don't do that at all. They are quite a thin consistency so they are very comfortable and smooth on the lips, and the consistency doesn't affect the pigmentation.

I love how long wearing these lipsticks are, they last so long on the lips. I like to clean off my lipstick when I go out to eat and then reapply it, however I have noticed that if I don't clean it off, it still last through eating. Through all of the times I have worn this lipstick I haven't noticed it smudging or crumbling off, which is something that I love because I really dislike liquid lipsticks that's smudge all over your face or crumble off the lips after a few hours. The formula of these lipsticks is one of my favourite formulas I have ever tried out!

Have you tried any of these products?
What are your favourite products at the moment?

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