20 June 2017

What's In My Bag: Summer Edition

So summer is here, and boy is it warm. If you live in the UK then you know that recently we have been experiencing a bit of a heatwave. Okay, maybe bit is an understatement, its been hot as hell. With the way the weather has been going I've welcomed a few new but simple additions to my handbag that have been helping me cope with the heat, so I thought I would share them with you, in case any of you are like me, and feel like you've been melting recently.

As always I have the same old essentials in my handbag that I always have, so lets have a quick peek at those first. I have my purse, which is of course always in any of my handbags. The one I have right now is from River Island, and I love it. I love bigger purses, especially ones like the one I have right now, which has a separate compartment for money, an one for cards. I think the print is beautiful too, and perfect for summer, as it's pastel and floral - two of my favourite prints.

Two things that I always carry in my bag that aren't specific to summer, but are necessities for me, are a travel sized hand santizer and a pack of chewing gum. Both simple little things, but both super hand for when your out and about. The santizer comes in really hand if you're eating anything that has the chance to melt, as it is saves you from one of my biggest pet peeves, sticky hands. I hate nothing more than eating something with chocolate, or even an ice cream in this weather and it starts to melt onto my hands, this fixes that! Gum of course is just the perfect little minty boost for your breathe when you're out an about.

Headphones are another thing that I always carry on me, because I love listening to music whenever I'm going somewhere on the bus or train, or if I;m out walking. With the weather being so nice, I've found myself reaching for them even more when I'm out and about, I find that having some music to bop along to when the weather is so sunny really makes it feel like summer, and instantly puts me in a really good mood. The headphones I have currently are Skullcandy headphones, which are the in ear type, and the are noise cancelling.

Now onto the things that I've been keeping on my to help cope with the summer heat we've been getting! The first thing I find myself always keeping in my handbag are hair bobbles. I rarely wear my hair up when I'm out anywhere because I feel like I don't really suit it, but I have very long, thick hair, and it's dark, not a winning combination for this heat! If it's not sticking to my skin, then my head is boiling thanks to the dark tones attracting the sunlight, it's just not good. So I've found that keeping at least one, but usually a handful, of bobbles on me has been a lifesaver. It's allowed me to throw my hair up into a messy bun or a high ponytail whenever my hair is getting in the way, and not only has it let me keep cool, I've actually grown to like having my hair up.

Keeping a small roll on deodorant and a body spray in my bag has come in really handy over the last few weeks. I really hate smelling bad, so having a roll on deodorant that I can apply while I'm out and about to freshen up has been a lifesaver. Having a body spray has also been really good to keep in my bag, because while deodorant keeps you fresh and prevents bacteria that will make you smell even more, it tends not to be a scented and if it is its just a fresh smell, that wont last long. Having a body mist covers that problem and gives me a nice boost of floral freshness throughout the say. The one I;m currently carrying is Silver Strand Beach by Hollister. I love Hollister sprays, they last well and always have an amazing scent. This one smells like very light and floral - perfect for the summer time.

I love sunglasses they are one of my favourite accessories for the summertime, (large aviators or cat eyes are my favourites!), so lately I have been keeping one or two of my favourite pairs in my handbag, so that when I am out and about I can keep my eyes protected, and jazz up my look a little. As someone who has pretty bad eyesight in general, I know how important sunglasses are, as my eyes are incredibly sensitive to the brightness from the sun. Lately I've been keeping my favourite new pair of sunglasses in my bag at all times, which are a pair of large black cat eye sunglasses with gold trims that I got in New Look. I love new look sunglasses, they are gorgeous, they do the job and they are super affordable. I recently got a new pair of Topshop sunglasses gifted to me as part of a goody bag from St Enoch's when I attended their Colour Summer event, which I'll be keeping in my bag as well this summer, as they are so stunning. They are larger, more rounded cat eye sunglasses, with marble effect trims, they are stunning.

As someone who wears glasses,summer can sometimes be a pain when it comes to keeping the eyes protected, as wearing sunglasses can sometime be a pain. You but you can't really wear your fancy sunglasses with a pair of regular glasses. I wear contact lenses, and recently there have been quite a few times when I've just worn my glasses out as it's not been too sunny, and as the day has gone on the sun has gotten brighter, and I've been left either squinting to see, or wearing my nice fancy sunglasses over my regular glasses and looking stupid. How do you fix that? Well, I've been keeping at least one two pairs of spare contact lenses in my handbag, so that if I'm ever caught out in the sun I can pop them in, and I'm good to go.

These are just a few of the things I currently have in my handbag, but there are a few more items that I think it's going to be beneficial to pick up and keep in your bag for the upcoming summer.

For example:
Travel sized sun cream - perfect for topping up your skin during the day
Bottle of ice water/cold juice - perfect for keeping yourself hydrated
Water wipes - perfect pick me up for heated/sunburnt skin or freshening up any sweaty skin
A make up/water mist - perfect for refreshing a warm face and giving moisture back to the skin
Travel sized lotion/aftersun - perfect for soothing sunburnt skin, (I recomment The Body Shop's body sorbets, they cool sunburnerd skin instantly!)

If you want to read some of my tips for sun safety and looking after your skin in the sun, then you can check out this post from last summer, where I give you a run down of the best ways to keep your skin safe from the sun, and how to look after it if you get sunburned.

Are you enjoying the heat? What essentials do you keep on you during the summer?

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