24 July 2017

Colour Your Summer with St Enoch Centre

It's summer, which means it's officially time for shops to be bringing their summer collections. This is one of my favourite times of the year, I love it when summer collections are released, and we get to see all of the beautiful new make up launches, and what new fashion trends we'll be seeing. Recently St Enoch's Centre in Glasgow put on a little event to showcase of some of their stores' new upcoming releases, and I got the chance to pop along and have a peek.

The event I'm referring to was called 'Colour Summer', a pretty fitting name if you ask me, given the brightly decorated area and the beautiful clothing items on display. The event showcased all of the different aspects for the shopping centre, which was a nice touch for me, as it covered everything so there was something for everything. There were beautiful racks of clothing showcasing the newest fashion trends, beauty stations set up to show off some of the brand's new launches, displays peppered around the room to show off some of the amazing accessories, and of course beautiful plates nibbles to munch on.

I attended the event with my best friend Robyn. Once we arrived we were created by the lovely staff on hand, and given a glass of Prosecco to sip on while we browsed. We decided to take a little nosey around the fashion racks first, as we were dying to see all of the new trends. Pastel and florals were two of the main trends I saw, and I'm totally on board with that. I love pastel colours, especially in clothing, and florals are one of my favourite patterns. There was a particularly beautiful peach blazer on show that I feel in love with, and some pastel purple trousers that were stunning, they definitely gave me some ideas for summer outfits!

After we explored the clothing section a little bit, we decided it was time to explore all of the beautiful beauty stands that were there, and this was my favourite part of the night. There were so many brands there showing off different things, and it was such a fun experience.

The first band we visited for Kat Von D, a brand that I've been dying to try more of ever since it popped up in Debenhams. The staff running the counter were so lovely, and really took the time to answer all of our questions about the products, which was really helpful as we had a lot, with it being such a new brand on offer in the UK. We even got to hear a few secrets about upcoming launches from the brand, I won't give to much away, but a little sneak spoiler: keep your eyes peeled for a new palette, and a special Christmas collection. I fell in love with the base products, and event went back the following week to pick up one of their Lock It concealers as I was so sold on it. The single eyeshadow were another big hit for me, Ives the pigmentation on them!

After KVD we visited one of our absolute favourite brands, NYX. I love love love NYX products, I love the quality and the diversity of their products, and the for the price they really are a great brand. NYX had so many products on show, but one of the big themes I noticed was colours, bright and bold colours, perfect for summer. I had a little play around with their Vivid Brights liners and was really
impressed with pigmentation and brightness on them, they would perfect for a little pop of colour on the inner corner or a little winged liner to spice up a summer make up look. The new palettes also looked amazing, and I was drawn to the bright liquid suede lip colours as well. The staff were of course lovely as always, we must have spent at least 20-30 minutes sitting chatting with them about the brand and the products, which was a lot of fun as they were so chatty and friendly.

As we were exploring the room we also took some time to explore the beautiful displays that were on show. In the middle of the room was a large display showing off some key products, and it was stunning. I especially loved the denim beach bag that was in the middle of the display, I loved the blue colour, and I love big bags. There were smaller displays dotted around which I thought was a nice touch. Large trees had shows and accessories dangling from them and were dotted around on between the brands, which was a nice added touch.

Aveda was another brand that was on show, and is brand that I had never tried before, so I was interested to hear what they were all about. They were offering something really unique on the night, where they would take a close up image of your scalp, in order to show you what it looked like and how you could care for it. The process started with a quick head massage which, if you know me, you know I love head massages. They're are just so relaxing. After that the lovely worker took the image, and showed it to us. I was really surprised to learn that my hair was actually in pretty good condition, as was my scalp. It was just a little dry, and she showed me using their newest launch how I could care for my scalp properly, and help reintroduce some of that lost moisture to the skin. She was event kind enough to send us away with some goodies so we cold test out the products for ourselves.

Afterwards we had a little wander around the Smashbox counter. I have never used Smashbox products before but I have heard a lot of good things, so I was interested to have a look. On display amongst other things were their Colourshot eyeshadow palettes, and their new metallic liquid lipsticks, both of which I was thoroughly impressed with. The pigmentation of the eyeshadows were stunning, and I loved that there were so many variations of the palettes, as there was a shade selections for everyone. The metallic lip colours were equally impressive, there were so many beautiful shades, and the pigmentation was incredible, something I love in a liquid lipstick.

The last make up counter we explored in detail was Benefit, a brand which has always been a top favourite of mine. Benefit have recently launched some new products in their Hoola line; Hoola Lite for us fair skinned gals, a Hoola cream contour stick for those who love the classic shade but want it in a creamy fomula, and a new boxed powder highlight, Dandelion Twinkle. I have been dying to try out Hoola Lite ever since I first found out about the launch. I am very fair skinned, and while I do love the original Hoola, I find that it is just a fraction too dark for my skin tone, and requires a fair bit more blending than my other bronzers. So when I saw that Benefit were releasing a lighter shade of their Hoola powder, I had a feeling it would suit me perfectly. While we were at the Benefit counter one of the lovely make up artists on hand tested the products out on us. She first laid down some of the Hoola contour stick, which not only looked amazing on my skin, it blended effortlessly and didn't look muddy. Then over top she used Hoola Lite to set the contour and bronze up my skin, and I loved the look it gave, it was the perfect bronzer shade for my skin. She also gave us a bit a glow with the new Dandelion Twinkle highlighter, and boy oh boy, was it blinding. If you know me, you know I like a blinding highlight and this shade is absoultely stunning on the face.

After we explored the beauty counters for a while, we had a chat with the lovely staff at the Guerlain stand. I love perfumes, but it something I don't tend to buy all that often. Mainly because perfume can be pretty pricey, and I find that some perfumes can wear off quickly and a lot of them have scents that are only slightly different. The lovely woman on the stand spoke very highly of their new perfume, Mon Guerlain, and let us try it out, and I have to say I was so blown away by the perfume. The scent was so luxurious, and beautiful and it was very unique, which I liked. It smelled incredible, and the staff were very passionate about the brand, which is something I love.

There were a host of snacks, cakes and chocolates on hand throughout the evening which were provided by Kimbles which were delicious. Kimbles is one of my favourite places to buy chocolates, but I had ever tried their food or cakes, and both were delicious! I especially loved their chocolate avocado brownies, they were too die for. I'm not the biggest fan of avocado, I only really like it in guacamole, however you couldn't even taste the avocado in these brownies, it just gave them a delicious, ultra smooth texture.

I love St Enoch's center, it's one of my all time favourite paces to shop in Glasgow, so for me this event was perfect, as I loved getting to see all of the new trends and products for the summer season. It was really nice to get to see all of these products and know what is in trend for the season, and I loved getting to chat with the lovely counter staff about their products.

What is your favourite trend of this summer? Do you like any of the brands that were mentioned?

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