27 July 2017

What I've Been Loving Lately

As someone who likes to try out different products regularly and watch new shows and movies, I end up loving a lot of new things, all the time. Recently I've had a lot of things that I've really been enjoying, from beauty products, to TV and music, so I thought I'd share them on here with you guys, and maybe you'll find a new product to try out or a show to watch.

One of the things I switch up in my life regular are my make up products. I'm forever trying out new brands and new products, so here are a few of the products that I have been loving recently.

Rimmel London #Insta Fix & Go
This product has been one of my absolute favourites for a while now, and it's a drugstore product which is another big bonus. It's a 2 in 1 primer and setting spray, and I use it for both of those purpose, and it works amazingly. I love my make up staying on all day, even if it is just a light, basic layer of make up, but sometimes when I'm applying a sheer make up look I don't want to apply a primer underneath, as that just adds another later to my skin, so having this be a primer in spray form isso handy - and it actually works! I find that with this as a base my make up applies well on top and sinks better into the skin as it's prep with such a moisturising and light spray. I also use it fir setting my make up when I'm done, and I've noticed that it holds my make up on really well throughout the day. I love this product, and highly recommend it if your looking for a multipurpose, high quality product that won't break the bank!

NYX HD Studio Photogenic Foundation
Holy moly am I in love with this foundation. This foundation is another drugstore product, and from one of my absolute favourite drugstore brands. It us s lightweight, and smooth on the skin, you can hardly feel or really that anything is there, but you still get the coverage. This foundation us a light to medium coverage, but it is definitely buildable. I am typically a full coverage girl, I like my foundations to have a very high coverage, but sometimes that can be a lot yo have on your face, especially during the summer months. That's why I have been loving this product, as it gives me enough coverage that not completely invisible, but not so much that it covers everything and feels heavy - I can even still see my freckles through it! The formula on this product us amazing, its so smooth and silky, and it blends right into the skin like a dream. It's perfect for this hot weather, and or days when I just want to have a simple, everyday make up look going on.

Benefit Bowvo! Conditioning Primer
I love Benefit brow products, and ever since they released their new collection and I began using it, it's all use to do my brows. I currently use three of Benefit's eyebrow products to do my brows whenever I wear make up, that's how much I love them! Recently however, the one that I have seen to be making the biggest difference to my eyebrow game is this their brow primer. Whenever I use this product  it not helps keep my brows on all day long, even in the hot weather and the rain, but it actually helps make my brows look fuller and thicker, which I adore as I love having full, thick looking brows. This is a product that has seriously upped my eyebrow game.

Kat Von D Shade + Light Eye Palette
I cannot get enough of these shadows, I really can't. I love a good basic, neutral palette, and that's exactly what this palette is. I adore my Urban Decay Ultimate Basics palette, I mean I even did a whole post on it last year, dubbing it 'the palette of all palettes', (read it here), and while I do adore that palette, I think this palette from Kat Von D may be just as good, if not slightly better. The palette has 12 shades in total, but the three things that sold me on this palette as being absolutely perfect for everyday wear, is the shade selection, the pigment and the effortless blending. I feel light overall the palette has a better vaiery of shade for every day wear the the Urban Decay one, as it has your muted browns, and some peach transitions shades, with tones of orange in some an more brown tones in others. There is a true black, an a true white and and light shade to set a primer with, I just think it's perfect. The pigmentation on these shadows is insane, you barely need to dip into them to get great pigment. The shadows also blend like crazy, you barely need to put in any effort to blend out these shadows and get them looking flawless, which I love as it can make it so simple to apply a crease shade and a dusting of colour if you;re in a rush and not have t blend for months, and it means that you can easily create more complex looks as well as everyday ones, as the shadows build beautiful and layer perfectly. I highly recommend this palette for anyone who is looking for a basic, every day palette.

Every now and again I stumble across some accessories that I really like. I'm not a huge accessory person in general, so when  I find something I really like I usually use it all the time and take good care if it. Recently I have come across a few new accessories that I have really been loving.

Swatch Skin Watch
Watches are something that I never really wear, I've never seen the need to before, that are expensive and bulky, and I have a clock on my phone. Recently however, after being invited down to Swatch in Glasgow for the launch of their new Skin Watch collection, where we were told how there new collection was designed to be ultra thing and comfortable, allowing you to wear it comfortable without it being bulky or heavy. I was lucky enough to be gifted a watch of my choice on the evening, and got to take part on a dance class to show that you could even wear the watched while working out, and I was so impressed with my watch, I genuinely forgot I had it on. At once point I even asked what time it was because my phone was in my bag at the back of the dance studio, that's how lightweight and comfortable these watches are. I opted for a sleek silver watch, and I love it, I think it so beautiful, and goes with anything, and it can really class up an outfit. Shortly after getting the watch I wore to some PR related things with NYX and Kiko in the fort, and not only was it completely comfortable to wear all day, but it really snazzed up my simple outfit.

New Look Cat Eye Sunglasses
I love sunglasses, especially big ones, however I've noticed that in some shops, sunglasses can be super pricey. I recently picked up a new pair of sunglasses from New Look, and I have fallen in love with them. There are large sunglasses just like I love, and have a pointed cat eye shape, which looks I think really suits my round face shape. As someone who has incredibly sensitive eyes in bright light, I always like to have sunglasses on hand so these are perfect. I've even found that they fit over my glasses, for days when I haven't got contact lenses in but still need to shield my eyes. One thing that I really love about these glasses is that they haven;t got those annoying rubber grips on the side of the nose, whihc is a huge plus for me, as they always leave dents in my nose, and as someone who liked to keep my sunglasses on my head when I'm not using them, they always get caught in my hair, so not having the little grips is a big plus in my book. They were super affordable too, which I like. Beautiful, well made and affordable, what more could you want?

TV, Movies and Music
I am a huge TV and movies nerd, I love watching new shows and movies and getting engrossed in a storyline or character. I also love music, I am always listening to music and one of my favourite past times is going to concerts. There have been a few bits and pieces I've watched recently that I've really enjoyed.

Pretty Little Liars
I have always loved PLL, ever since I started watching it years ago, I even done a whole post in 2015 on things that the show can teach you, read it here. After the whole Cece/Charlotte/Charles reveal I stopped watching the show for a little but becasue it was getting a little meh at the time. Well if you're a fan of the show then you'll know that it ended recently, so in preparation for that big finale I went back and binge watched the last season that I missed, and honestly, I loved it so much, I don't know why I stopped watching it, it wasn't as boring as I remembered at the time. I absolutely loved the way the show ended, I think it worked out really well, and I was very pleased with myself because I had been saying a very, very similar theory all along, so I was pleased that it ended how it did. I will miss the show though, as I've put a lot of years into this show, but all good things must come to an end, and it will always be one of my all time favourite shows.

Netflix Stand Up Comedies
I'm a huge fan of comedy, that's no secret. Comedy is one of my top genres for TV and Movies, and I've noticed recently that Netflix have a tonne of stand up comedies. Recently I watched 'Kevin Hart: What Now?', and I was in stitches. I absolutely love Kevin Hart, I think he is one of the funniest comedians out there, and I'll watch him in anything, so I definitely recommend his stand up shows and his movies to anyone. Two of the Netflix original stand up shows I've been loving are 'Katherine Ryan: In Trouble' and 'Trevor Noah: Afraid Of The Dark' and both were absolutely incredible, I was squaling with laughter at both of them. I've seen Katherine Ryan in a few panel shows here and there, and she has always made me laugh which is why I watched her stand up show, and I was not disappointed, she is hilarious, I loved her show. I always see clips of Trevor Noah on The Daily Show and every single time he has made me laugh, but I had no idea he was a stand up comedian, so when I saw that he had a stand up show on Netflix I watched it right away, and it was incredible, I laughed so hard. I love that there are so many original stand up shows on Netflix, and if the two I have watched are anything to go by I will be watching more for sure as they were amazing.

Selena Gomez, Imagine Dragons, Niall Horan and Harry Styles
I have found a few new songs and one album that I have been loving recently. I've always loved Selena Gomez, as an actress and a singer, and since first hearing her new song 'Bad Liar', it has become one of my most played songs recently, I love it and I think its a good indication that her new music is going to be incredible. Imagine Dragons new album 'Evolve' has been one of my favourites recently, I especially love 'I Don't Know Why', 'Believer', and 'Walking The Wire', those songs are my top three, they are just insane. The music is so catchy and make me want to dance every time I hear them, and the vocals are just incredible. I've really been loving Niall Horan's song 'Slow Hands' recently, I think he has a great voice. I really hope the rest of the music he brings out has that same vibe, because if it does it's going to be amazing. Harry Styles single 'Sign Of Times' has also been one of my most played songs recently since I heard it. I have always loved his vocals, he is very talented.

What have you been loving recently? What products have you been loving? Have you got any shows, movies or music you recommend?

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