7 August 2017

Four Favourite Fragrances

I love anything that smells good and I love things that make me smell nice. I like having perfumes and body sprays that smell good, and for me perfume is a luxury product. I often love the scent of high end perfumes, but it is a product I don't often buy, mainly because perfumes are very expensive, and some of them just don't last the way I want them to for the price point. I have four fragrances that I love, 3 high end perfumes and 1 body spray and that are three scents that I love and think are worth the money.

Marc Jacobs - Daisy Eau So Fresh
Daisy Eau So Fresh is the perfume that I have had for the longest, and it's a staple in my collection. This perfume is definitely my favourite fragrance, it is almost empty, that's how much I have used it, and I rarely use up a perfume or body spray fully. The scent is just so fresh and summery, that I find it the perfect fragrance for any time of year. It has a lovely fruity and floral fragrance to it which I like, I like floral scents, they are some of my favourites. I love the scent of any variation on the Daisy line, and this one has notes of raspberry, wild rose and plum. One of the best things about this perfume is I find that it last so long on the skin, which for the price of £65 for a 75ml bottle, is a big seller for me, as you won;t have to use as much of the product or use it as often to keep the scent going. I like that it is very strong, but not overpowering, and them after a while it fades down  little, but still linger noticeably on the skin. I also love the packaging of this perfume, it;s in the simple Daisy bottle, but the telltale rubber flowers o the cap are a beautiful mix of white, pastel pink and yellow. It is a simple, yet elegant design for a beautiful perfume. I love this fragrance, and the Daisy line from Marc Jacobs will always be high on my list of favourite scents.

Christian Dior - J'Adore
I love this perfume, is is one of the classiest scents I own. This is my fancy perfume, one that I save for special occasions or for important things like events or interviews, because I think it has such a classy, luxurious scent. It is one of those scents that you can tell is a little more high end, and for £52 for the even smallest size of 30ml, I think it is one that is worth the money for such a classy scent. The scent is a floral scent to me, though it has a more sophisticated smell than the Daisy does, which is why I like it for a going out perfume. It has notes of bergamont, roses and jasmine which I live, as roses are one of my favourite flowers, and any time I smell Jasmine I love the scent. Like the Daisy perfume, I love that this perfume lingers on the skin, and I find that it is very strong, so a little goes a long way with this perfume. I think that the packaging of this perfume is lovely too, it's very simple in a bulb shaped bottle with a wider base and ting neck, then golden cap that is is wider are the base then goes thin as it elongates and has a glass ball on the top. It's simple but elegant and it really keeps with the class theme you would get from a Dior product.

Guerlain - Mon Guerlain
This perfume is one of the best perfumes I have ever smelt. Guerlain isn't a brand I knew too much about untl recently when I spoke to some of the staff recently at an event held by St Enoch Centre to show off some of the retailer's newest summer releases (you can read more about the event here). After speaking to the lovely woman on the counter, we were sent away with a bottle of their newest perfume and it is a scent I've been on love with since smelling it that day. It is such a unique scent, and that is part of why I love it so much. I very fresh and fragrant, and it definitely another floral fragrance, can you see the theme here? This perfume has a lot of lovely floral notes, such as Carla Lavender, Sambac Jasmine, Album Sandlewood and Vanilla Tahitensis. I love that the difference scents included in the fragrance all come from difference parts of the world, it makes it very unique. What I found to be really amazing was the concept behind this new, luxury fragrance. It was inspired by Angelina Jolie, and create as a tribute to today's femininity, which I really love. I love Angelina Jolie in general, so it's really nice to have a perfume inspired by her. The scent definitely is a luxurious. classy scent which I love as really is the perfect scent. I love the packaging for thi perfume as well, and I love the idea behind it.The bottle is based on a traditional alchemist's bottle, which to me is amazing, as I love anything science-y ot magical, but it in a modern, chic way. I really like that they've kept the feminine theme running through the bottle as well as the perfume, with the mix of strong lines and soft curves. Priced at £45 for the smallest size of 30ml, it is definitely a perfect perfume for the price. I love the scent and the look, it really is a beautiful perfume all over.

Hollister - Lunada Bay Mist
This list wouldn't be complete without some kind of a body mist. I love body mists because you fer some of them that smell incredible but they area  fraction of the price of a perfume, and they have such a wide variety of scents. As you can tell, I love fruity and floral scents, so my all time favourite body mists come from Hollister. I have been buying Hollister body mists since I was a teenager, and I still love them to this day. I have always loved there Silver Strand Beach scent from the original collection, however one of their new additions called Lunada Bay has been my favourite new find. I love this scent so much, when you first get a sniff of the scent is it a vibrant, fresh smell, its like a burst of summer in a spray. This scent has notes of nectarine, lotus flower and vanilla and I love how fresh the scent it, it is perfect for hot summer days, and perfect for a little boost of freshness for everyday wear. These mists are definitely not a high end perfume, but that is why I love about them. The come in large sizes and for only £11 a bottle they are fairly inexpensive which means you can always try out a new scent. Hollister body mists always smell incredible and I love that because I can always find something new and amazing smelling for a lot cheaper than a high end perfume so they are perfect for everyday wear. The scent doesn't last as long on the skin as a high end perfume would, but I don't mind that so much as these sprays are a mist, and with them being such large sizes for the price I am happy to re-spray every so often when I want another boost of freshness.

Do you like any of these scents? What are your favourite perfumes?

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