21 August 2017

Super Lunch at Jamie's Italian

I love Italian food, that's no secret here on hiyaitsashley. Living in Glasgow means that there are a lot of amazing Italian restaurants to eat at, and I have tried a lot of them. One that I had been dying to try out for a long time was Jamie's Italian on George Square, and not long ago I was invited down to try out the new Super Lunch menu at Jamie's Italian.

When I visited Jamie's Italian in Glasgow, I went along for lunch with two of my best friends. Robyn, who is a fellow Italian food lover and has been to Jamie's Italian before and said it was wonderful (read her review here), and Sean, who loves food and is also vegetarian, so I thought this would be a good mix of people to test out the variety on the menu, which ended up being amazing, as Sean was able to find something easily in each section. We all ordered from the new Super Lunch menu, which is served from 12-6pm on weekdays.

When we arrived at 2pm, the restaurant was fairly quiet, and it had a really nice cosy, homely feel to it which was a good sign or me as I love it when you get that feel from a place you're eating at, I'm not too big a fan of packed, very loud restaurants. We were seen to and seated almost immediately, and the staff who greeted us were so nice, they were smiley and joked with us as they seen to us, which really built on the homely, friendly atmosphere that was going on. Once we were seated we were given a few minutes to choose drinks and look over the menu, then our equally friendly waiter returned to take our drink orders and give us the specials.

We were all hungry so it didn't take us too long to chose what we wanted from the lunch menu. There were two options on this lunch menu, 2 courses for £11.95, and 3 courses for £13.95. We each got the deal of three courses, which was an amazing deal in my opinion as you get a starter, main course and a dessert for such an affordable price, and it is available all day which I like, as some lunch menus only last for one or two hours.

For my starter I chose to have the Tomato Bruschetta, which consisted of slow-roasted cherry tomatoes, buffalo ricotta and was garnishes with basil and extra virgin olive oil. I love bruschetta, it is one of my favourite starters to get, and this was no exception. The dish came with a large slide of perfectly toasted bread, topped with three large portions of mozzarella and perfectly cooked tomatoes. For me, the dish was perfect. The bread was cooked perfectly for me, I love it when the bread a little firm on the crusts, but the bread is is really soft, which is how this dish came. The mozzarella was a big winner on this dish. It was so flavorful and beautifully seasoned, and the consistent was perfect, it was very creamy and spreadable, but not at all mushy or watery. I'm not a big fan of cooked tomatoes, so I was pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed these ones, they were cooked through but not boiling hot or mushy like regular tinned tomatoes, they were just warmed through enough to give a nice heat, but remain flavorful and juicy.

For the main meal I chose the Gennaro's Chicken Club, which sounded amazing to me as I love chicken in sandwiches and burgers. It consisted of a Brioche bun filled with chargrilled, marinated free-range chicken, cripsy pancetta, spicy 'nduja mayo, fontal cheese, tomato and rocket. Just the description alone had my mouth watering so it was a no brainer for me, When the dish arrived I was pleasantly surprised, it was bigger than I was expecting for a lunch menu item, so that was amazing. The burger was cooked perfectly for my liking, it was juicy and tender, which is perfect, one thing I hate s dry and chewy chicken, which this was definitely not. It was perfectly seasoned, and the combined with the sauces an the salad on the burger, each bite was just as flavorful as the last which is the sign of a good burger, every bite gave you every ingredient, and that was must what happened with this one. It would have been nice to get some fries with the burger, however that would bump up the price so it makes sense that they left those out of the meal. The burger was huge one its own as well, which makes up for the lack of fries I feel.

For the dessert I chose the Epic Chocolate Brownie, which sounded right up my street as it was a brownie, and it had popcorn, what's not to love? It consisted of a brownie, with rich chocolate sauce, salted caramel popcorn gelato and caramelised popcorn. I love brownies, especially when they are warm, and popcorn is one of my all time favourite snacks, so that is what sold me on this dessert. The brownie was delicious, perfectly cooked and the perfect balance of cakey and gooey, which was nice. I love it when dessert brownies are soft and gooey, just enough that it's not super dense but not so much that its really soggy, and this brownie had a really good balance to the texture. I think it went really well with the popcorn pieces and the sauce, and it tasted really goodwith the gelto, however I couldn't really taste much popcorn from the gelato itself, but nonetheless it was still a lovely gelato, just nor very popcorn flavoured.

Robyn's thoughts on her food: For my starter, I opted for the tomato bruschetta, and I devoured every last piece of it, except the tomatoes, which I forget to ask for it be without. I popped the tiny tomatoes onto the plate and ate the crispy bruschetta topped with whipped ricotta, basil and extra virgin olive oil. It was absolutely delicious, the toppings were soft and fluffy while the bread was crisp and crunchy which perfectly complimented one another. For my main, I decided to have the Gnocchi Sorrentina, I am a huge gnocchi fan so I already knew I was going to love it. I noticed that the tomato sauce was a little bit thinner and runnier than I was used to with gnocchi, but it didn't take away from the delicious taste and the mozzarella on top just made it even better, cheese makes everything better. The gnocchi was super soft and didn't turn to mush like it could have in such a runny sauce, instead, each gnocci soaked up the sauce as it was incredible. To finish I got a slice of Jamie's Favourite Lemon Polenta Cake, it might be Jamie's favourite, but it wasn't mine. I felt the cake was very dry even with the berry-ripped creme fraiche and it didn't have much of a flavour to it, I was hoping for a zesty, sour lemon cake, but I was disappointed by the cake. Next time I shall be opting for a change in dessert.

Sean's thoughts on his food: Our recent trip to Jamie's Italian was a delight - in every way, shape or form. The location of the restaurant, to the cheerful and very well informed staff. For starter I had the pea and mint soup, which was by far the most delicious thing I ate. So flavourful and moreish. For my main I had the gnocchi, which was also very good, but didn't live up to the soup. For dessert I had the epic chocolate brownie which rounded off very well, but was very decedent.

Overall, I recommend Jamie's Italian to anyone who loves Italian style food. The Super Lunch menu that we ate from was a big hit for me, I love menus like this where you can get 2 or 3 different courses for such an affordable price, and I think that this menu was worth the money, especially when you can get three courses for under £15, that is great value for money for the size an quality of food that you are getting.

Have you ever tried Jamie's Italian? What restaurants do you recommend? What are your favourite Italian restaurants?

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