2 August 2017

The Hairdryer That Stole My Heart

We've all been there, the internal dilemma that comes after washing our hair, do I blow dry it? For most of us, we have the same issue; most hair dryers suck, (oh, the irony). Don't get me wrong, they get job done, but at what cost? Most hairdryers are the same; they are really big which makes them harder to use and store, they are so heavy (seriously, how have I not got arms like Hulk Hogan?), they burn your scalp into oblivion, and they are so loud, seriously, why are the so loud? Or they do that ever annoying thing where they suck your hair into the back, and rip your hair from your head. Well, no more! Introducing the Dyson Supersonic, a hairdryer that you will make you actually want to dry your hair.

I was kindly invited down to the Rainbow Room International Salon in Glasgow with some other bloggers to try out the new Dyson Supersonic blowdryer. The chain of salons are the first to have this new range across all of their stores, so we got to try them out first hand and hear all about this amazing new product. I have long been intrigued by the Dyson Supersonic, I know what you're thinking, Dyson? As in, the hoover company? Yes, that Dyson. That was one part that intrigued me, although when you really take a second to thing about it, it's not that far fetched. A hoover sucks air in, a blowdryer blows air out, it's a very similar function. With that being said, I was excited to see how the machine performed, being the first of it's kind to be so lightweight, quiet, and have the motor in the handle to eliminate the heavy weight, and the matter of sucking in your hair that I hate oh so much.

When I first walked into the salon, I was blown away with how amazing it looked, it was stunning. The large, open plan salon was all white, and completely pristine, which I loved, the all white theme gave so much light and brightness to the salon.

We were greeted by members of the lovely PR team and some of the salon staff, and after a brief chat were given our name badges and shown through to the main salon area.The salon area was very well laid out, and it was so bright, perfect photography lighting, The salon chairs were set up around the edges of the room, with the washing stations just across the room on the other side of an island station filled with any product the stylists might need, it was a very cohesive set up!

Once I was taken to one of the chairs to get my hair done, I notices the cute little set up by the  mirror. There were glasses of champagne, and branded cupcakes. Mine said 'Dyson Supersonic' and the others I saw were branded with the salon's logo, and some with the PR company's logo, which I thought was a really nice touch. There was also a little Dyson Supersonic branded card which had the social media handles and tags for Dyson, Rainbow Room International and AJCPR which I really thought was a great ideas, as all too often at blogger events I cant find the right handle or # for the event, this eliminated that problem.

The stylist who done my hair was so lovely, she really took the time to chat with me which I liked, as for me there is nothing worse than sitting around feeling awkward with the person who is doing your hair. She asked all kinds of questions about my hair, how often do I wash it, do I use hot tools on it what type of products to I use in it - all that jazz. Then once she had found the right products for my type of hair, and given my the most relaxing head massage I've ever had, it was time to start!

We decided to go for a standard wash and blowdry with my hair, as I never straighten my hair with height, it's naturally straight, (I don't even own a pair of straighteners). I was really excited to see what the blowdryer could do for my hair, as well as how it performed. The first thing I noticed as she was drying my hair, was how incredibly quiet the dryer was, compared to every other hairdryer I've used. Of course, there was still some sound from the machine, as it would be nearly impossible to completely erase the sound, however it was so much quieter than any blowdryer I've used before. I was able to chat to the stylist easily over the machine, and even with multiple other blowdryers working in the background, we could still hear each other. There is little to no chance you could do that with a traditional dryer, especially if there were multiple ones on I love that, I love that it's so much more quiet than a traditional hairdryer, as it's not deafening you when you use it either.

While she was working on my hair, the stylist told me a little bit about the Dyson dryer. Something that she mentioned that I really loved about its unique design, was that the motor for the dryer is located in the handle, which is something I am 100% on board with. It means that any weight to the product, which there is very little of anyway, is located inside the handle, meaning that there is no heavy top weighing you down when you try to dry your hair, and you aren't getting a dead arm from just blow drying your hair.

I was so pleased with the results of how my hair looked after using this hairdryer. It was so straight, it looked so shiny and it felt incredibly smooth. I love that it not only dried my hair very well, but it actual made it looks so much better. The dryer is priced at £299.99, so it us a very expensive product, but it is one that I think is definitely worth the money. It's such a unique, high quality product, an it gives such amazing results that it is a product that is definitely going to be a good investment.

Have you tried out the Dyson Supersonic? Do you enjoy blowdrying your hair, or do you find it annoying?

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