12 September 2017

At Home Hair Colouring With Crazy Colour*

If you know me, you know that I like to change up my hair a lot. Recently, after a failed attempt to get a silver ombré, I decided I wanted to try out a purple ombré for a change, and thanks Crazy Colour I finally have a hairstyle and colour I'm happy with! (For now).

I've been hearing amazing things about Crazy Colour products for a long time, but never knew where to get them, and could never settle on a shade. After a recent event with Rainbow Room international, (check it out here), I got speaking about my hair ideas with some of the PR staff who were there from AJC93, who represent Crazy Colour and was offered to test it out, so I jumped at the chance.

The lovely Rebekah sent me out their bleaching kit along with two shades I had chosen out, Aubergine and Lavender, and I got to work with trying them out right away.

The first step was to bleach the ends of my hair where I wanted the purple to be. I have a pretty dark brunette shade on top, so I was focusing the purple ombré from around mid way down my hair to the ends. The kit came with cream peroxide, powder bleach, gloves, a mixing utensil and a brush for application.

The kit was incredibly easy to use, it was simply a case of mixing the cream peroxide and the bleach powder together, and applying it to the hair. This bleach is of course peroxide based, so you do get quite the strong peroxide smell, so if that's something you don't like you'll want to perhaps try another brand of bleach. I personally don't mind the smell, so it didn't bother me all that much.

For being such an affordable bleaching kit, priced at only £8, I was surprised with how well this kit lightened my hair in one application. I left it in for the maximum amount of time advised, and I saw a huge difference in the shade of my hair. My hair is dark brunette, and very thick and long, so I was sceptical that one bleaching would be enough to lighten my hair enough to take a purple shade, but I was wrong. There are small spots where my hair could have used a little extras lightening, however compared to the amount I was bleaching, I think one or two little spots isn't bad at all.

Before I dyed my hair I done a strand test on my newly bleached hair with both shades of the dye. Aubergine (the darker purple) worked perfectly, (though it did how up a lot more red/burgundy than I anticipated, however I found out later on that after a few washed the burgundy shade fades to the desired purple), however sadly the Lavender didn't take at all, which was a little disappointing. My hair was already pretty light from the bleach, though it could definitely be lighter, so I think if you had bleached your hair bleach blonde/white, it would take.

I ended up using the aubergine shade all over the bleached sections. The dye was very simply to use as well, which I love. It was simply a case of putting it on the hair and letting it sit. The dye only took between 15 and 30 minutes to set, which is perfect as you don't need a long time to do the process. I left the dye in for the maximum 30 minutes to get the full kick out of the colour. I was really impressed with the results of the dye considering it only costs £4 a bottle... literally, its that inexpensive!

There are a few things I want to point out to you with these dyes that might come in useful. The first thing is that if you are going to buy any of these dyes, google what the results look like online, as the colour on the bottle and inside is not an accurate shade match. In the bottle Aubergine looks like a burgundy red, however when it has been washed a few times it does come out a true aubergine purple. The second thing is to get a little more than you think you need. I have very long and thick hair, and although the bottles do contain a very good among of product for the price, I still needed more than one bottle, I'd say one and a half, to get the full blown colour in some places.

Overall, I am very happy with the results for using these products. I have noticed that the ends and diner sections of my hair faded fairly fast, however that isnt too much of an issue for me as I like the faded pastel look, and at £4 a bottle I am more than happy to repurchase the bottles top up the colour every so often.

Do you have dyed hair? Do you do it yourself or get it done at a hairdresers? Have you ever used Crazy Colour products?

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