29 September 2017

New Beauty Loves

Recently I have been on a bit of a new make up quest, aiming to try out some new products, and switch up my collection a little to find some new products that work form me. I though I would come on here and do a post about them, because I know I love finding new product through blogs, and some of these items are too good to pass up.

The new things I have been trying out recently have been a mixture of drugstore and high end, which I am really happy about, it isn't all that often that I find drugstore products that work well for me, however lately I have. This post is also going to look at some other beauty tools that I've picked up that I really have been enjoying, that came from places you might not think.


Let's start off with the drugstore stuff, as those have been some the ones that I was most pleasantly surprises with.

E.L.F Clear Brow & Lash Mascara
This first product is one that I picked up on my first trip to the brand new Superdrug store in Glasgow's Buchanan Galleries. I was having a browse through the new store a couple of weeks ago, when I came across and ELF stand. I haven't seen an ELF stand in any stores before, but over all my years of watching YouTube, it is a brand I had often heard mentioned, so I wanted to try something out, to see what the brand was like. I was already looking for a clear gel to set my eyebrows, so when I saw the double ended one from ELF, I decided to give it a try.

I was very pleasantly surprised with this product, especially for only £3, yes, £3! I use the eyebrow side mostly, as I use the clear gel to set my brows once I have finished filling them in, and this gel is incredible. I have used this product to set my eyebrows almost every day since I bought it, and since I have, my brows have stayed put perfectly throughout the day, even in rain or when it's hot and sweaty. Before, no matter how many products I used on my brows, if it was hot or wet outside, or if I had my make up on for a long period of time, my eyebrows would start to fade or smudge throughout the day, especially around the tail where the hair is more sparse. Since using this gel to set me brows, they don't budge at all.

So, although I don't use the eyelash side very often, I think £3 is an incredible price for such a good quality product, especially if you do use both ends, then it really is a bargain. I've had my product for around 2ish weeks, and used it almost every time I've worn make up, and it is nearly empty. This is kind of a downside, but then for £3, I personally don;t really mind that, because it;s so affordable and easy to get, that it is simple enough to replace after a few weeks, and I think with a clear, gel product like this that's not necessarily a bad thing sanitary wise wither, as you wont be contaminating the products much, or altering the colour with your brow products. I think I may pick up a few more ELF products to test them out, given they are quote affordable.

Make Up Revolution Pro HD Palette in 'Luxe'
This palette is one that I had to include in this post, purely because of the massive difference I've noticed in these palettes compared to ones I've tried before. I spotted these palettes in Superdrug (I'm really loving Superdrug lately), on a recent trip to Glasgow Fort to have dinner at Tony Macaroni, and see the new Kingsman movie, (there will be a post on that soon, so keep your eyes peeled if you're interested!). Normally I would be pretty dubious of picking up a Make Up Revolution eyeshadow palette, because in the past I've tried out one of their colourful palettes, and there was 0 pigment, and I really mean 0, so since then I have avoided there palettes. I was drawn to this display thought as they reminded me so much of the Morphe 35 palettes, which is, I think, what they may have been going for here. Let me tell you, when I say I was shocked with the pigment of these Pro HD palettes when I swatched them in store, I mean was shocked, like, full emoji jaw open shocked.

I picked up the Luxe palette after spending almost 15 minutes rigorously swatching and reswatcing each palette (I'm also very impressed with the variety of palettes), because for me it seemed the most wearable for every day, and it had some gorgeous shimmer shades. I've only worn the palette out once on my eyes, but I felt it had to be mentioned in this post because for the amazing quality, for only £15. For the price point, I think these shadows are amazing, especially considering you do get 35 shades in each palette, so it is great value for money, and the pigment is amazing. The matte shades blend really, really well smoothly, and they do retain a lot of their pigment after blending, which is amazing. The shimmer shades also pack a punch with the pigment, and they can be blended out for a softer shimmer, though if you apply them with a flat shadow brush like I did, they are intense in colour. I wore the look I created for around 5-6 hours in quite a warm heat, and the pigment stayed. I noticed that the shimmer shadows did fade slightly, but nothing that was dramatically bad, it simply wast quite as shimmery as when it was first applied, but this was after several hours first in a restaurant then trekking around a boiling, packed shopping center, so the shadows definitely held their own.

I don't know if this new talc free, highly pigmented, easily blendable formula is something that is across their who range now, or if it specific to the Pro HD collection, but I really want to pick up one or two more of the Pro HD palettes, and if the formula has changed for their regular palettes too, I mat consider giving them a second go.

High End

If you are a regular reader of hiyaitsashley, then you know that I am a big fan of high end beauty products. There are a lot of drugstore brands that I buy bits and pieces from, but mostly I love my high end brands. There are a couple of high end products that I've picked up lately that I really been enjoying that I wanted to share with you.

Kat Von D 'Lock It' Foundation
Anyone who reads my blog will know that I am a full coverage type of girl, my perfect foundation is just the right shade, full coverage, but not heavy or cakey, and doesn't oxiside. I think the Kat Von D Lock It foundation may just be my perfect foundation, because that is exactly what this foundation gives me. For a long time the Urban Decay 'All Nighter' was my go to foundation,  however lately I have noticed that it has been oxidising really, really orange on my skin, which it never used o do before, (it may be my skin, or it the products I am pairing it with, or it could be that it is nearing it's shelf life, I really don't know), but because of that fact, I was on the hunt for a new full coverage foundation. I love my Kat Von D Lock It concealer, so I decided that I would try out the foundation from the same range as it is always so hyped up.

One of the lovely workers in Debenhams matched me for my shade, and I have to say, she got it perfect. I was matched with shade Light 44 Cool, which I think is the perfect shade for my skin tone. I think it's pretty cool the way the shades are categorised in this line, with being either light or deep depending on your skin tone, and then also slightly different based on your undertones, so either warm or cool. I really like that way of working, as you're going to pretty much always get a foundation that suits both your skin tone, and undertones. I love this foundation a lot, and I think it ticks all of the marks across the board. The shade match is great, (tick), and the coverage is definitely full (tick) as two pumps does my entire face, which I think is really good consider the pumps are fairly small with the amount of product you get. The foundation blends effortlessly into the skin (tick) as it doesn't dry down immediately, and it feels super lightweight, and not not at all cakey (tick). Lastly, it is very long lasting without breaking apart, (tick), and it layers well with other products both under it and over top (tick). all around the perfect foundation in my opinion, and at £27, I think it's definitely worth the money.

Make Up Forever HD High Definition Loose Powder
I have seen and heard a lot about Make Up Forever as a brand for a while now, manly on YouTuber from beauty gurus. The brand recently became available in the UK, and though I haven't seen it in any stores like House of Fraser or Debenhams etc, I have seen it popping up quite a lot in TK Maxx of all places! I love TK Maxx for picking up beauty deals, and that is where I picked up this powder. The HD powder was down from the RRP of £24.50 to just £10, so I picked it up to give it a try, after always hearing amazing things about it on YouTube.

I definitely wasn't disappointed by this powder, that's for sure. I have fallen in love with this finishing powder, and it has fast become my favourite loose powder for setting my base with. The big selling point for me with his powder was the way that it sits on my skin, I absolutely love the way that my skin feels when I am wearing this powder. It feels softer and smoother than it ever has before with any make up product, and that soft feeling stays around all day, no matter how long I have been wearing the powder. The powder is bright white, so it can leave you looking a little pale if you use a lot of it, but with how finely milled this powder is, a little goes a log way, and it never cakes up. I have worn this price multiple times with my two holy grail foundation; the NYX HD Studio Photogenic foundation, and the Kat Von D Lock It foundation and it worked perfectly with both, I haven't notices any caking or breaking apart the products underneath. I have also noticed that with this powder, I get barely any creasing at all, especially under my eyes, which is unusual for me, normally I get a fair amount of creasing, regardless of what I use under my eyes.

I really love this powder, and although I got it for only £10, (seriously, always check your local TK Maxx, you never know what amazing deals you might get), I would pay the full price for it, as I love this powder and the way it makes my skin look and feel.


The last thing I want to mention in this post is a few beauty tools that I have picked up recently, because they are a few things that I think are really good and handy for the price they were.

10 Piece Purple/Pink Ombre Brush Set
I bought these brushes from Wish, after downloading the app as a result of seeing it a tonne of times in front of YouTube videos that I was watching. When I ordered the brushes, I wasn't expecting much, after all, they came from Wish, and only cost me £2.85 in total for the 10 brushes and shipping, but they were so beautiful with eh purple to pink ombre effect that I couldn't turn them down. I wasn't overly convinced that they were going to be the best quality brushes, but I bought them anyway as I thought that if there were bad duality, I could use them as props for my blog photos, since they ate beautiful brushes. I am so pleased to be able to say thought that I am hugely surprised by the quality of these brushes.

I used these brushes for the first time with my Urban Decay 'Naked Heat' palette, as I wanted to really see if they were good. I figured that if they applied shadow badly with a high end palette, they would likely also apply badly with a drugstore palette. When I tried these brushes out I was blown away with how good they were, I really wasn't expecting them to be good quality. The bristles were soft and fluffy, which is what you want, especially in blending brushes. The little flat brushes have been incredible for picking up shimmer shadows and getting across that pigment! The brushes pick up a really good amount of pigment, and the blending brushes blend amazingly. They also work great with cream products, as thanks to this set I have found the perfect brush to use with me cream soft ochre pain pot which I use as an eyeshadow base. I have used these brushes a couple of times now, with the Naked Heat (high end), Shade and Light (high end), and the PRO HD Luxe palette (drugstore), and they have worked amazingly with all three formulas, so I really am pleased with.

Beauty Blender Holder
This was another very random order on Wish, but it was only 95p and it was cute so I bought it. The main reason I wanted this is becasue my beauty blender was ruined after only a few months of having it because the only place I could put it back safely to dry after washing it was in the little plastic container it came in, which meant it would never fully dry, and ended up being mouldy, which sucked because if you have one, then you know that beauty blenders are not cheap, retailing for £16.

I saw this cute little gold one that is spiral designed, so I can store my new real techniques one in it to dry, and it will actually be able to stay clean, and dry out properly without getting mouldy, and it looks good as a bonus. I am really starting to like using Wish for little knick knack type items like this, as the stuff is really nice, and vert affordable.

What beauty products or tool have you been loving lately? Have you tried any of the products mentioned above? Where do you shop to get deals on your products?

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