4 October 2017

A Perfect Evening

Everyone's perfect evening is different, but for me, my perfect evening is spending time with friends, having a good meal, and watching movies. There's nothing I like more than that, its the best way to relax and spend a few hours. Thanks to the lovely Suzanne over Hummingbird and the always accommodating people at Glasgow Fort, I got to enjoy my perfect evening.

I got to spend the evening with my best friend Robyn at Glasgow Fort on this particular evening. We got to spend a few hours browsing the shops, before enjoying a delicious meal at Tony Macaroni, (my all time favourite Italian restaurant! I've reviewed this particular store before, which you can read here), followed by a screening of the new movie Kingsman: Golden Circle.

The Shopping

We arrived at Glasgow Fort around 2pm, a few hours before our meal time, because we really love the shops there, and wanted some extra time to shop. It was while we were here that I picked up one of my new favourite palettes of the moment from Make Up Revolution, (reviewed in this post), after spending 15 minutes at the counter swatching every shade. I love this Superdrug in the Fort, it's nice and spacious so there was plenty of room to swatch everything. Afterwards we had a look around some of the other shops we love, before stopping off for a Starbucks. They had their new autumn drinks in so I wanted to try one. I'm not a big fan of the classic Pumpkin Spice Latte, so I opted instead for their new Caramelised Pecan Latte, and I have to say, it wasn't what I thought. It was delicious, but it wasn't nutty like I was expecting.

After our Starbucks fix, we headed on over to Boots where we went automatically to the NYX counter (as always, NYX is my favourite drugstore brand), where bumped into the lovely Alison who works there. We pop in to see her almost every time we are in the Fort, she is so lovely and she always takes the time for a chat, which I love because she is so nice and very funny, so it was really nice that she was on the counter when we got in. We had a chat with her for a while, and a look around the store for a while, before popping along for a peek at the newly added Waterstones, which was amazing. I love book stores, Waterstones especially, so I am always up for a nosey around one. I loved this one, it wasn't as big as the ones on Glasgow city centre, but it was just as cosy, an had the same vibe to it. It was well laid out, and I enjoyed having a little nosy through the books.

The Food

After a thorough nosey around the shops, we headed back around to Tony Macaroni for our meal. We were a good 1-20 minutes early for our booking, but the lovely staff were completely accomodating, and showed us to our table, which was ready and waiting or us despite us being earlier than expected. The manager who saw to us was lovely, he was very upbeat and chatty, which is something I love about the staff at Tony Macaroni, they are always some of the friendliest and most helpful staff that you could ask for.

Once we were seated we had a little browse through the menu. The last time I was at Tony Macaroni I tried out a new dish on their menu, the Pollo alla Milanese, which was delicious, so I wanted to get that again, however the really unique thing with this dish is that you can change the pasta that comes with it if you fancy another. So that is what I did, I swapped the penne arrabiata that comes with this dish for my all time favorite, the Risotto al Pollo.

The traditional Pollo alla Milanese comes with a pan fried chicken breast coated in breadcrumbs, served with penne arrabiata, with the option to swap out the penna arrabiata for any other pasta on their menu for £2.50 extra, with the exception of lasagne and parmigiana. I love the Risotto al Pollo,  which is chicken breast, onion and broccoli tossed with risotto rice and cream, finished with butter and parmesan, it is my favourite dish. I asked the lovely waitress who was serving us if it would be possible to swap the penne arrabiata for the risotto, (I wasn't sure as it was a risotto, not a pasta), and I could, so that is what I did.

I was pleasantly surprised when my dish came, since the risotto came with chicken normally, I wasn't expecting it to come with chicken given there would be breaded chicken  in the dish, but it did. I was in heaven. I had a huge, perfectly cooked, crispy chicken breast on top of a huge bowl of my favourite chicken and broccoli risotto, and it was absolutely sensational. I loved the creaminess of the risotto combined with the crispy chicken, the flavours and textures really complimented each other, and the two types of chicken was perfect too, as it meant when I finished the chicken breast, I still has something else in my risotto to finish it off, it was perfect. Along with my meal I got a side of garlic bread, as I love garlic bread and will have it at any chance I can. I especially love Tony Macaroni's garlic bread, as it is thick cut on fresh bread, and infused with just the right amount of garlic, it was cripy on the edges, and soft and juicy in the middle, it was perfect.

For dessert I chose to have the gelato in place of my usual sundae. I adore the sundaes from Tony Macaroni, but I just wanted some plain ice cream this time, as I was so full. The gelato comes in a three scoop serving, so I opted for two scoops of my favourite flavour, vanilla, and one scoop of strawberry. I love the gelato they serve, it is incredibly rich in flavous, but so soft and creamy, it really is authentic Italian gelato, you can tell that right away. Along with my dessert I got a cocktail to try out, as I had never tried any of their alcoholic drinks before, so I got their Mango Cosmo to try, anf og my god, it was delicious. It wasn't overpoweringly mango flavoured, not was it overly alcoholic tasting, it was just the right balance of the two, perfect for round off a delicious meal.

The Film

After our delicious meal it was time for us to head just a few doors down the the Vue cinema to see Kingsman: The Golden Circle and needless to say, I was bouncing with excitement. I watched the first Kingsman movie the day before going to see this one, and since then I was desperate to see the new one. I love spy movies, and I love comedies, so putting the two together for me already sold this franchise as a hit, so I was desperate to see the new installment. Besides, it had Taron Egerton AND a pug. It was highhandedly one of the easiest sales for a movie in my books in a long time.

This was my first time in a Vue cinema, so I wasn't sure what to expect, but my oh my, I was impressed. The first thing that surprise me was the size of the cinema. Looking at the building from the outside, you wouldn't expect it to be very big on the inside, but it was. The cinema stretched out the entire length of all of the restaurants it was situated above, making it a fairly big size, with quite a lot of screens. One thing that was very cool l was the drinks, the Tango Ice Blasts, (which I get on every trip to the cinema, so I was so pleased they had a machine), came in reusable. sturdy plastic cups with proper straws, and sturdy lids. I preferred this so much to the usual flimsy cups, as it meant I wasn't accidentally squeezing the cup and making a mess all the time, and the cold slush wasn't getting stuck in the tiny straws. The other thing I noticed was the size of the theaters, there were slightly smaller than I had seen before, but I preferred this as it made for a more intimate viewing,

We were lucky enough to have VIP seats for the showing, which was amazing. The VIP seats were two rows in the very center of the theater, and had larger, soft, leather seats, with bigger armrests between each seat, and more room at the front for you legs or any bags you have with you. The seats were also directly in the center of the screen, so you get the best view possible. Once the trailers started up, I noticed right away that the picture quality and the sound was miles better than other cinemas I have been to. Vue cinemas have Sony 4K picture quality, as well as Dolby Atmos surround sound, With all of that combined, for me the viewing experience as the Vue was just that notch above the rest, it was just a few a little things but put together they really enhanced he quality of the experience.

I won't give away spoilers for the film, but I will say that if you are a fan of the first movie, or just spy movies or comedies, then you need to go and see this film right now. I was completely engrossed from the beginning to the last second. There was action that had me on the edge of my seat (figuratively, the seats were far too comfy not to just lounge back in), comedy that me cry laughing, and a few scenes that really choked me up, at one point near the end I was physically crying, I couldn't help myself. For me, that's the signs of a pretty damn good movie. Kingsman: The Golden Circle is by far one of the best movies I have seen this year, and I would even say I reckon it places in my top 10 favourite films.

Overall I had an absolute blast at the Glasgow Fort, as always. For me, it is the perfect place for a day or evening out. There is shopping, plenty of restaurants to choose from, and a fantastic Cinema. All in all, that is pretty perfect.

Where do you go for a fun day or evening out? Where is your favourite place to eat? Have you been loving ant new films recently?

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