12 October 2017

What I've Been Watching

I love watching TV and movies, it's something find a lot of fun, and with me there's a lot of genres of TV and movies that I watch. I love a bit of sitcom or drama, and I love a good comedy, action or horror movie, so I always find myself watching new shows. It's been a little bit since I've done a post about the tv and film I've been loving so I thought it was time to share a new one with the new ones I've been loving and the ones I've been catching up on.


With it being autumn now, that means that a lot of the shows that I love have been coming back on TV with new seasons and I am very excited. There are also a few new show that I've been watching recently that I want to share with you, because I've really been loving them.

Starting off with The Big Bang Theory, because this is a show that I have been loving for years now and never get bored of, it really is one of my favourites. It started back a few weeks ago with season 11, which is crazy, but I'm really enjoying the new storylines. I really love the sitcom nature of the show, but it is really nice to now be getting to see a little more of the gang settling down, but still make it funny.

Another of my favourite shows, Brooklyn Nine Nine, started back a few weeks back too with season 7, and I am so happy. I have been waiting for the new season to come back for months, I even rewatched a bunch of the older episodes again over summer while I was waiting for the new season. I just find the show so funny, and with it being a sitcom, the episodes are only 20 minutes long so ts really easy to watch, or have on in the background. As always, the show is as funny as ever, and never fails to make me laugh.

Last week Once Upon A Time came back for its new season, and I wasn't 100% sure if I was going to watch it, with it almost completely changing cast and story, but I gave the first episode of season 7 a chance, and you know what, I actually really quite like this new story they've got going on, and I like the new characters some of the old actors are playing now. It's a lot of fun to see them playing a new type of character, and with there still being that link to the older season and storylines, I think it will be quite fun and interesting to see how they develop that over the new season.

It seems like lately everyone has been watching and loving Riverdale, so over I jumped on the bandwagon and watched season 1, and I am hooked. I absolutely loved the first season, and I got really invested in the characters and the story. Season 2 just started back and even though only one episode is out s far, I love it already. I love the characters, and I think they are setting up some really good storylines for this upcoming season.

Over the summer I began watching Modern Family, and fell in love with it. I actually binged watched the entire 8 season over the summer so that I could be caught up in time for season 9 starting a couple of weeks back. I really love this show, not only is is funny but I love the whole concept pf showing all of the diversity across the characters, I think that it so cool. Besides, the way some of the characters act is literally me, so that's always fun!

There are a few shows that have peaked my interest that I want to watch, like Rick and Morty, Lucifer and but haven't got around to yet, but they all look really interesting, so I might have to give them a go!


I love superhero movies, I always have. I usually tend to go for standalone Marvel movies when they come out, like Deadpool, but when Guardians Of The Galaxy came out I really did enjoy it. Recently I watched Gaurdians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 and I found that I loved it a lot more than I thought I would. I really liked the first one, but I tend lean more towards the Avengers type of Marvel releases, so I wasn't as hyped about Guardians, but I actually really loved the sequel. The action was incredible, the characters were amazing, and what really sold me was that it was very funny. By the end of the film I was crying at some particularly scenes which gave me feels too, so that's a good movie in my eyes. It had everything I like, it had a good story with great acting, there was action, it got me attached to the characters, and it made me laugh.

I recently watched Kingsman: The Secret Service for the first time before I went to see the sequel (you can read about that in this post), and I absolutely loved the movie. It was so funny, and I love any movie that gives me a good laugh. I also really liked that although it was a comedy, there was a tonne of actions, which I love. I love spy movies and action movies, so throwing in a lot of comedy with that and I'm sold. Plus, there was a pug, and Taron Egerton, like, come on. Sold.

Since I loved the first movie so much, it only makes sense that the sequel, Kingsman: The Golden Circle, makes it onto the list as well. I genuinely think this movie might be one of the best I've seen in a long time. If you thought the first movie was action packed, and hilarious, then prepare to be blown away. The sequel had so much action, it was amazing, and it wasn't cheesy, comedy action it was really well choreographed acton scenes, so kudos for that. One of the big sellers for me though was the comedic value, it was just so funny, I was actually crying with laughter at some points. Taron Egerton, (Egsy), and Mark Strong (Merlin), were hilarious in themselves, but then adding in Channing Tatum and (surprisingly) Elton John and I was wheezing. Seriously, even if for no other reason, see this movie for Elton John, he is hilarious. The film also got the feels going though, as there were a few sad scenes, but one in particular which literally had me crying, seriously, its sad. All in all, this film and the one before have definitely made it into my top 10, maybe even my top 5. Plus, pug puppy.

One of the movies that has to be mentioned is IT. I love horror movies, and I really, really loved the original, so I was very excited to see IT when the remake came out, and I was not disappointed. I adored this movie, and of all the films I have seen recently, I think IT takes the top spot by a mile, perhaps rivaled only by Kingsman: The Golden Circle. I loved the plot of the original, and although I wasn't scared by it persay, I loved the characters and the acting, I didn't even mind the length (3 hours when you watch it all in one sitting as a movie) because it was so good. For me, I think the remake really dud the original justice. The acting was incredible by the child actors, and especially by Bill SkarsgĂ„rd as Pennywise, I think he plays the part absolutely perfectly, and really sells the character. I love that the movie focuses only on the children's side of the story, and tells in in detail. Where the original was 3 hours long, it told the story of both the group as kids and as adults, whereas the 2017 version is 2 hours and 15 minutes, and tells the story from only the kids point of view. I love this because it means we get greater detail, and the movie ends off with a nice little nod to the future, that signals a sequel detailing the group as adults. It made the story simple to follow with no jumping back and forward between years. The film also was decently scary for me thanks to the perfectly edited jump scares, there were times I found myself on edge, which I loved. The special effects were also insanely good on this remake, which made it a lot better to watch. In all, I think this may be one of my favorite movies.

There are a few movies I am excited to see too. I would love to see Everything, Everything, and I'm excited for A Bad Moms ChristmasJumanji: Welcome to the Jungle and Jigsaw all look amazing!

What TV and movies do you love? Have you seen any on this list? Do you have any recommendations?

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