14 January 2018

Handy Ways To Store And Organise Your Make Up

Being a beauty blogger and a make up lover means that I end up collecting a huge amount of make up products and brushes. This also means that I need a good way to store all of my products without breaking the bank, so in this post I thought I would share with you some of the handy ways I store my make up and brushes.

 I have a couple of different ways that I store my products, and I really like way I currently have my collection stored, but everyone is different so depending on the amount of stuff you have or the amount of space, some of these tips may work better for you than others!

Get Some Tall Drawers

The first tip I can give you on storing your make up is a basic one, get some tall drawers to store the bulk of your items in. We've probably all seen the famous Ikea Alex drawers that a lot of beauty gurus and bloggers use, but those sets can be pricey, and so can Ikea delivery if you don't live near to a store.

I do live near an Ikea, but £90 is a lot of money for the large size of the make up drawers. Instead, I took a little trip to Ikea, and picked up another set of drawers to use. The ones I got were a lot cheaper, but they are still doing the trick. I got a white, metal set of 6, tall drawers (I'm pretty sure it was meant to be for office storage... oh well), that do the same thing as the Alex drawers, for a fraction of the price.

What I love about having tall drawers like this is that it they are decently sized so the can hold a lot of product, but they can still be set out on a unit and not look out of place. Having the 6 drawers also lets you store some of your items out of sight but still be organised.

Of course, you can pick up small drawer storage cabinets anywhere but I really do recommend Ikea as you can get nice ones for a good price. I really like the ones I have right now, and when it comes time to replace them I'll be getting another Ikea set as the quality is really good!

Organise By Product

One of the biggest tips I have for organising any make up collection is to organise by product category. I have two set ups for my make up, my drawers and what I have set out on my unit where I do my make up.

In my drawers I have each drawers dedicated to specific types of products with the exception of the top drawer. In the top drawer I have most of my go to products that I use every single time I do my make up, such as my favourite concealers, eyebrow products, mascara etc.

Then underneath each drawer is organised by product. I have a drawer to hold foundations and face powders, ie bronze, blush, highlight. Below that are some beauty tools, like face wipes, eyelash curlers, tweezers, brush cleaner etc, as well as any samples of products I have. Underneath that are some of my eyeshadow palettes that I love, but haven't make it into the display I have on my unit. The last drawer of make up has any of my other palettes, loose shadows or cream shadows and any brushes I've not opened yet.

On my unit where I apply my make up, I have one large organiser that holds all of my favorite palettes as well as larger palettes that don't fit into the drawers. I also have then majority of my lip products, as well as my current foundation, setting spray and loose powder. I also display most of my brushes on my unit as I like having them on show in nice containers, and don't want to store them in drawers in care the bristles get damaged.

Be Creative With Your Organisers

One of the best ways I have found to organising my make up drawers and displays is to use in-drawer organisers for my products. I have a tonne of products, so just throwing them into drawers, even if they were in product categories, would be counter productive. Instead, what I have done is purchased inserts to that I can put my products into.

The creative part comes in here, because there are so many unique things you can use as drawer separators and organisers, but the most useful and inexpensive ones I have found have all been inserts that are intended for you kitchen, and boy, are they great for make up.

For most of my procuts in the top drawer of my collections, the items are tubes, or compacts. My tip for storing them? I bought plastic cutlery trays from Ikea for around £1-2 each, and cut each section of the large tray into a separate section. This turned one large 4 section tray into 5 small organisers. The long cutlery sections are perfect size for holding things like mascaras and concealers, anything that comes in a tube or pencil, as well as larger, long pump tubes like primers and foundations. The smaller ones are perfect size for holding a few beloved compact highlights or powders, or even lip products and samples. Breaking the trays into these small sections also allows you to rearrange them how best fits your space, and spread them out between drawers! I also recommend cutting one up and keeping all the long sections as one, as I did this with one of the ones I bought, and it is great for sliding into a drawer, and standing up smaller palettes.

The other storage I bought from Ikea were small, single white containers for £1 which were also found in the kitchen section. They have small rubber grips on the bottom which means they don't slide around so I always recommend getting ones with those if you can, so that way when you open and close the drawers, they won't be slipping and sliding around making noise or a mess. These small ones are great for smaller products as well.

The other type of storage I have is mostly for the items that I have on display. For this I went to TKMaxx and got another cutlery separator, but this time in a dark grey with fancy designs, and it's metal with rubber grips, so it's going to look nice on display but also stay put. I got one that has 4 large sections horizontally, one one large one running vertically. It was meant for cutlery of course, but when it is perfect for is displaying large, and prettier palettes as the can slide into the sections at and angle ans stay upright. The long section also makes great space for lipsticks and foundations. I also picked up a lovely bright bluey green cutlery tray which was also metal with a zig zag type pattern on it. This one was all one section, and also has the little pads on the bottom so it doesn't slip around in the drawer. It is perfect for storing little things like tweezees and eyelash curlers. TKMaxx is also where I got most of my brush holders. One was intended for cutlery, the other for toohbrushes, but now both sit nicely on my uni and store make up brushes. Also, egg cups make for the perfect sponge holder, and they dry your sponges all around leaving no space for mould. I got mine on Wish for less than £1, it was advertises as a brush holder, but it's literally just an egg cup.

For little things like this I highly recommend Ikea and especially TKMaxx as you can get really nice items for super cheap. Just because it's meant to be used in the kitchen, doesn't mean it has to be!

When it comes to make up everyone has their own way of storing and organising their stuff, this is just how I keep mine stored. Depending on the size of your collection, or how much space you've got available, you'll store your stuff in different ways, but there are just a few little tips I have for making the storage process a bit more organised.

How do you store your make up? Do you have any tips to share?

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