27 January 2018

Tarte Haul, Swatches and Recommendations

If you have read some of my last few posts, you'll have noticed that lately I have fallen in love with the beauty brand Tarte. The brand has long been one I have wanted to try out, but it was never a brand that was easy to get your hands on here in the UK. Now that Tarte ships to the UK for reasonable prices, I've made two orders already so I wanted to share those products with you in this post because so far I have been super impressed!

I've briefly mentioned a couple of these products previously in my 'What I Bought In The Sales' post, so if you read that you already know some of what's coming. In this post I wanted to go into more detail about the products and give you guys some of my recommendations if you want to try anything out.

The first order I made on Tarte was back when they had their Boxing Day sale on, so I got some amazing savings on the products I picked up, and I didn't have to pay shipping either thanks to the promotion!

The first thing I knew I wanted was the Swamp Queen lip and cheek palette from the Tarte x Grav3yardGirl collaboration. This collab is by no means new, but I have been lusting after it since it came out in 2016, and thankfully I was able to get my hands on what seemed to be the last of stock (it disappeared from their website shortly after the sales!). This palette is stunning, not just the shades but also the actual packaging. The packaging is beautiful, its plastic, but designed to mimic real wood, and if you run your finger down it, you can actual feel the small grooves of the wood design. I also love the signature alligator on the front and the gold font, it really is just beautiful. Very Bunny, and very swampy.

The palette contains 9 eyeshadows, as well as a blush, bronzer and highlight. I absolutely love the shade choices for the eyeshadows. There's not only a few of soft, neutral shades, but also some warmer, rich reddish and plums shades, and some beautful deep shimmers. I haven't tried this palette on my eyes yet (as I've been playing with another one I got in this haul), but from swatching the shades I just know they are going to be as stunning and perform as well as the others I've tried. The formula is smooth and creamy, and the pigment is just amazing. The bronzer and blush in the palette are the tiniest bit shimmery, but still stunning as is the highlight (the highlight shade is a beautiful shimmery gold champagne, right up my street!). The bronzer looks a tad dark for my skin tone, but that's okay, it would make a beautiful crease colour for me.

(Shades swatched from left-right by row in the Tartlette palette)

The other palette I got in this order was the Tartlette palette, which is the one I have been trying out recently. I was torn between the Tartlette and the Tartlette In Bloom, but ultimately went for the original Tartlette becasue the shades were all matte and looked stunning. Since getting this palette I have been blown away with it. I know right away from using the Magic Star palette that I got for Christmas, (click here to read and see more photos of that palette), that I loved the formula of Tarte shadows, and this palette just confirmed that for me. There are 12 shadows in the Tartlette palette, and all are matte. One of the things I really love about this palette is that there is such a good range of shades, and for an everyday look this really is a great palette to have. There are a shades to to set the eye with and use all over the lid as a base, some really beautiful soft, lighter brown shades for a transition and in the crease, and some really rich, darker shades to deepen things up and smoke them out. I think this palette is perfect for creating an entire eye look, then all you need to do if you want to glam it up with sparkle is grab you favourite shimmer shade from another palette and voila!

The next thing I picked up was one of the Chrome Paint Shadow Pots in the shade Top Yacht. I got this shade because I really wanted a highly pigmented shimmer shade for all over my lids, and I loved the look of this champagne colour. The product certainly done itself justice. The formula is creamy and extremely pigmented in one swipe and you can blend it out for a soft shimmer look, or pack it on for a really intense pop of colour. I loved this product so much I ordered a second shade in my next order.

The last thing I got in this order was a scrublet. Now, when I ordered this little thing it was in the sale section and I didn't really check the description. From how it looks, it looks like one of those cleansing pads that you use for cleaning make up brushes, so I ordered it. It turns out it is actually an exfoliating cleansing pad for your face! I know, I know, I should have checked, but in my defense I have never seen someone use something like this for cleansing before, and I'm not that into skincare and skincare tools so it was a genuine mix up! The product is still super cute though, and is very soft and flexible so I can see why this would actually be a really handy too for your skincare. I really want to get into cleansing my face and trying some new cleansers and toners, so I'll give this little guy a go when I do.

(Shades swatched as arranged in the Flirt palette)

The second order I made on Tarte was smaller. I went back mostly to pick up another one of the Chrome Paint Shadow Pots, and while I was there I saw a couple of other little bits that caught my eye so I popped those in my basket to try out as well.

The first thing I got, and the reason for this whole second order, was to grab another of the Chrome Paint Shadow Pots. This time I grabbed the shade Park Ave Princess. This shade is stunning, it is a stunning metallic bronze, but is very warm and for me I think it is the perfect shimmery shade for all over the lid. Just like the first one, the formula in creamy and soft, and very intensely pigmented and it can be blended down to be very soft and shimmery, or left bold and bright.

The second item that caught my eye was one of their new, smaller palettes. The one I picked up was the Tartlette Flirt palette. This one is a much smaller and more compact palette. It has 6 shade, 4 of which are matte and 2 are shimmer, so you definitely have variety in there. Just like all the other palettes, the shadow quality and pigment is insane. There were a few reasons I was sold on this little guy. The first was the shade variety. In this little palette you have a matte cream shade for setting the lid, and the neutral browns all in a gradient so you could easily use them as a transition shade, a crease colour and then to darken up the look and smoke it out. Then you have two shimmer shades, one is more light and pinky toned and one is a little darker and more reddish toned, so you have a nice pop of shimmer on the lid. I think this little palette is perfect for creating an entire eye look in one if you want something simple. The second thing that sold me was the packaging. The palette is very small and compact so it is easy to store and carry around and the packing is stunning, I love the purple and gold with the little hints of pink, and you still get a mirror inside too.

The last thing I picked up was the Build Your Beautiful Discovery Set. The set came with 2 sample sized products and a full size product inside. There was a sample sized 12 hour Amazonian clay blush in 'Insightful' and a sample size of their famous 'Lights, Camera, Lashes' mascara, as well as a full size 'The Lip Architect' lipliner and lipstick in the shade 'Muse'. I saw this item in the sale section so I picked one up, as I have have been wanting to try the Tarte blushes and their mascara for a while now, so getting them in travel size with a full size lip product as well was definitely the best way to do that, as that way I can try them out and if I don't like them (which I doubt) I haven't wasted a tonne of money buying everything full prize.


Out of what I have tried so far from the brand I love everything, but I've narrowed it down to the top 3 items I would recommend to anyone who wants to try some Tarte products.

The first thing I definitely recommend is the Tartlette palette. I have long been a fan of my Shade and Light eye contour palette from Kat Von d as my go to matte, every day palette but I think in the Tartlettle I have definitely found one that is just as good, if not slightly better thanks to the shade range. I will still be using my beloved KVD palette but from now on I think its definitely going to be a combination of these two because I genuinely am so impressed and in love with this palette for its shades, formula and longevity.

The Chrome Paint Shadow Pots are my second recommendation. I can't hype these shadows up enough for their pigment, I really can't. The shadows are sold individually and do cost a pretty penny, but for me there are so worth the money. I would recommend that every make up lover has at least one of these little suckers in their collection, because the pigment and the formula is just perfect.

The last recommendation I have for you guys is the Tartlette Flirt palette. I love this little palette, and the fact that you can create and entire look from start to finish in one palette, and that you can carry it around with you and it's not going to take up huge amounts of space. I also love that the quality of the shadows doesn't decline just because it is a smaller, more compact palette, so for me it is a winner. Tarte also have the same type of palette called Tease, which is a more mauvey brown shade selection if you prefer that to the warmer rusty shades of the Flirt palette.

Have you tried anything from Tarte? What beauty products would you recommend lately?

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