10 January 2018

What I Bought In The Sales

I love shopping, (what a shock... not), but one of the things I love most about shopping is being able to get a good deal on whatever it is I'm looking at. In my 'What I Got For Christmas' post, I mentioned that I got money as part of my gifts, so a couple of day's after boxing day I took that money, and went shopping the sales, and found some really good bargains!

I got quite a mix of things this year, but out of everything I got, only a handful of items where full price, which was great for me, because the more money I saved, the more I had to spend!

The first place I went this year was Primark. There wasn't too much I saw that I wanted in the Primark sales, but I did manage to pick up two beanie style hats, which is something I was looking for as I've had my old panda beanie for years now, and it was time for an upgrade. I picked up a beautiful pastel blue beanie with a fluffy pom pom that was marked down to just £2, and a gorgeous dark blue, velvet beanie that was down to only £1! The only other things I picked up in Primark was a new hair donut, because I suck at doing hair, but I love top knots, so its a win win.

In HMV I picked up a new set of Skullcandy earbud styled headphones, (they are my favourite non-Apple brand), which were down to £7 from £11. The other things that I bought from HMV were some DVDs, which were on a '2 for £10' deal. There were tonnes of movies on the offer from a bunch of genres, but I ended up going for two horror movies, the original version of IT, and the original Nightmare on Elm Street. I love movies and even thought 99% of the movies I watch are streamed, I love having original copies as an option, so I think this was a really good deal.

In The Body Shop I got some of my favourite deals of the day! They had a huge (ongoing) sale on, so while I was in I picked up one of their Jumbo Shower Gels in mango as I already have the jumbo one in my favourite scent (which is Satsuma).. The Body Shop shower gels are my absolute favourite, and I always pick up the regular size bottles but last year I found out that a few times a year they come out with jumbo versions (750ml instead of 250ml) that have pumps on them. I got this jumbo shower gel for £10 down from the usual £15, so I'm very pleased with that. Next up I picked up one of their Frosted Berries scented candles from the holiday range for £10 which I think is full price, but it smelled so good that I'm not bothered by that. The last thing I picked up in store was one of the regular sized shower gels in Frosted Berries, which was a steal marked down to £2.50 from £5. Not only did I get amazing deals on this stuff, but when I got to the till I also had a £5 off discount on my loyalty card, and some of the items must have had even further reductions that weren't marked, as my total should have been £22.50, but only came to around £13.50, so that was an absolute steal! I also made a little online order where I picked up another one of the Body Shop Treat Boxes (the kind I mentioned in my 'What I Got For Christmas' post here), only this time I got the one in Frosted Berries so that I have bot amazing scents, and this was down to £6 for £9.

The last thing I picked up on the St Enoch Centre was from the Yankee Candle store. I was in need of some new candles for my bedroom as all of my current Yankee Candles are either pretty much empty, or Christmas scents. They had a huge sale on so I wanted to have a look for a new candle. Most of the ones on sale were Christmas themed but I did spot one which wasn't, and it smelled incredible. It was Macaron Treats, and the medium jar was down to just £10 so I grabbed one. I love Macarons and this scent is very similar to what I would think of as Macaron, and I think its quite similar to one of my favourite Yankee Candle scents, Vanilla Cupcake, so I'm looking forward to burning that.

In TKMaxx I picked up 3 items, none were on sale but it's TKMaxx so technically everything is always a sale price! I picked up three things in TKMaxx, first up I got a new water bottle, and the reason I got it was becasue I wanted one that was a proper refillable one, that was big and had a straw feature in it. The one I picked up was a gorgeous blue colour, it's large and has a straw so it was perfect, and I think it was only around £7. The last three things I got were for my make up storage. I needed something to hold my growing collection of palettes, and something to store smaller items so my collection could be a little more organised. I ended up buying two fancy-ish, metal cutlery drawer inserts. The reason I picked these were because one of the inserts has the seperated sections, 4 going one way, and one long one at the back. These sections are perfect for displaying palettes, and the large section is great for lipsticks and tall foundations. The other insert is a long, one section one so it is perfect for in my make up drawers as it has non slip grips and is a good size, so it can store smaller items so they don't get mixed up, or rattle around when I go in and out of the drawers, and I think both of these cost me only £5/6 each. Lastly, I picked up a simple, black plastic cup, which was probably intended for toothbrushes but is now holding some of my favourite eyeshadow brushes and only cost me around £2.

I only bought 2 make up items in person in the sales, which was surprising to me but I just felt like there weren't very many good make up sales. The two items I got came from Urban Decay in House of Fraser. I picked up a new travel size of the All Nighter setting spray as the spray on my old one decides sometimes it's going to work and others its not, so I grabbed that at £10, which wasn't on sale but for the travel size I think it's a really good price. The other item I got was on sale, and that was the Urban Decay 'Little Vices' set which was down to £16.75 from £25. This set is a set of 5 miniature Vice lipsticks in 3 finishes and a variety of shades. I love lip products and I've never tried any of the Urban Decay lip products, so since it was on sale I thought a set of miniatures would be a perfect way to try some out.

The last place I went was Boots, as they had a huge 1/2 price sale on all of their gift sets. There were so many incredible bargains on their gift sets, but the one I snagged right away was one of the Real Techniques Bold Metals collections. I got they eyes and lips set, which came with three brushes; the 200 Oval Shadow: the new 302 Pointed Lip and the 203 Tapered Shadow. It also came with a brush holder which I loved as I needed new holders for my brushes. I picked up this collection because I really wanted to get my hands on some Bold Metals brushes because they really are pretty and high quality, but I think they are a little overpriced for what they are. This set was a steal for me, as individually bought the brushes would cost around £27 for the two shadow brushes (£15 and £12), and probably around £10 for the lip brush (there's no price as it's new), however the set cost £30 full price, so I got for £15. I think that's a great deal as it's the same price as just one shadow brush, but I got 3 brushes and a holder.

The other things I treated myself to were things I bought online. By far the best sale I got this year was on Tarte's website, where they had (for Boxing Day only), a 70% sale, 25% off all non sale items (the discount actually also took 25% off the sale items too at checkout), and free UK delivery (normally £13.23 for standard delivery). This was a huge, huge sale and I took full advantage of it as I have been dying to get more Tarte products. I up spending around only £64, and for that I got two palettes, a chrome paint pot and a brush cleaner pad. I got the Grav3yardgirl 'Swamp Queen' palette which I have been dying to get since it was announced in 2016, the Tartelette Amazonian clay matte palette, a chrome shadow paint pot in Top Yacht and an exfoliation brush cleaning pad. These items should have cost me over £100 including shipping, and I got them for £64. That's by far the best deal I got.

The last item I got myself was full price but it was something I was more than happy to pay full price for. I got myself the Morphe Brushes 12 piece eye-credible set for £25. I have been dying to get some more Morphe brushes for the longest time, as I think their quality is amazing. Before I got this set I only had two Morphe brushes, which were part of the gunmetal collection and I swear by them for eyeshadow, so I was definitely excited to get a new brushes set from them and have some more really high duality eyeshadow brushes.

What did you buy in the sales? Did you get any amazing value deals?

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