27 February 2018

Keeping Organised With Your Blog

Keeping on top of my blog and my goals are two things that I have been working on a lot in 2018. I want my posts to be as consistent as they can, but also be fun to write and read, and be content that I love. For this post, I wanted to share with you some tips on how I've been doing that!

 In my 2018 Blogging Goals post, which you can read here, I talked about how one of my goals was to keep my blog updated, and another was to have at least 50-60 new posts up this year. To keep organised and as consistent as possible, there have been a few things I've been doing to keep organised and stay on track with my goals.

Keep A Regular Schedule

This has been one of the key things that has helped me manage my blog and social media has been figuring out a schedule that works for me and sticking to it as best I can. The best way to do this is sit down and figure out when best suits you to blog. Figure out when you can work it around classes or work, and work backward. For me, I did this with a variety of steps to put together a schedule that works best for me.

Step one: Decide how often you want to posts, and what days that will be.
Step two: Work backward and figure out when you can allocate time to actually write the content.
Step three: Then, figure out when is most suitable time to get your photography done.
Step 4: Combine and post, a schedule if you need to.

So for me, I knew I wanted to post twice a week, and I figured out that the since I have lectures on Monday and Friday and I go to the gym on Wednesday's, the best times for me to post would be a Tuesday, so that I have a full day to make last minute changes, and a Saturday, as it's the weekend. This also means I have a post at the start of the week, with a few days to promote it, and one at the end of the week. the for step two, I knew that since I was free Tuesday and Thursday, I could allocate Tuesday to that day's post, and a Thursday to writing up content for my weekend post.

Then came photos, I would need them before Tuesday for that post, which meant I could either take them on Tuesday if I needed to or have them in advance since I had to edit them. I knew I would also need them before Saturday as I usually don't have time on weekends to take them, so I came to the solution of Wednesday before my gym session, it's in the morning so I have light, and it gives me a good amount of time to edit photos days in advance. Then its just a case of putting it all together, and hitting upload. I also have started trying to stick to posting daily on Instagram, which means that I normally take and edit my photos along with those for my blog, so that they are ready to post each day for the following week or so.

It's also good to try and think of when you can make use of the extra time you might otherwise spend just scrolling through Instagram or reading Buzzfeed. So for me, that's when I'm early for a class, I try and get some blog stuff done for example. Even though it's only sometimes an extra hour or half hour, it's still less another little bit done. Everyone has off days where they miss a post, for that day, or maybe even that week, and that's okay too!

Plan a week ahead

Planning ahead has a been a big help in keeping on top of my blog this year. I try to plan everything a week in advance so that if anything comes up in university or an event pops up, I can still be prepared. So this for this post and Saturday's post, the idea and content have been planned since last week, and the photos have been taken last week too. This means that all I have to do is write the actual body of content, and do a few quick edits to the photos and boom, my post is ready. By knowing a week in advance what my posts will be, and having a planned structure and photo layout for them, it means if I end up pressed for time then all I have left to do is find some time when I can to work on the content. I won't need to spend time trying to brainstorm and idea, then take all of my flatlays, then wrack my brain to think of the content. It also means I have that ectra time to think about what I want the post to say, and to make sure I'm not going to miss out any points I want to make, or a product I want to include.

Be As Consistent As Possible

Keeping your blog posts and your social media presence as consistent as you possibly can is key in keeping organised with your blog. Having a schedule is one thing, but staying consistent with it is another. If you can keep to your schedule as often as possible, eventually it will become second nature to you, and you'll be able to manage it better. For me, getting into a routine of having set days when I post, when I take my photos, or when I promote posts has helped me plan better, and helped me keep organised.

It also helps build a consistent image for your blog, the people who like your posts and your content will get used to seeing your stuff on the same days, and it means that you'll always be seen, and you'll be able to better organise things around your blog and vice versa. It also looks good to brands as they can see they'll be working with someone who is present and consistent, who they know can deliver.
Everyone has off days where they miss a post, for that day, or maybe even that week, and that's okay too!

Track Your Goals

I have been working on my blog goals all throughout this year, but one of the things that help is keeping track of them. I first did this by writing them up in my goals post, so that I always had a reminder what my goals were and when hit them. Now, I keep them tracked in my bullet journal. Having them written out physically on paper is good because it gives me a little boost of motivation each time I get to colour in a new little section of my charts or fill out an "achieved on" box. It's a really good way to keep yourself motivated to keep hitting those goals if you can see them actually starting to fill up on paper.

I've also been keeping my blog and social media goals tracked on my Instagram as a highlight which has been a fun way to keep them tracked until I can fill them in on my bullet journal. I go back and update my pages every so often, not every day, so keeping them on my Instagram is great because it means I can go back and see exact dates and numbers. It also means that I can thank the people who are following me and who and like the content I post as well.

Not only will these tips help you keep organised with your blog and social media, but it will help you build your blog too. The more organised you are, the more your blog will begin to grow naturally, which will open up more opportunities for your blog to grow and improve.

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