10 February 2018

SESH Hairdressing Relaunch

I love getting my hair done, it's so relaxing and for me, I know that whatever a hairdresser can to style my hair is going to look 10x better than anything I could do myself. I love my hair, and I love it looking nice, but I am hopeless at doing it myself! That's why I was thrilled to head along the relaunch of SESH Hairdressing last Thursday evening in Leith.

 I was invited over by the lovely team at the salon to help them celebrate the relaunch, and get a glimpse into the new space and what the salon offers. Back in August last year, I did a similar post covering the launch of the new Dyson Supersonic with Rainbow Room International (you can read that post here), so we all know how much I love having my hair done.

The evening started off at the Malmaison hotel in Leith, where myself, my sister (who came with me for this event), and the other bloggers and guests were treated to pre-event cocktails and canapes whilst we mingled.  (This came after an impromptu mini photo shot because the hotel is situated 
right across from the stunning Water of Leith river, the perfect location!)

I started off with a glass of white wine, before moving on to the classic Mojito, my favorite cocktail. The wine was delicious, but I will say the mojito was a clear winner for me, it was delicious. We were greeted when we arrived by the lovely Rebekah, who chatted with us about the running order of the evening. As always, she was a delight. I didn't try many on the canapes, as I had just eaten a delicious dinner about an hour before at Bella Italia, but I did try one of the mini beef burgers, and it was delicious!

Before long we were whisked away to the salon, just a few minutes walk along the river and around the corner from the hotel. From even just a first glance inside the salon as we walked up, I knew right away I was going to love the interior. It was brightly lit, not too squashed and the decor was elegant, but nor showy! When we stepped inside, I knew I was right. SESH was relaunching itself after being completely refitted. The refit was SESH's owner Simon Hill's way of creating a calming and soothing ambiance but still have a bright and contemporary feel.

The evening started off with Simon giving us a brief talk about the salon's background and his idea behind the refit. One thing he mentioned that stuck with me was the idea that they considered opening a second branch of SESH, but in the end, they decided that the salon was such a close-knit group, and a staple in the area that they would be better to instead refurbish and remodel the current space. I think that was definitely the right move because throughout the night we saw how the staff interacted and played off one another and you could tell that a part of the ambiance SESH offers comes from that aspect.

 The refit of SESH Hairdressing had twelve hair stations, a newly opened back washing area, and a consultation table in the front of the salon where clients can meet a stylist to talk about their hair. The space is brightly lit and had a very modern feel to it, which I love. One thing that Simon talked about the decision not to gave the salon walls decorated with hair designs and styles, instead, the space showcases a few pieces of art, such as the because done pieces of gargoyles, which mimic the actual gargoyle feature on the outside of SESH's building. I think this move paid off as it leaves you with a more open, classy feel. Instead, dotted around some of the walls are displays of the salon's products, and hanging in the main area are two stunning glass chandeliers, adding to the classy, elegant feel. It was stunning.

Once Simon had finished his talk, we were let loose to wander around the new salon and have a look, and be treated to some complimentary treatments to get a taste of the SESH experience. The first place I wanted to check out was the new washing area. I love getting my hair washed at a salon, I find it super relaxing, but I could tell just by looking at this washing area that having my hair washed here would be next level relaxing. The room is a little less brightly lit than the main area, adding to the calming feeling. What really sold me though was the chairs. Instead of the normal type of chairs you would get in a salon wash station, these stations had actual soft armchair type seats. Yes, you heard me right.

I had just dyed my hair the previous night, so unfortunately, I didn't get to get my hair washed as it would have faded the colour, but I did try out the comfy seats and take plenty of photos and I could definitely say I would want my hair washed there, it was so comfortable. I didn't feel like my body was stiff or leaning at an awkward angle, and it was so soft.

Next up, we took a look around the main areas. Nicola took the chance to have her hair curled at the curl bar station by the lovely Janine Randall, owner of We Love Hair & Beauty, who was on hand to showcase the new Hot Tools 24k Curl Bar.

Janine told her all about the Hot Tool Curl Bar. The tool has two different sizes, and explained that the tool has an adjustable temperature setting so that you can control the temperature of the tool as well as the function to change how long you hold the curl. The temperature depends on how thin or thick your hair is, and the time setting is so you can adjust it, depending on how well your hair holds a curl. The machine also beeps when the time is up, so you get the same temperature and time for each curl.

Nicola wanted more natural curls, so Janine showed her how to take small, more random sections of the hair and curls it so that the curls in the hair look more natural. She curled all of the hair, but by doing it in random sections the curls looked less like they were done with a hot tool, and more like they were supposed to be there.

She also said that Janine was lovely, and that she was very easy to talk to, because it was like talking to someone you know, not a stylist or staff member.

While Nicola was getting her hair curled, I decided to have a hair consultation to talk about my colour and how to deal with my damaged hair. One of the lovely stylists sat down with me to talk about my hair, and what I wanted to do with it. The first thing we talked about was the colour of my hair. If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram (if not, and you want to them you can here and here) then you've probably seen that my hair is currently ombr├ęd brown and fluorescent purple, so clearly I like colouring my hair. The stylist talked me through some colour options since I told her I was happy with the purple, so she gave me some options to top up the brown, and to add some darker purple just in some areas to help with the fade of my ombre, as I told her about how badly the last salon had left ombre looking before I decided to cover it up with purple.

She showed me some colour options from their charts but didn't pressure me into picking one o the other, which was nice as I felt like she was actually listening to what I wanted as opposed to what she thought would look the best, as some salons can do. She also helped me with some options on cutting my hair, as I mentioned the ends were quite split, and I felt like a cut would just overall help the condition of my hair when it grew back. She advised me on length, and style, and what I loved was she was honest about it. I mentioned what I was considering cutting it off short then I wasn't sure, and she was so polite, but advised me to only take a few inches to help the growth but keep the length. It made me feel really comfortable because it felt as though the staff genuinely cared about what their clients wanted, which made me more comfortable.

Once we had gone through cut and colour, she priced everything out for me in case I decided I wanted to go ahead with the curt and colour, but she didn't pressure me into booking in for an appointment then and there, which I loved as I feel super awkward when salons do that. What if I change my mind? She also even gave me a complimentary skin test in case I decided I wanted to go ahead with the dye (which a salon has never done for me before), to save me from having to get it done if I go back to get it done!

The last thing I decided to try, was getting my hair curled. I love having curly hair, but my hair is naturally straight, and I am beyond terrible at curling my own hair, it just looks silly! I asked if it would be possible to try out the curling iron on my hair, and of course, there was no problem with it!

The lovely Victoria was the one who styled my hair, using the Hot Tools curling wand. I have a lot of hair and it's very long, so I was convinced that it was going to take a long time to curl, but Victoria made it look so simple and quick using the new curling wand. While she curled my hair, she and another stylist ho as helping with the products talked away to me, and it made the time pass a lot quicker. It was so comfortable, like talking to a friend.

The curling wand also looked so simple to use. The barrel is on a long handle, which makes so much more sense than a traditional curling iron, where you have twist the full thing, this one is as simple as wrapping the hair around the barrel and letting it go.

After the had curled all of my hair, she brushed it through and it left the most absolutely stunning, big bouncy curls I have ever seen. The style, mixes with the bright purple of the ends of my hair was stunning, and I have honestly never loved the way my hair looked, as much as I loved it that night. The tool was amazing, but the way it fell and curled all I the same way and kept its shape and movement, that was all Victoria's talent. It was beautiful!

Thank you so much SESH Hairdressing and at AJCPR for the opportunity to attend this amazing relaunch. The salon is by far one of my favourites that I've ever been too, thanks to the combination of amazing staff and the stunning space. Everyone was so lovely, and I left with the biggest smile on my face and felt so confident.

What is your favourite thing to get done at the salon? Do you go to the same place each time, or do you like to try new ones?

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