6 February 2018

The Importance Of Blogger Engagement

Over the last few weeks I've been putting out some more blog related content on hiyaitsashley, as I've found myself really enjoying writing these kinds of helpful posts. This is going to be another one of those posts, because I wanted to talk about the importance of engagement both as a blogger, and for a blogger.

As bloggers, we know how important receiving engagement on our content is, which means we should know how important it can be to make sure we are engaging back.

As bloggers, we know that the engagement we get on our content and social medias is important. It's not about the number of comments or likes as much as it is about the actual engagement. Getting a comment on our content lets a blogger know that you like it, and that similar types of post will be likely to go down well in the future. It means that we can gauge what type of content our readers enjoy from us, so that we can make sure to provide content they like in the future. Getting engagement helps in a lot of ways, aside from the obvious way that it helps with blog growth, it can also help out someone's confidence to get a nice comment or tweet about their work.

Most of us probably often tend to read a large quantity of content on a daily basis, whether it's checking out our favourite blogs for new posts or simply reading something we've seen pop up on our Twitter feed or an Instagram story we've watched. Sometimes though, even when we love a post, a lot of us won't comment for a number of reasons. Its easy to forget most of the time, maybe you don't know what to say, or maybe you think that this person is really popular and already has x amount of comments so they won't even see yours. That's simply not the case! To us bloggers, every comment, follower or like is appreciated. I know I personally read and respond to every comment I get, because to me each one makes me smile, whether its one emoji, or a paragraph. Bloggers like seeing that their readers like their content, or that it helped you with what to buy or with your blog, even if it's a simple 'Loved your post!'.

Engagement on social media can be great for bloggers too. Gaining a new follower when we post, or getting a retweet or like here or there really helps us out, which is why its important to try and remember to engage with the content you love, even if its as simple as hitting like on that Instagram photo, or retweeting a blog post you like. Each of us has at some point experiences how disheartening it can be to create a piece of content you love, only to have it not see any love, but it's important t remember that it doesn't mean people don't love it. I try to remember this when I'm reading content or scrolling down Instagram. I know I don't like it when I feel proud of my content and it doesn't get the response I was hoping for, so I want to make sure I engage with the content I like, so that other people don't feel disheartened either.

Obviously we should only be engaging with content that we actually like, but it's also good to engage with the community too. As much as we want to see engagement on content we create or photos we post, one of the things that is great about blogging is the community. Engaging with bloggers themselves is a good way to stay integrated in that community, not only is it helpful for generating organic growth for your blog, but it really helps with confidence as a blogger. If someone or their content is retweeted onto your timeline and you like it, follow them. If you see someone asking a question and you have an answer or some advice, then reach out with a tweet. Its a great way to get to know some fellow bloggers.

Take advantage of the social medias you use regularly. On twitter for example, there are designated blogger chats every day where you can meet other bloggers and talk about different subjects, sometimes blog related, sometimes not. These can be a great place to start, where you can find like minded people and new blogs to read. You can also use social media in general as a way to engage, if you see someone you follow tweeting about their goals, or sharing a link to a post you like or their Instagram, then give it a retweet or share it. Things like this take a few seconds and can really help someone out, and that's what this community is all about. For Instragram, bloggers often create 'pods' where they have a group chat to share their new posts and support each other with likes or comments, since the algorithm is rubbish now. On Facebook, there are blogger groups you can join that are often categorised by location, blog niches or post promotion.

Now I'm not saying you should or have to go out there and just comment on ever posts you see, or follow every blogger you come across, because we all have types of content we do and don't like etc. But if its someone you genuinely like, a photo you love or a piece of content you actually did enjoy reading, then by all means give it a comment or a share. Afterall, the reason the blogging community is so strong, is because we all have each other's backs!

For me, I've been really trying to work on my engagement levels this year. I've been commenting on the posts I love, or bookmarking/liking them if I'm busy so I can go back and comment when I have time, as well as trying to share the love for other bloggers if I see them trying to reach a goal on Twitter etc by giving them a follow to a retweet. If I see someone I follow asking for help or advice or recommendations, and I think I can help, I'll tweet them. I'll also be doing weekly threads (whenever I can), on Twitter and Instagram stories where I'll be sharing my five favourite blog posts, and Instagram feeds of that week, so that I can show some love for the content and bloggers I've been loving.

How do you engage with the content you like? Do you find engagement to be importing in blogging?

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