13 March 2018

What My Blog Means To Me

Over the years that I've been blogging, I've fallen more and more in love with with it. I love my little side of the Internet. I've loved learning as I go, leaning how to fix codes on the layout or how to add widgets, learning how to edit photos and make the content look good aesthetically.

In September this year I'll have had my blog for 4 years, wow! My blog has become so much more to me that it was when I started. It started as a place to share content I wrote so that I would have a portfolio of work I could show people. While I still enjoy having that little portfolio read that I can use to show employers, now I blog for a completely different reason!

Nowadays I blog because I truly love it, and for me, my blog is like a diary and photo album all squished into one, a memory collector for future me. Think about it, older generations like our grandparents have boxes upon boxes of photographs that they took on actual cameras then waited however many weeks to get back, just to have these memories. Then our parents generation have stacks of home videos from dusty old camcorders that have been put over onto video tapes and CDs.

So that leaves me, what do I do? I use my blog to store my most important memories and photos. Even my social media, where I take the  time to tweet about my day, or edit and share the photos from my life. For us that's normal, maybe not everyone blogs, but almost everyone documents their lives, or at least part of it, on social media.

I'm sure everyone has had at least one elderly relative who has said to them something along the lines of "that's what young ones do these days, put everything on Facebook". Sometimes it's playful, maybe it's sometimes a complaint, but is it a bad thing really? Think about it, I don't use Facebook all that often, but I share a lot of my experiences and opportunities, even my boring daily life, on my blog and social media's. But I'm documenting it for myself more than bragging to others.

For me, its practical too. I mean, I don't know where technology will be in the future, but I know that my content and photos will be stored indefinitely online. Unless the internet just up and disappears one day, all of my memories and the effort I've made will still be there, even if someday I stop blogging. So I can always go back and look and reminisce. It's also easy, I mean I don't have to pull out an old box of photos or stuck on a DVD, I can just hop online.

I'm a beauty and lifestyle blogger for the most part, so people will probably read this and think "why do you care so much about storing 'memories'?". I get that, a lot of the content I post is beauty related, and of course that's not a memory. But, it is something I am passionate about and it's content I took time and effort to create and put love into so yeah, I want to keep it to look back on too, even the crappy ones from way back when I started. It still shows me a time when I was passionate about something, and it shows my growth and the effort I took to learn to improve.

Then there's all the content I've created around experiences I've had (whether on my own terms or kindly gifted through PR). Thee types of posts are content I want to remember because I'm documenting cool things I've done and seen, and even the ones I've been lucky enough to experience through PR, it still shows that A) I've had an amazing time doing something cool, and B) I've worked hard enough that someone deemed me worth giving this experience too.

I've documented some cool experiences in my time blogging. I've talked about concerts I've been too, like The Vamps and Nicki Minaj (even if it's sharing photos) and my favourites trip I've ever taken, when I went to Belgium.

I've had the chance to attend some amazing and and interesting events, such as learning about cosmetic surgery with Transform, some amazing seasonal style and beauty showcases with one of my favourite shopping centre's that I've been going to for years, St Enoch Centre, and has my hair pampered not once, but twice, at two amazing salons. I've had chance to to work with another of my favourites shopping centres, Glasgow Fort by reviewing amazing restaurants and seeing movies I have been dying to see. I've even got to work with someone amazing brands that I truly love, like The Body Shop and NYX, all through blogging.

Then there are the fun experiences I get to have, all because of this little blog right here, where I put so much love. I've had some incredible experiences that I've been able to have all because I've put the love and effort into my blog. I've been able to travel further up into beautiful Scotland to spend a day climbing and zipping around mountain treetops at Go Ape, and an evening evening locked in a 'cell' with two of my favourite people, my best friend and one of my sisters, doing an escapee room, something I've been dying to for years, followed by chasing them around a dark room with a laser to play Lasertag, which I've been dying to do for years too.

All of these amazing things are experiences I never want to forget, so I document them on my blog. I document them regardless of whether it's my own experience or it was gifted to me, because it's memories and photos that I want remember and that I'll be able to look back on. I love my blog, and I blog for me, because it's my own little place. I don't see myself stopping blogging anytime soon, because it's something I truly have passion for. So it looks like you're stuck with me for a while longer!

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