14 May 2018

A Beauty Addicts Best Friends

One of the things I love about make-up is that there are no rules to it. While I like that there's no set way of doing things, there a few things that I believe apply to anyone's routine. One of them, is that having the best tools for the jobs, can make almost any product work. In this post, I'm going to share with you some of my ride or die make up application blenders, brushes and tools.

I've tried a lot of make up brushes in my time, super cheap ones, drugstore brands and high end. There's been some staple favourites, some gamechangers and some duds, but in this post I'm going to focus on some of the ones that for me, are the best of the best that I've tried so far. I did a similar thing with my update holy grail face (which you can read here) back in February, so this one is going to work in similar sections, base, face and eyes.


For liquid foundations and concealers, or any cream products, is it really going to be a surprise when I tell you that my favourite tool for blending these products is the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge and the Beauty Blender. I love both of these sponges so much, as they very similar. The Real Techniques sponge is a staple for me, I have been using and repurchasing the for years now. For the price, it is great sponge, it blends perfectly and it has worked well with any product I've ever tried it with. I love the flat side for blending foundation into my face, and the smaller pointed end for concealer.

As much as I love the Real Techniques sponge to death, I still always have a special place in my heart for the original beauty blender. One of the things that I love so much about the Beauty Blender is the shape of it. I love the shape of the other sponge don't get me wrong, but I do love rounded shape of the Beauty blender for blending in my foundations, and I also love the pointed end of the sponge too as its smaller than the Real Techniques one, and makes concealing the undereyes and around the nose, and its also a great size for fixing any little blending mistakes. To me, the Beauty Blender is also a lot softer than the Real Techniques sponge for blending make up. Both of these sponges are amazing though, and honestly, as much as I love my Beauty Blender, for the price point I would recommend the Real Techniques sponge, as it is so much more affordable and it's every bit as good.

For setting powders and baking, there are a few brushes that I love. For setting the concealer with loose powder and for baking, I love my Nanshy Conceal Perfector. The brush is a large, densely packed pointed top kabuki brush. The brush is meant for blending in liquid and cream products, but I find that it is too big for blending, however I like it for packing powder under the eyes and for setting under my eyes as the pointed tip allowed for getting right up under the eyes with loose or setting powder.

For setting all over the face, I have two favourite brushes. For translucent powder when I want a more natural, soft look I use my trust Real Techniques powder brush. I've been using this same brush (repurchased of course!) for years, it's always been a staple brush in my collection. For when I wanted to add a little extra with a foundation powder, I love to use my Tarte Complexion brush. This brush is dome-shaped brush and usually used for applying foundations, but since it is quite densely packed, it s great for packing on powder around the areas I want more coverage, like around my nose where my glasses sit.


For face powders like my bronzers etc, I've got some new favourites in my collection that I've found myself reaching for in the last few months.

For contouring and bronzing I've been loving a combination of two brushes lately. First up is one which I'm not actually sure has a name, as it was in a limited edition set. If you read my What I Got For Christmas post (if not, you can read it here) then you'll have heard all about the limited edition Real Techniques 'Strobe and Glow' set that I got. In that kit was a dual ended brush which has a foundation brush on one end, and a small, almost flat-topped fluffy brush on the other end, which is the end I use for when I want a nice subtle contour. The small size and flat top allows me to place the product right where I need it, but it soft enough that I can still blend with it. For bronzing, my go-to brush lately has been the Nanshy contouring brush. This brush is incredibly soft which makes it great for blending my powder, and the angled shape of the brush allows for a really precise application.

For blusher my favourite brush is definitely another of my dual ended Real Techniques brushes. I love this one for blush specifically because it is a small domed brush, but is it flat enough on top no to spread the colour everywhere but still fluffy enough that it blends the powder well. A lot of the brushes that I have used for blush end up spreading the powder to high or too wide because they are so fluffy, so having this small brush helps me avoid clown cheeks!

For highlighting I have a new favourite brush that was part of the Morphe set I bought at Christmas, and ever since getting it I haven't used another highlight brush. The brush doesn't have the number on it since it came in a set but I believe from looking at the Morphe website it is the 510 Pro Round Blender. The brush is a large fluffy brush that is super soft and blends powder highlighter perfectly on the skin. It's fluffy enough to blend smoothly but doesn't disperse the product all over your skin.

The last brush I want to mention in this section is my all time favourite brush for cleaning up around my brows once I've applied them, which is the Morphe Flat Liner brush. Even though the brush is meant for eyeliner, I love it for concealing around my brows because the flat edged shape is perfect for carving out under my brow, but it is still soft so it doesn't move around the product underneath the concealer.


For the eyes, I have a whole range of different brands and brushes that I reach for every time I do my eye make up.

My go-to combo for priming and setting my lids are both from Nanshy. I use the Nanshy Concealer brush to prime my lids and the Nanshy Large Shader brush to set them. The reason I love the concealer brush for priming is because of its unique shape. The bristles are densely packed but still have movement, and they brush head is almost rectangular shaped, but tapered inwards at the centre of from each side to that it had a soft touch. I find the large shader brush to be perfect for setting the lids because it's a little larger, but flat and fluffy, so it is perfect for patting a light shade over the primer to set it.

For applying and blending my eyeshadow it's probably no surprise that the majority of my favourite brushes come from Morphe. Most are simple varying sizes of their tapered blending brushes, however, two of their Gunmetal collection brushes have made the list. The G17 is a super soft, large fluffy brushes which are perfect for blending out any edges, and the G26 is a smaller, slightly denser and flatter brush which is great for blending right in the crease.

My 2 favourite crease brushes are definitely the Real Techniques Bold Metals 203 Tapered Shadow brush, which is the perfect crease blending brush, and the Nanshy Eye Crease brush with is the perfect small size to apple shadow into the crease very precisely with.

Like I said a lot of my favourite blending brushes are from Morphe, however, there are a few exceptions. One of which is a large, super fluffy Tarte blending brush from one of their 2017 holiday kits, and strangely enough some of the other best blending brushes I have are actually Harry Potter wand handled brushes that I bought because they were pretty. They have really soft, durable bristles and they blend so well, plus I love the flat ones for packing on shimmer!

A lot of these brushes I bought in brush kits, which I think is a great way to try out a new brand you are interested in, or to try out a selection of brushes for better value than buying them singley. What I loved about most of these brushes is that they are very afforable, and are still great quality even after washing and being used a tonne. 

This post is a bit of a long one, but I wanted to give you guys all the details in case you were on the lookout for some new brushes to try out!

Have you got a favourite brand for brushes? Do you like collecting new brushes to try, or do you like to stick to your favourites?

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