30 May 2018

Getting Salon Quality Nails At Home

Those of you who follow me over on Instagram may have seen recently you will have seen that I've been changing up my nails and trying out some different kinds of fake nails. I love having nice nails, but I am not the best at painting my nails neatly, and there is no way I can do nail art. Luckily I have found the next best thing!

I have always been a fan of fake nails, but it wasn't until recently that I got into wearing them. But on a whim this year I started picking up some cheap press on nails from Primark to wear for blogger events, just to give my nails a little something. From there I was hooked, so I thought in today's post I would share with you some of my favourite affordable nails.

There are three nail brands that I've tried so far that I love and have been repurchasing from of the last couple of months and all three come in at under £10 Coming in at the 3rd spot are some of my favourite nails for when I just want a very short, but nice to look at nails. They're from a brand called Girls With Attitude, and the ones I get come in at £4.50, sometimes £4.99 for special colours, a set but have always been down on sale from the shop where I buy mine. The ones I get from this brand currently are the short square-tipped ones with ever so slightly rounded edges. I love these ones in particular because for me they are the "your nails but better" (see what I did there?) of nails. They're short so they don't get in your way at all if you aren't used to long nails, but they just give that sleek, nice look to your fingers without any real effort required from you. I love them from times when I want something nice for my hands, but I don't want or need any added length, I just want a nice, clean colour or simple design. These nails also last a long time and barely ever pop off, because they are short and more natural at the tip they pop right onto your nail and stay put.

Overall, a 7/10. I love the nails, and I love that they come with 24 nails in a good variety of size. But even though they are affordable (especially where I get them), I think for the standard short, square-tipped ones, £4.99 is a little bit pricey in comparison with the other options I have and the range of colour options. They have longer nails and other shaped tips that have more designs options which I have yet to try, but even those are only £6, which is pretty good.

In the second spot are some of my favourites longer but still square nails which are called Perfect 10 and cost £4.50 from the drugstore. These nails are square-tipped just like the previous ones, however why I love these ones is that they give me a little bit of length as well, but are still square so there no need to worry about them snagging on anything, or accidentally poking myself in the eye when I'm trying to remove my contact lenses. These nails mostly come in plain colours and have a glossy finish which is what I like about them. They look really nice and plain all at once. These ones also hold really well on the nails, they say on the package you get up to 10 days wear out of them and I agree. There is the occasional nail that will pop off given that they are a little longer so they can be caught at the tip, but they pop right back on with a little glue. These nails also come with 24 nails, a good variety of size options and glue. I also feel that these ones are slightly more flexible to your nail shape than the others.

Overall, an 8.5 out of ten for these ones. I love that they are simple and glossy, but a little bit longer. Given that they are a little longer and they have such a shiny, smooth finish I think that are more worth the £4.50 than the Girls With Attitude ones. The main reason these only get an 8.5 is that there is a lack of colour options, I've only seen about 4-5 options. The other main thing with these is that the glue they come with is sometimes questionable. I've had these nails around 4-5 times now, and there have been a few occasions where getting the glue onto my skin rather than the fake nail or my own nail, and it has burned. If it's just touching it's not an issue however if you get a lot of it on your skin, it can give you a nasty burn, which happened to me and resulted in a bad blistering. The nails, however, are great, so I would just either be very careful with the glue, use nail glue from another set of nails, or buy a separate nail glue!

The last nails on this little list are by far my favourites. These nails are by the brand Elegant Touch, and specifically, the ones I have been loving are the Rosie Bea line. These nails are a collaboration that I happened to see when I was in picking up some new nails, so I grabbed a set to try them out and became hooked. I have two sets of these nails currently. The ones I picked up originally, and my favourites of the ones I have, are the Molten nails. These ones are an oval shaped nail with a molten metal design. I can't fault these nails at all, of the three brands I've been loving these ones are by far the comfiest and the prettiest. The nails come with 24 nails in 10 different sizes and come with very high quality glue compared to the others. I also love the shape of these nails. When I picked them up originally I planned to turn them around and were the more rounded, rectangular edge as the tip but when I saw that they wouldn't quite fit the same, I decided to give them a shot the regular way, and I fell in love with them. The oval shape means that I can have the bonus of longer, fancier looking nails, would the shart point that would poke my eyes out. These nails wear much longer than the others, I've worn them once for almost two weeks, and only had one or pop off, which was easily fixed with a little glue.

The second set that I have from this collection are the Sweet Pea nails. These nails are ones that I have seen when I've been on store getting replacements of my Molten set, so yesterday I decided to grab a set and they are the ones I'm currently wearing. I didn't notice when I grabbed them that they have a slightly different shape to the Molten nails, however I've quickly fallen in love with this style too. These nails come with the same things as the Molten set, the only difference is in the design and style. These nails are black with little painted daisies, which are perfect for the summer! These ones are in the short stiletto style, so they are a little bit longer than the ovals ut still not massively long, and they are more pointed at the tips, which I have quickly grown to love. This style reminds me most of the traditional type of nail shape I think of when I think of salon nails! These nails and the Molten nails have 100% been the easiest to apply, and the most flexible to your nail shape!

Overall, 11/10. I cannot fault these nails at all. They have been amazing quality, easy to apply and the 10 different sizes make it so easy to find a proper fit for each nail, and leave you with one or two extras should you need them. The glue is very high quality which has meant barely any have popped off, even when I've caught them on things, and I've not been burned once with the glue, even if I get it on my skin. One of the most impressive things about these nails is the wear time, I get well over a week out of these nails. close to 2 sometimes, and even then they only come off because I take them off, they don't fall off. These ones are the most expensive on the list at £6.50 a set, (although I've got them for £2 each time at my local Savers, so you might want to try there first if you'd like to try these out!) however I think even at £6.50, these particular nails are 110% worth that price. After trying these I definitely think I will be trying out some more of Elegant Touch's nails in the future.

Do you like or have false nails? Do you prefer getting them done at a salon, or buying press on fake nails?

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