17 May 2018

New From The Body Shop This Summer

Those of you who read my blog regularly will know that I am a huge Body Shop fan. I love their body butters, their shower gels, their body sorbets, not to mention the incredible quality and scents they offer, and on top that I love what the brand itself stands for. A couple of weeks ago I popped along the The Body Shop on Sauchiehall Street in Glasgow for an exclusive look at their releases for summer 2018.

The Body Shop has 2 new lines coming out this summer, and I am in love with both of them. The first is a new range called Body Yoghurts, which are super lightweight, gel-like formula body moisturisers. The second is a new range of facial mists, perfect for a sprtiz during the summer heat.

Once I arrived at the event there were drinks on hand and some delicious nibbles, and we set about chatting with the staff and some fellow bloggers while we waited.

First up was the new facial mists. We got a little talk and demonstration of them where one of the lovely staff went over each of the 5 amazing scents, and what they did. In the range are 5 sprays, Strawberry Smoothing, Coco Calming, Mint Mattifying, Rose Dewy Glow and Mandarin Energising.

Strawberry Smoothing is a complexion smoothing face mist that is infused with strawberry extras from Italy and guava from Brazil to leaves skin feeling smooth, hydrated and instantly refreshed. The Coco Calming spray is perfect for calming and soothing dry and sensitive skin, and is enriched with naturally refreshing coconut water from Brazil, as well as aloe vera and bisabolol. Mint Mattifying is mattifying spray which is infused with Nicaraguan mint, Irish seaweed extract and British Kaloin clay, which leaves the skin looking refreshed and shine-free, as well as helping to reduce the appearance of excess oils. The Rose Dew Glow spray is infused with a combination of raspberry essensce, French cherry water and British rose essence and contains reflective particles to leave skin with an all over, dewy finish. Mandarin Energising is here to help re-energise your complexion with its blend of mandarin, camu camu berry extract, maca root and caffeine.

All of these sprays are 100% vegan and come in 60ml bottles for just £6. Each of the sprays can be used on its own as a refresher for your skin, but they can also be used under make up to prep your skin,or after applying your make up as a setting spray. I took some time to spray each of the 5 scents and have a little sniff and test of them. They all smelled incredible and felt very lightweight on the skin. On the night everyone was lucky enough to be sent away with a spray of their choice. I went for the Mint Mattifying mist as I have been looking for a new matte setting spray and I love the minty smell. So far I've been using it religiously, and I really love it.

Another new range that The Body Shop has come out with for this summer is there Body Yoghurt range.

I love The Body Shop's body products, they are some of the only body moisturisers I use for a number of reasons, they smell incredible, they really hydrate the skin and they soak into your skin super fast.

Well this new range may be my favourite yet! This new range of body moisturisers are fast-absorbing, promising to sink into your skin in just 15 seconds and have a gel-like formula. Now that is a product I can get behind. My biggest pet peeve with body products is when they are heavy and take forever to absorb, so this is a big bonus from me.

The body yogurts are suitable for all skin types, and are cruetly free, and 100% vegan which is nice. You simply apply the product onto damp skin and you're set for 48 hours of moisture. All of the scents are made with Community Trade almond milk from Spain, and this incredible range come in 6 nature-inspired flavours; Coconut (which is in the final stages of development), Almond Milk, Moringa, British Rose, Mango and Strawberry.

At the event one of the lovely staff was giving hand and arm massages with the new body yoghurts, so I decided to try one out. Not only was the massage super relaxing, but the body yoghurt blew me away. Not only did it smell incredible, but it really did soak in in 15 seconds, and the gel formula made it so easy to spread around and massage in. The scent was strong but not overpowering, and when it was soaked into the skin it was lovely, still there but much more subtle.

We were sent away with three samples of the body yoghurts to try out, but on top of that I picked myself up the full size of the mango body yoghurt because I loved it so much.

I was super impressed with both of these new launched from The Body Shop for this summer. Over the last couple of years they have released amazing collections each summer and I think that both of these ranges are going to be a huge success. The facial mists are very diverse, and I love that they all do different things for your skin, and I think that having the lightly scented is a real unique feature.

The body yoghurts are a perfect launch for the summer time, as I think not only will it be great for getting moisture into your skin without using heavy creams, I think the gel like formula will make it a great moisturises for when its sunny and you've got a little burning or tenderness from the sun.

Have you tried any of The Body Shop's new ranges? What is your favourite product from The Body Shop?

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