26 May 2018

Perfect Summer Products From The Body Shop

If you live here in the UK then you'll know that these past few weeks, we have been getting some seriously good summery weather. Last week I posted a post all about the new Body Shop summer ranges and after testing them out for a while. I have found them perfect additions to my collection, especially for this summer!

The Body Shop's new ranges for this summer are Body Yoghurts and Facial Mists, perfect products to have on hand in weather like this. I've been testing out some bits from both ranges in the last few weeks, so I wanted to share them with you.

First up, let's look at the new range of body yogurts! For me, there were a few main selling points of the product that I wanted to test out, to see if it holds up to the claims because if it did, I knew it was going to be a product that I really, really loved. For me, the most important claims that sold it were:
  • the lightweight, non-sticky, gel formula
  • its fast absorbing, not just fast, 15-seconds fast apparently
  • it's highly moisturising, giving you 48 hours of skin moisture

Let's look at these point by point, shall we? Starting with the formula. The formula is said to be a lightweight, gel cream, which is enriched with community trade organic almond milk and fruit extracts which help make the formula so lightweight, and makes the body yogurts 100% vegan! For me, the unique gel formula is a big selling point. I love gel formula creams for the body or the face much more than a traditional cream, and this one is certainly a winner. I also 100% agree that it so lightweight and non-sticky, as I can barely tell that I have this moisturiser on, even when I apply a generous amount, and it never feels sticky.

For any cream or moisturiser I buy, whether it's for the body, face or even hands, fast absorption is a must. One of my biggest pet peeves with any skin care is when it takes a long time to absorb, so when I saw that this product had an absorption time of only 15 seconds, I was absolutely going to try it out. And damn, it did not disappoint me. For the first time, I can honestly agree with a product that claims to dry in in x amount of second because this one genuinely does absorb in around 15 seconds. For that reason alone, these body yogurts get a huge yes from me. I bought the full size of the mango yogurt, and received some testers of the Coconut, Strawberry and Almond Milk. I've tried them all so far to see if the absorption is consistent and it is, they all soak in just as fast!

And lastly, the yogurts are a moisturiser after all, so they need to be moisturising. Over the time I've been testing out these yogurts, I've been pleased to find that they are very highly moisturising. I've found my skin to be incredibly soft and smooth for a long time after applying the product, and the scent event stays behind for quite a while too, and it is much more subtle after a while, which is nice. While the product claims to give 48 hours of moisture, I'm not sure if 48 hours is accurate. I do think it may be doing good things to your skin under the surface for that time, but on the surface as you sweat and go through the day, I would still say you get about a day out of it, but I would say that the level of softness and moisture you get from it is well worth it.

Another thing I wanted to mention about these yogurts that I think make them great for this time of year especially is how cooling they are. If you know me, you know that in the sun I burn incredibly easily, and if you've read my blog post all about caring for your skin in summer (you can read it here if you'd like), or if you just know me, then you'd know I swear by The Body Shop's body sorbets as a cooling aftercare for sunburn. Well, lately I've found that these body yogurts also do an incredible job at soothing sunburn. Just yesterday I got pretty badly sunburned and today when I used the body yogurts on my skin to soothe the burning, I was amazed to find that not only has it helped drastically reduce the burning sensations on my skin, but it has made the skin so much softer and it has loosened up the painful tightness of my skin that I had when I woke up.

Overall I am a huge fan of these body yogurts, and I highly recommend them. For only £8.50 for a 200ml tub, and the quality that you get in them, plus the incredible scents, I think these yogurts are a must have for this summer.

The other new product that they launched for this summer that I've been testing out is their new facial mists, and I've been testing the Mint Mattifying mist. There were 5 new facial mists in this range that all have different scents and different things that they do.

I chose to test out the Mint Mattifying mist, but if you would like to see the other scents and what they do, you can check out my post from last week all about the body yogurts and facial mists for more details!

I chose to try out the mattifying mist because I was needing a new setting spray for the summer. The Body Shop wasn't somewhere I had thought to look, so when they announced at the event they were launching these mists, and that they had a mattifying one, I knew I had to try it out.

Mint Mattifying is their new mattifying spray which is make-friendly and has a formula that is enriched with Nicaraguan mint, Irish seaweed extract and British Kaolin clay. This face mist is said to leave the skin looking refreshed, hydrated and shine-free, as well as reducing any excess oils on the skin and cooling it. It's also enriched with community trade aloe vera from Mexico, and is suitable for all skin types.

Since the mist is a mattifying one, it is the only one of the five to be slightly different inside the bottle. As expected with some mattifying sprays, there is a thin powder in the bottle, which is what gives the mist it's mattifying qualities. There's also a little metal ball inside the bottle which is what helps to mix up the powder with the liquids when it has settled at the bottom of the bottle before you spray it.

I've been using this spray for a few weeks now and I absolutely love it. It definitely mattifies the skin, and one thing I loved right away about this spray is that it mattifies the skin without leaving the weird specks of white powder that some drugstore mattifying setting sprays do. The spray is of course scented like mint, and although it is a strong minty scent it's not overpowering, and it does fade out to a more muted scent on the skin, and eventually, it does disappear altogether. I've also found that the spray does help to keep shine and excess oils at bay, and it is definitely refreshing and cooling on the skin, which is perfect for the summer.

I also love that the product is such great quality for such an affordable price, given that the facial mists are only £6 for a 60ml bottle.

Overall, I am thoroughly impressed with both of these new products, and I'll definitely be repurchasing when these ones run out.

I am definitely a fan of the body yogurts, and I think that they are currently now tied with their body sorbets for my favourite skin care item. I love how lightweight and fast absorbing the formula of these, it's definitely the winning quality for me, as it means that my skin isn't left feeling sticky and I can get dressed right away without having to sit around and wait for my moisturiser to dry. I also love how soothing it is, I have a feeling it's going to come in very handy over the next few months.

With the facial spray I was pleased with how high quality it was for such an affordable price. I've used this spray to set my make up in different types of weather and for different lengths of time, and I'm pretty impressed with how well it has helped my make up last in the rain or the heat, for 2 hours or 12.

Have you tried either of thse products? What are your go to products for the summer?

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