25 June 2018

A Netflix 'To Watch' List

So we're into summer now which means a lot of us have free time on our hands. Whether you're on summer break from school or university, or just graduating like I am, and have time between scouring for jobs, most of us will be looking for some new TV or movies to binge, and I've got you covered.

I wrote a similar post to this back in 2016, which you can read here, and since then Netflix has updated a lot of its shows, so it is time for an updated list. Netflix has been my best friend lately when I've been bored and looking for a way to spend my days, so in this post I'me going to share with you some of my favourites that I've been watching lately.

TV Shows

In the last few weeks there have been 4 new shows I've been loving, and have binged from start to finish, and all 4 are Netflix originals!

The first of those four is an original comedy from Netflix called Grace and Frankie. I had seen the show advertised on Netflix and even on my Amazon FireStick for a while but never watched it until a friend recommended it, as I didn't know it was a sitcom, but boy am I glad I eventually watched it. The show follows two 70 something frenemies, whose husbands both divorce them to marry each other, leaving them with no choice but to move in together and figure out life, and of course, becoming best friends! There are a lot of things to love about this show, for a start it's hilarious, the jokes are funny as it is, but the added factor that its based on elderly people makes it so much better, because they refuse to be 'old', which makes for some hilarious situations, but yet somehow half the things they say are relatable. I mean, I'm only 22 and even I watch it thinking 'me' 90% of the time. The cast is also a big bonus for me, starring Jane Fonda as Grace, Lily Tomlin as Frankie, with Martin Sheen and Sam Waterston as they ex-husbands. There are currently 4 seasons of the show, with season 9 coming in 2019, so there's plenty for you to binge before then. I cannot recommend this one enough!

Schitt's Creek is another that I binged from start to finish in about a week, because oh my god, it was everything. It's another comedy (spoiler, all of the TV show portion of this post are mostly sitcoms) which was created by father and son Eugene and Daniel Levy, who also star as two of the main cast in the show. The series follows a ridiculously rich family, who lose penny (well technically every cent), they have thanks to a crooked business partner, which leaves them with nothing other than what they can carry and the deed to a tiny town in the country called, you guessed it, Schitt's Creek, that the dad bought on whim as a joke. The series shows their lives once they move into a motel in the town and try to survive having nothing. It's super funny, my favourite character is their son, David (played by Daniel Levy) who is a pansexual manchild, with so much sass and sarcasm, he is my favourite by far. The show is just so funny but it also has it's sweet moments with a lot of character development, it's a great watch! There's currently also 4 seasons of this, with season 5 coming out next year! A huge yes from me!

Next up on my list is Marlon which is a fairly new show on Netflix, only starting last year. The main reason I gave this one a shot is because it was created by and starring Marlon Wayans, and I love the Wayans family, they're hilarious. The show is about the life of a man called Marlon, and his surprisingly good divorce from his ex-wife. It has typical Wayans style comedy, it's one of those shows that genuinely makes you laugh out loud, it's often left me doubled over from laughing, and I liked that. There's only one season so far, so it's one that really easy to give it a go an catch up on.

Last up on the TV portion of this post is my current favourite show, which is One Day At A Time. This is a series based on an older show with the same name. It focuses on the life of  a Cuban famiy and their life in America with the veteran mother. Personally I love this show for a lot of reasons, it's hilarious for one, the humour is current and sassy, it's super quotable and just like Marlon, it leaves me genuinely laughing out loud. One of the big things I love about it besides the comedy, is the stories it tells, and the issues it adresses, in a serious yet lighthearted way. It tackles issues like immigration, religion, addiction, sexuality and mental health, it does it so well and respectfully. They tackle the elderly, cuban grandmother's love of religion, a veteran with anxiety, depression and PTSD, there's a storyline with addiction to drugs and alcohol, and (no spoilers) but a sexuality storyline. Even though these are serious topics, they are handled in a way that makes you think, that gets your feels going, but that also makes you laugh. There are 2 season so far, with a 3rd coming next year, and out of all of these, it's one of my absolute favourites.


For movies on this list I have a few, not all are brand new, but all are a really great watch.

First up are Now You See Me and Now You See Me 2. These films came out in 2013 and 2016 so they aren't brand new movies but they quickly became two of my favourites. They focus around a group of illusionists/magicians called The Four Horsemen, who use their skills to perform large shows, like robbing banks etc. The first film follows the horseman through their first big stunt whilst being hunted by the police, and the second films picks up from the huge plot twist in the firs movie, and sees them on the run from the law again, in China this time. If you know me, you know I love illusionists and magicians, so I was already intrigued for a long time but they weren't on Netflix until recently, so when a friend told me the finally were, I got to watching them right away. As expected, I loved them so much! They star Jesse Eisenberg, who I live so much, Woody Harrleson (another favourite), Dave Franco and the first in the series stars Isla Fisher as the fourth horseman, where the second has Lizzy Caplan in here place. Morgan Freeman, Mark Ruffalo and Micheal Caine also play big parts, as does Daniel Radcliffe in the second film, so on top of the incredible plot, there's an amazing cast too! Highly recommend these ones for any illusionist or magician fans out there!

Next we have another two part series called Think Like A Man and Think Like A Man Too which are romcoms, but are a little more comedy than romance I would say. They came out a while ago, in 2014 and 2014 but are still great. The first follows a group of woman as they use a book written by Steve Harvey called, surprise surprise, Think Like A Man, to trick their boyfriends with various commitment issues into growing up. The second film follows the same group on a wedding weekend in Vegas. These films are hilarious, and have some big name actors, such as Kevin Hart, Taraji P. Henson, Gabrielle Union and Michael Ealy. These films are super funny, but also have some nice, sweet moments, so their definitely worth a watch!

Last on this movie list is a new Netflix original which I really loved, called Set It Up. This a another romcom, where two assistants take it upon themselves to set up their uptight bosses so that they can get some free time when they don't have to be working, and end up falling in love themselves. Its one of those cheesy romcoms so its a feel good movie, and it does make you laugh. It stars Zoey Deutch, and Glen Powell as the two main characters, Lucy Lui and Taye Diggs as their uptight bosses, with Pete Davidson being the comical best friend. It's a great movie, and it well worth a watch!

Since I'm almost finished One Day At A Time, which is the current one I'm watching, here's a little look at what is on my list to watch next from Netflix!

• Champions - Netflix original show about a guy who got his high school girlfriend pregnant, who's son shows up to stay with him.
• Queer Eye: More Than A Makeover - I've heard so many people talk about this show, and I love makeover shows, so I can't wait to give this a go!
 Brain On Fire - A Netflix original movie about a girl with a unexplainable brain condition, starring Chloe Grace Moretz.
• Marlon Wayans: Woke-ish - I love stand up comedy, and I love Marlon Wayans, so I think this will be hilarious.

Have you watched any of these shows/movies? What would you recommend watching?

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