15 July 2018

Get Fresh At St Enoch Centre

A couple of weeks ago my favourite shopping centre, St Enoch Centre, held their annual summer blogger event. These events along with the winter ones are some of my favourite blogger events, because I get to see all of the new bits and bobs for the upcoming season from a lot of my favourite brands!

This is the third one of these events I've been to, and right away I have to say the design of this one is tied with the winter 2017 one for the most beautiful, it may even be my favourite! This event was showcasing some of the new fashion trends for the season, as well as showing off some of the newest launches in beauty!

One of the first things I did was make a beeline for the newest little table at these events: Starbucks. They had samples of the new Teavana Shaken Infused Iced Teas in the Peach Citrus Green Tea and Pineapple Green Tea flavours! I tried both of them during the evening, and I loved them both. I think my favourite one of them was the peach citrus as I love peach iced tea, and I love anything with a citrus flavour! Both were refreshing and tasty. Honestly, they are the perfect drink for this weather, cold and delicious! The event was held on the hottest day of the year so far (it was a whopping 32 degrees!) and these iced teas were the perfect hit of freshness to cut through the heat!

After that we took a wander around the set up,and decided to have a go on their claw machine! This is a new feature for this year which I was super excited about. It didn't cost any money, no no, it cost a social media post! All you had to do was instagram, tweet or post on facebook using the centre's tag #ShopStEnoch. Once you did, you got 2 free turns on the claw machine to try and win a prize, and the best part was, if you didn't get a prize on your first go, you could make another post and keep trying until you won something! I'm usually really bad as claw machines, so I was shocked to win a prize on my first try! I still had a second one to use, so I went for it, and somehow won a second one! The best part was that all of the prize were items that can be bought in the St Enoch Centre right now! In my first prize I got the small size of a Yankee Candle in the scent Sunset Breeze, and in the second I got a gorgeous earrings set from H&M with 9 beautiful pairs in it!

A lovely member of staff on hand at the event informed us that there was an ice cream booth set up at the other end of the room, so naturally we made a beeline for that next! I think that this was a genius idea to have set up, because it was boiling that day so it was definitely a must! The ice cream stand was provided by Kimbles, who always provide the most delicious nibbles for these events! I  never knew that that Kimbles sold ice cream in stores, so this was a pleasant surprise! There were a lot of delicious flavours on offer, but I opted for vanilla, the most plain one, but it's my favourite! It was, as expected, absolutely delicious and the perfect little treat for a hot evening.

Around the edges of the space were the usual clothing racks, showing of the latest trends and fashion for spring and summer. Bright or solid colours and bold prints seemed to be running themes that caught my eye in a lot of the pieces, with some stunning little dresses catching my eye. I am definitely one for bold prints myself, my graduation outfits was a bright cobalt blue jumpsuit purshchased from Dorothy Perkins' summer collection in their St Enoch's store just a couple of weeks before this event. If you want to read a little bit more about my outfit or my graduation, you can check out my last post here.

One of my favourite features by far of this summer's event was the garden swing. Sitting just best the ice cream bar was a huge wooden garden swing, decorated with a massive display of artificial flowers wrapped around the wood. It was stunning, and definitely something that I would want in my garden if I had a big, fancy house. Of course, I took the chance for a few photos, and got some amazing ones with me and my best friend, Robyn. This was definitely a focal point of the event for me, it was stunning.

As always with these showcase events, there were large displays laid out in the centre, showing off some of the summer items from the brands. There was everything from perfumes to shoes, sunglasses to festival bits and pieces, and body care to make up. I fell in love with a beautiful little pair of sunglasses from Claire's of all places, and then there was a few clear plastic bags and make up bags that caught my eye.  There was a lovely little clear, cross body box bag from Topshop that I fell in love with, it was so pretty. There were also some shower burst products from Sanctuary that intrigued me, thy came in a range of scents and in a can as opposed to a traditional shower get bottle, so they looked pretty interesting!

Then it was time for one of my favourite part of these events - the make up counters! Benefit was first up on the list, as I was keen to hear about their new Hello Happy foundation. The staff were more than happy to talk to us about it, and even shade matched us to let us see what shade would would be, and how it looked and felt on our skin. One of the things that I was pleasantly surprised about was the size of the bottle and the quality. It is bigger in person than I anticipated from seeing it online, and the bottle is a sturdy frosted glass, not plastic like I thought! The foundation is a light-medium coverage that has a natural-matte finish, which personally I was okay with as lately I have been preferring a less full coverage look, and especially in this heat! From trying it on my skin I really love the shade match with my skin, and the feeling when it settles in. I think this foundation would be perfect for this kind of weather we've been having!

Once we were finsihed at Benefit, I wanted to take a look over over at Kat Von D's stand because I wanted to get matched to a new foundation shade. If you read my blog you know that her foundation is my holy grail high coverage foundation, but lately I've been finding the shade I currently have to be a little to dark and dull on my skin. The worker was more than happy to match my new shade though, and even sent me away with a sample to try out, as well as a sample of their Lock It primer, since I use the Lock It foundation and concealer. We also made quick visits to No7, to check out their new packs of sheet masks, and to Dior, where I fell in love with their new Glow highlight palette from the Backstage collection.

As always, I had an incredible time and I loved getting to see all of the brand's new and current releases. St Enoch and BIG always put a great deal of effort into these blogger events, and I have to say it always paid off. The staff are always friendly and willing to help you, and the decor is always stunning and themed perfectly, as as the individual displays. St Enoch is my favourite shopping centre to go shopping in town, and each time I get to interact with the staff and the brands, I am reminded exactly why!

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