11 July 2018

I Graduated! But What Now?

That's right - I have finally officially graduated from university! I've been looking forward to being an official graduate for a while now, and while it has been amazing it also brings with it the big question - what now?

My graduation from Edinburgh Napier University was on they 28th of July in the Usher Hall in Edinburgh. It was a great day for it as well, with the temperature reaching 32 degrees over the course of the day. Great for photographs, not so great for sitting around in heavy black dress robes.

Fortunately for me, my graduation ceremony was in the morning at 11am, and even better, as part of the Creative Industries school our ceremony was fairly short, lasting only a little over an hour instead of the 2+ hours that some ceremonies were. So in the morning I headed up with my parents and my gran, and we made for the Usher Hall.

For my graduation I chose to wear a beautiful cobalt blue belted jumpsuit from Dorothy Perkins (this one here if you're interested!) for my graduation outfit, since it was going to be a super hot day and the fabric was pretty loose and breathable. The shoes I picked to go with my outfit (these ones) were suede, chunky heeled ankle boots from New Look, with peep toes, a cut out on one side and little silver buckle on the side. These were so, so comfy to begin with, but after a long time wearing them they started to hurt the soles of my feet. This wasn't the shoes fault though, just me not being used to wearing heels!

Since I had some time to kill after registering and getting into my robes, I decided to get the majority of my photo takes before the ceremony, while I wasn't a sweaty mess. Once we finally did get inside, the ceremony went very quickly. There was the chancellor's address as well as the other address, then the lovely Lorraine Kelly herself was there to collect an honorary degree, which was pretty exciting to watch!

My class was up pretty close to the start, so I didn't have long to wait to collect my degree! Once I sat back down, the air conditioning came on, and I was sat right underneath it, so I didn't end up a sweat mess afterall, and was able to get some more photos with my actual degree after the ceremony, which was amazing!

So after all of that, I now officially have my 2:1 Bachelors degree with Honours on Communication, Advertising and Public Relations. So, what am I going to be doing now?

Well, for the most part I've been looking for graduate jobs in PR, communications and even marketing. I must have put in about 100 applications for jobs and so far and I've had about 4 or 5 interviews for really good industry jobs, but so far, no luck! Lately, I've also been considering going back to university to get a masters in Marketing, to kearn more about the industry, and make it a little easier to get a marketing job, as that's whereI am keen to work.

As well as that, I've been spending more time catching up on TV an movies since I finally have some spare time. If you want a little look at what I've been watching lately then you can check out my last post here, for some recommendations.

I've also been spending more time enjoying the summer with my two best friends Robyn and Sean. We've spent the day chilling in the 28 degree sun in George Square doing impromptu photoshoots and talking about the most random things. Then yesterday, we went to Kelvingrove Art Museum which was amazing. I love visiting museums, but this one was particularly fun as it had old exhibits about the war and different periods of history, specific Scottish themed exhibits, and even one about wild, exotic and prehistoric animals!

I've also had some blog ideas to work on, including an amazing event with St Enoch Centre summer blogger event that I went to recently, that will be on here soon, and some more fun blog related events, collaborations and content coming up soon!

So that's what I've been up to lately. I'm going to just see what life has in store for me new. I'll keep up looking for jobs, and the possibility of returning to do my masters, and keep binging on new tv shows and movies while I enjoy all of this free time I have! Until then, I'll see what happens!

What have you been doing with your summer? Have you been enjoying the great weather we've been having?

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