22 August 2018

A 'New In Beauty' Wish List

As a blogger and a make-up lover in general I like to keep up with the latest releases from brands and see what new products are being released. Which means like everyone, I have a wish list of products that have really caught my attention and that I would love to get my hands on, so I thought I would share them on here for my fellow beauty lovers!

I've picked out 10 of the proucts that I have be wanting to get my hands on lately to include in this post from brands that I know and love, and there's a variety of products on my wish list from base to brows, and eyes to lips!

Benefit Brow Contour Pro

If you know me you know that Benefit aremy favourite brand for brow products, 4 of my holy grail brow products are from them, and I always use at least one of their brow line in my everyday make up routine. So when I saw that they were launching a new product in their brow collection, I was already sold, but when I saw the actual product, damn, I was completely hooked.

This new product is a 4-in-1 pencil type product for your brows. There's a light shade of pencil for filling in the front of your brows, then your regular shade of eyebrow pencil for filling in sparse areas and defing the tail. After that, there's a concealer pencil for cleaning up around the brows, and lastly a highlter pencil for under the arch. I mean, talk about inventive? The product looks just like one of those old multi-coloured pens you got in school, and honestly I think think this is such a unique and creative idea for a brow product. It gives you all of the different products you would usually need to get a perfect brow in one tool!

Benefit Hello Happy Soft Blur Foundation

This is the first of a few foundations that I have one this list, because lately I have been keen to get my hands on one or two new foundations to try to try and find a new one that I love for my skin. So far I've loved all of the Benefit foundatons that I have tried so I am always happy to try out a Benefit foundation and this one looked so intriguing when I first saw it online, and then when I got to test it out at the St Enoch Centre Get Fresh event (you can check out my post on that here, if you'd like), I fell in love with how well it matched my skin, and how lightweight it felt on my skin whilst still giving that coverage and matte finish.

The foundation is a light-medium coverage liquid foundations that blurs imperfections and has gives a natrual looking finsih and feels weightless on the skin, which are all things that I look for in a foundation. I'm looking for something light-medium coverage and more natrual looking for going into Autumn as I'll be returning to university so I don't want my everyday foundation to be super full coverage and heavy!

Kylie Cosmetics Birthday Eye Palette

This palette is another thing I've seen released recently that I would love to get my hands on to try out and it is from from her 21st birthaday collection. I've never bought anything from Kylie Cosmetics before but I've always kept up with the brands, and this new palette looks so beautiful, I would love to get my hands on it!

The palette is a collection of pink toned shadows, nudes and some gorgeous shimmer shades that look incredible. For the mattes there a stunning wine red colour that caught my eyes, and some lovely chocalte browns and peaches. Then in shimmerrs there's a beautiful looking rose gold pink, a lilac shade and a stunning royal blue. From the swatches I've seen on her Instagram the pigmentation looks amazing and I thik even the packaging of this collection is beautful.

Kylie Cosmetics Hello 21 Mini Lip Set

One otehr things that I would really love to get my hands on from the Kylie Cosmetics birthday collections is her set of liquid lip minis. This set has 6 mini liquid lipsticks in it and for me I think that would be great value. I love liquid lipsticks and Kylie is known for hers, so with there being 6 shades in this kit it is  a great way to try them out for a bargain!

Out of the 6 shades in the kit there are 5 that are right up my alley, which is a huge bonus! The set comes with 4 velvet minis and 2 matte. There are 2 nude shades, one is warm brown nude and the other a mauve shade, then 3 different redish tones; a classic red, a deep cheery red and then a brick red. The one shade that I'm not so keen on is neon pink shade, and that's just because neon and bright pinks aren't really a shade I got for!

Too Faced Tutti Frutti Collection

This is a brand new collection from Too Faced that I only just found out about this week from watching Rosanna Pansino's Instagram stories, where she was in Mexico celebrating the launch with Too Faced. There are a huge range of products that are being launched in this fresh fruit inspired collection but there are a 4 products in particular that I would love to get my hands on.

The first are two small eyeshadow palettes that are being released called Sparkling Pineapple and Razzle Dazzle Berry. Both palettes are small, 7 shade palettes both inspired by, you guessed it, fruits! The palettes contaitn their new eyeshadow formula and a mix of matte, metallic, satin, and glitter shades, which promise to apply buttery and pigmented, and blend easily! Sparkling Pineapple has a mix of golden and brown shades, and one striking green shade, all inspired by a pineapple, and its scented like pineapple. Razzle Dazzle Berry is laid out in the same format, only this palette contains a miz of purples, plums and a pop of blue as it is inpire by and scented like fresh berries! One is pineaplle themed and the other is all purple shades... I need them!

In the collection there is also a new foundation which I am keen to try out. I have never tried a Too Faced fountation and I was intrigued by the peach on, however after reading into the new Dew You foundation in this collection, I was intrigued. This foundation is a hydrating and brightening full coverage foundation witha dewy gel-cream formula, which has a satin finsih and is infused with watermelon and cucumber. I've always been a matte foundation girl, but lately I've been noticing my skin looking more dry when I apply matte foundations then setting powder, so I'd love to try out a dewy one to see if that helps, and this one has cucumber in it which is great for soothinh and it is designed to hydrate the skin! I also loce the packaging for this one, it's a squeezet tube with a pump as oppossed to a bottle with a pump, so it means less mess!

Last up is their new It's Bananas brightening setting powder. This powder is said to blur and imperfections on your skin and leave it brighened and smoothed which I like the sound of it. The powder itself is a pressed powder, which I tend to prefer over a loose one, and it looks like a regualr setting powder only it has small yellow bananas in the powder, and this pale yellow tone is what will brighten the skin, and while it says it can be used as a matte highlight for more golden skin tones, what I am drawn is by is that it neutralise redness on very pale skin tones, and for me that is a win, as I have a lot of redness under my eyes and across my new and cheeks sometimes. Plus, this powder is banana scented!

BeautyBlender Bounce Foundation

This foundation blew up online recently when the iconic brands known for their icon best selling sponges, (which I absolutely love for applying my make up) released a foundations, so when I saw it I was intrigued. The Bounce foundation is a weightless but full coverage foundation which is supossed to have a very ligh and barely there feel, which is something I personally love, especially in a full coverage foudnation. I love the coverage, but he lighter feeling on the skin, the better. It has a velveteen matte finish and is said to have 24 hour wear, never look cakey or dry, so I for sure want to give it a go! I also love the packaging for this foudnation, it's a whipped liquid formula so it comes in a glass bottle which is frosted glass, but the foundation is pumped onto a beauty blender shaped dip on the front of the bottle for easy application which is something I've never seen done before! I alos love that it has a lock on the bottle, which means no accidentally pressing the button wand wasting product when you're cleaning or moving it.

Tarte Shape Tape Foundation

I love Tarte and have bought quite a few products from them since they began shipping to the UK and out of everything that I've bought, one of my all time favourites was the iconic Shape Tape concealer. So a few months ago when they launched their Shape Tape foundation I was sold right away. Since it's came out I've seen reviews of both their matte and their hydrating formulas of foundation. I was first hooked on trying the matte formula, but with my skin being a little more dry the hydrating one would work just as well for my skin I think, so I'm definitely keen to try it. The matte verison is full coverage, weightless and long wearing while the hydrating version is buildable, non cakey and has a gel formula. I also love the packing on these foundations, they look like a larger version of the classic concealer onlt it has frosted glass instead of regular glass, but it has the same gold and purple colour scheme (with a purple strip under the lid for the matte version and a pastel blue strip for the hydrating version), geometric print on the cap and a large, doe-foot applicator in place of a pump. It looks amazing!

So there you have it, some of the products I've had my eye on for the past little while and some of the new ones that I am currently lusting after.

What products are on your current beauty wishlist? Have you tried any of these products and liked/disliked them? Tell me your thoughts on them below!

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