19 August 2018

If I had The Money...

That's the million pound phrase for most of us, isn't it? Whether its just to ourselves, in a chat with friends, on social media or our 'dream X' Pinterest board, we all fantasize about all of the luxuries we would want "if we had the money." Lately I've been thinking about just that, and I thought it could be quite a fun and light-hearted post. What exactly would I do if I had a lot of money, in this sense I'm talking like, Beyonce 'money is no object' level money.

Where I'd Live

I love living in Scotland, but it has always been a dream of mine to live in London, so I would be torn between staying here and moving. But either way, I would 100% move location from where I am now! I'm not particularly fond of the area where I live, it's a small place with nothing to do and basically nowhere to shop or eat that isn't a McDonald's or Tesco. So I would for sure move, but not into one of those huge mansion things that Kardashians live in, which might surprise people.

No I have better options in mind. I have three places I would like to live if I could, and I go between which one I would prefer to be honest. The first would be a good sized, modern styled house in the suburbs. Not a mansion, but a big house with a good few bedrooms, a large kitchen and a big back garden. But my main one that I would love I think would be a penthouse styled flat, something nice and sleek. I would love a garden, it's one of the selling points of a place for me, but for an amazing, fancy flat with modern insides, a great view and a balcony, I think I could overlook the lack of one.

But either way, whether I stayed in Scotland or moved to my dream house somewhere in London, a place to live would be the first thing on my list! I think if I did decide to move away, a holiday home in Scotland would solve my location problem. A lovely little cabin or house somewhere up in the Scottish countryside, perfect for relaxing and exploring!

What About Travelling?

100% absolutely. The only thing stopping me from travelling every other month right now is the fact that travelling is so expensive. So I know for sure that if I had or came money, then one of the main things I would be doing is travelling. There are so many places that I want to visit and explore, and I would absolutely love to be able to some day. From hot, tropical countries where I could lie in the sun or swim in the sea, to adventurous holidays where I can explore a new area and culture, to even visiting some of the most beautiful places in Scotland, there's is a lot of travelling I hope to do someday.

Would I Drive?

If you know me then you know that I currently don't drive, so would I learn? If I did, what car would I want? Well, yes I would learn to drive, but not necessarily because I had money. I do want to learn how to drive sometime regardless, it's just a bit of a fear of crashing. But if I had a lot of money, I think driving would be a huge benefit because a) I could by my dream car, and b) I could go travelling and exploring whenever it suited me.

For me, my dream car is an Aston Martin Vanquish or a Lamborghini, they are stunning and just amazing looking cars. They're fast and sleek, and very bougie but just looking at them you can see why! Outside of cars the one thing I've always wanted, even when I was younger, was an old fashioned Harley Davidson motorbike. Which I also always thought meant I wouldn't need to learn to drive a regular car... until recently I found out that to ride a motorbike you need a full driver's license!

Family & Charities

One of the things I've always said that I would do if I had money would be to give back to my family. I'd want to buy them nice places to live and to treat them to nice holidays and luxuries.

Another thing I would do is give to charities. There's a lot of charities that I think do amazing work and deserve more recognition and donations, so I would make sure to be giving back to those charities and causes that I think deserve it.

Would I Work?

One of the things I always wonder about people with a lot of money, or those who come into money or win the lottery etc is would they they would they still get an education and a career, would they quit working or would they still stay at work?

Personally I think I would still stay in education then into work, because I love the area I've been studying in and I know I would love working in the industry. But I do think that if I had the money to be stable without work, I would want to work for myself, and possibly use some of it to start my own business, not now, but at some point in the future. Working for myself in a field I love is something that I would love to do in the future regardless of whether I have a lot of money or not.

I would also take more time for my blog, possibly using the money to invest more into it so that it was more of a full time-esque thing for me.

Would I Go On A Shopping Spree?

Absolutely! If you read my blog then you know that I love shopping. One of the first things I would buy, would be a pug puppy, maybe 2. I adore pugs, they are my favourite breed of dog so if I had the space and money too, I would be getting at least one for sure! Now don't get me wrong, I 100% think that if you can adopt a dog or puppy, then you should definitely adopt one instead of buying, but realistically speaking pug puppies aren't one you're likely to find at a shelter so chances are I would have to buy them. But even if I could adopt them, I'd just donate the money to them instead!

I love buying make up and beauty items the most, but I'm also partial to fashion, my particular weakness are shoes and handbags. If I had the money then I don't think that my beauty buying habits would really change. All it would mean is that I could buy my favourite high end brands without bothering about spending £30 on a foundation or £50 on a palette. It would mean that I can try out some brands that are just a bit too pricey right now, and I wouldn't need to bother about "oh, what if it's bad quality?" or "What if it doesn't work for my skin?"

What it would mean though is that I could treat myself to some of my dream fashion items, like a pair of Christian Louboutins, or a Moschino handbag for example. I love the look of luxury brands like luxury fashion brands, like Louboutin, Moschino, Dior, Chanel, Micheal Kors etc. Especially for handbags, Moschino and Michael Kors have some of the most beautiful bags I've ever seen!

What is the first thing you would do if you had unlimited money? Is there anything you'd love to do or buy?

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