25 August 2018

The Most Comfortable Contact Lenses

As someone with pretty bad eyesight who needs glasses 90% of the time in order to see, contacts lenses are someone that I personally rely on pretty much all the time. I wear them anytime I'm going out, I wear them for photos, to the gym, in the summer so I can wear sunglasses... pretty much all the time! So when the lovely people over as Feel Good Contacts got in touch to review their newly launched ComfiPure lenses, I jumped at the chance!

I've tried a few types of lenses in my time, but for me daily disposables are the way to go. I find them much more comfortable and easy to work with, as you just throw them away at the end of the day! So, who are Feel Good Conacts, and what are their ComfiPure lenses all about?

Who are the brand?

Feel Good Contacts are an online retailer where you can buy a large variety of contact lenses online without having to go to your opticians for them. The site stocks lots of different well known brands such as Acuvue and even the brand I usually get from Specsavers, EasyVison! They also stock different types of lenses, so whether you use dailies, weeklies, multifocal and even coloured lenses! They also stock contact solution, eye drops and sunglasses

There are a number of benefits to using their site too, such as earning Feel Good Points that transfer into cash aluedoscunts, and there's even a 5% discount for students! Your contacts can be delivered for only £2.99 or £6.50 if you want them guaranteed to be delivered for the next day, which is something I like as sometimes waiting 3-5 days to pick them up from the opticians isn't very useful!

All you need to do is pick the lenses you want, pop in your prescription strength and you're good to go!

ComfiPure 1 Day Lenses

The lenses I've been trying out are their newly launched ComfiPure 1 Day lenses. These lenses are brand new, and I was keen to try them out as my current lenses, the EasyVision Sential dailies, were starting to wear my eyes a little and irritate them, and since these lenses are a similar type to my current lenses, they seemed like a good replacement!

The ComfiPure lenses are daily disposable lenses, which are my favourite type of lenses as I can just pop them in the bin after the day is over, and get a fresh pair the next time I want to wear them! These contacts are silicone hydrogel lenses just like my old ones, so I wouldn't have to adjust to a new type of lense.

So what are the selling points of these lenses?
  • Highly breatheable
  • Exceptional comfort and hydration
  • 53% water content
  • Lubricating lens surface
  • Resilient to the drying effects of air conditioning, indoor heating, digital screen use and the everyday factors
On top of that I also received the Blink Soothing Eye Drops to try out alongside these lenses. These drops are designed to soothe tired, dry eyes and to prevent blurring vision, which is something that I noticed happening a lot with my previous lenses.

So how did the lenses perform? Well I put them to a 1 week wear test to find out!

Day 1

Time in: 1:35pm
Time out: 1am

Once I got these lenses in the mail and unpacked them, I popped the first set in. The first thing I noticed was that the lenses were tinted green, and while this of course didn't effect vision in anyway, it was a cool detail! The main thing I noticed was that right away, there was absolutely no scratchy feeling when I put them in and that my eyes adjusted almost immediately to the lenses, which just wasn't happening with my old lenses. It would take a little time to get the lenses to settle properly and comfortably. With these lenses there was none of that, so right away I was impressed.

On day 1 I wore these lenses for about 11 and a half hours, and for most of that time I was working on my laptop, or watching TV on my tablet. For these lenses I was pleasantly surprised that even after all of these hours on screens, I felt no discomfort or drying out in my eyes even though they were in longer than the optician recommended 10 hours! So I can say for sure that their claims of not drying out with extended screen time is definitely accurate!

After I removed the lenses I tried out the Blink eye drops and was pleased to find that my eyes felt less tired and dry the next day!

Day 2

Time in: 12pm
Time out: 11:30pm

On the second day I wasn't doing too much. I popped these lenses in before I left at lunch time to spend they day/evening hanging out with my best friend. The lenses were in for 11 and a half hours again but this time without all of the screen time! We were mostly just lazing around and watching movies!

This day I tried out putting around 2 eye drops on each lense before I popped them in, as these drops are ones that you can use on your lenses without them affecting the performance of the lenses which I thought was unique!

After applying the drops I found that my eyes adjusted instantly to the lenses and they felt very comfortable and not at all dry. Over the course of the day my eyes didn't dry out or become blurry which was amazing!

Day 3

Time in: 12:45pm
Time out: 10:15pm

On the third day of my wear test the ComfiPure lenses were still going strong, they were just as comfortable on my eyes and they didn't feel dry or scratchy. On this day I was just lounging around the house, being lazy so there wasn't too much to note.

However, I did fall asleep in the early evening and had a 20 minute nap with my lenses in, which was completely by accident, however I was pleasantly surprised to find that when I woke up my eyes didn't feel sore, or blurry! I know you're never meant to sleep with contacts in but sometimes we fall asleep for a nap, it happens! With my old lenses, if I had even so much as a power nap with lenses in I would wake up to dry, scratchy eyes, and blurry vision, but not with these ones, so that was a definitely plus for me!

Day 4

Time in: 12:35pm
Time out: 01:50am

This was the longest day of the wear test and it was one of the busiest. I had been staying at my grandparents on Saturday night so on Sunday I had to walk home. So I wanted to see how the lenses performed in the elements. It was very warm and clammy on Sunday, and normally I find that in the heat or in clammy weather, my old lenses would dry our fairly easily. But these ones held up so much better, they weren't dried out at all by the time I made it home, which was a good 40 minute walk away!

Once I was home I had more work to do, so I set about setting up my photography set up so that I could take the photos for my most recent 2 posts, (you can read those here and here if you're interested). Then afterwards came the time to sit down and edit all of the photos, finish off Sunday's post, then make it live and handle all of the social media side of things. So on top of that there was a lot of screen time that day too, that's also counting the movies I watched afterwards and a little time gaming on the xbox!

Once I removed my lenses that night I felt that my eyes were a little tired but not sore or even very dry. Just to be safe though I popped in a few drops of the Blink eye drops before bed and instantly felt like my eyes were hydrated and soothed!

Day 5

Time in: 1pm
Time out: 10:10pm

This was a shorter day of my wear test for these lenses, and it was the first one so far where I could feel the lenses in me eyes, as every other day they were so comfortable that to be honest, I had completely forgotten I was wearing them some days. But today, while they were still very comfortable, there were times when I could feel them in my eyes, and felt my eyes a little tired.

Since my eyes were a bit more tired today, once I removed the lenses I applied some of the Blinks drops to help soothe them and add in a little extra moisture.

Day 6

Time in: 1:20pm
Time out: 10:10pm

The second last day of this wear test was one of the shortest for me. I wasn't doing much, just sitting around at home, watching TV and playing video games.

Even though I had applied some drops the night before, and they did help, my eyes were still feeling dry and tired which led to the lenses being slightly more irritable in my eyes. My left eye in particular was quite bad, the lense felt a little scratchy and kept going blurry. However, I don't hold this against the lenses at all, because my left eye is always a troublesome with contact lenses, and in fact I'm  actually pretty impressed it didn't cause me any bother before 6 days in!

I tried applying some drops to the lenses while they were in my eyes and that did actually help to soothe and hydrate them for a few hours. However I did eventually end up taking the lenses out to let me eyes have a break.

Day 7

Time in: 11:30am
Time out: 4pm

Day 7 was the last day of my week long wear test, and it was the shortest day for these lenses. I had tried them out for extended screen time, for just lounging around and even for how the held up in the elements. So on this day I decided to test them out with one more thing, how do they hold up after a warm, sweaty session at the gym?

With my old lenses I always wore them to the gym, as I felt glasses got in my way, but I always noticed that in the hot, sweaty atmosphere they tended to get dry and blurry a little quicker than usual, so I was pleased to find that the ComfiPure lenses didn't do this. There were comfortable and still very hydrating, and even after sweating for a good hour, the walking back from the gym in a clammy and dry heat, I still didn't even notice I had them in.

They were feeling perfectly fine on this day, just the exact same way they had on the first say I wore them. In fact, the only reason I took them out was because I had to shower, and you never shower with contacts in!

Final Thoughts

So after 1 week of wearing these contact lenses, what are my final thoughts? The short version is: I absolutely love the ComfiPure 1 Day contact lenses.

I found them to be a lot comfier than my EasyVision lenses, and they had virtually no irritation. The only time that I found them to have any slight irritation was after either a very long period of wear, ie 10+ hours, or after 5-6 days in a row. But I don't hold this against the lenses, as opticians recommend no longer than around 10 hours of wear for any lenses, and I personally try to leave at least 1-2 days a week where I don't wear lenses to give my eyes a break, so my eyes weren't used to 7 days straight of wear.

I also prefer the packaging on these lenses, which is a simple thing that most people won't care about, but I do. The box has a push tab that opens and the box neatly at the side which means I can carry them about with me if I'm staying out and they don't all fall loose in my bag, unlike the EasyVision lenses that you had to rip off the entire front to open. The individual lense packaging is better too, as it ir is a little bigger and sturdier which means they the foil seal doesn't gt caught and rip open easily, which I like as I always carry a spare set in my handbag when I'm out for a long day of shopping or at uni, and my old ones used to get wasted in my bag.

These lenses are super hydrating, very comfortable and resilient to extended screen time and the everyday wear which I personally love. I also love how they wear paired with the Blink eye drops. The eye drops themselves were also great, and I found that they worked best with the lenses, but were also very soothing on their own!

These lenses are also incredibly high quality for the price! If like me you have the same prescription in both eyes, then you can get 1 box for only £12.95! Each box contains 30 lenses, which is 15 pairs per box.

Overall, I'm very glad I found these contact lenses and the Feel Good Contacts site, and I highly recommend them if you are a contact lens wearer! They've also been kind enough to give me a 10% discount code for you guys, so if you want to purchase anything on their site just pop the code HIITSASH10 in at the check out to get 10% off your order!

Do you wear contact lenses? What are your favourite brand? Have you ever heard of or used Feel Good Contacts? Let me know in the comments below!

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