30 September 2018

A Christmas Gift

Tomorrow marks the 1st of October, and for a lot of people, we'll be beginning to get a head start on getting Christmas presents sorted in the coming months! Recently the lovely team over at Prestige Hampers got in touch to see if I wanted to review one of their hampers as a Christmas gift, I was happy to.

I've always thought that hampers are a good start for Christmas presents, especially if you aren't too sure what to get someone. You can get a mixed hamper with a bit of everything so there's always going to be at least one thing someone likes, or you can get one for good value and split up the parts to put them in other gifts for other people!

Prestige Hampers are an online gift service based in Cheshire who specialise in food and drinks hampers. They currently have a range of Christmas hampers, but they do these hampers all year round and have a huge selection based on what type of hamper you are after. There are mixed hampers, as well as specific wine, food, cheese, alcohol and sweet hampers.

The hamper that I was sent was their Deli & Co Cheese Box. The shipping was pretty fast, it came within a few days of being sent out, it was well packaged and it wasn't at all damaged when it arrived which is good because the last thing you want when you buy a gift is for it to be damaged when it arrives, as with a hamper the chances are you're going to give it to someone the way it comes to keep it looking pretty and well presented.

This hamper comes with three Ford Farm cheeses, a pack of mini oatcakes and two small jars of flavoured chutney. Let's start with the cheeses, since this is a cheese hamper after all!

The first cheese in this package was mature cheddar with English mustard flavour. I liked this flavour, it had a string taste but it wasn't overpower. I don't like normal mustard, so I wasn't sure that I was going to like this one but I was pleasantly surprised to find that it didn't taste of mustard at all. It had a nice, slightly sharp taste to cut through the strong cheese, but it wasn't the usual mustard taste and it added to the flavour of the cheese rather than masking it completely, which was nice. Although I liked this cheese, I did prefer the other two more.

The second flavour in this package was London Truckle English Cheddar Cheese. This was a simple one, but it was so delicious. It was a plain cheddar cheese which is aged of one year. It was a very strong flavour, but I loved cheese so I loved that. It was strong, but very soft and creamy so it was a perfect bite. If you take a very small bite at a time, it is delicious to eat on its own, but it is a little strong so pairing it with something or using it in a recipe is the way to go with this one I think!

The last cheese in this hamper was my favourite of the three, which was the cheddar with caramelised onion. If you know me you know that onions are my favourite vegetable. So when I saw this cheese was caramelised onion flavoured, I was sold. Cheese and onion together in one product? There's no way that can be bad, and boy was I right. This cheese was very strong, but not overpoweringly so, the you cold really taste the caramelised onions, but it was the perfect blend of cheese-y flavour and onion flavour, so it worked really well together, It was creamy and soft, and I think it would be perfect to eat on it's own as a snack as it wasn't as strong as the mature cheddar but it would also be perfect paired with other things or in a recipe.

The last items in this package were a packet of Reids' Handmade Smoked Oatcakes, and two minature jars of Tiptree chutney.

The oatcakes were really good. I love oaty cakes and biscuits, so I knew even before I tasted them that I was likely going to like them. These ones were lovely, the flavour was just nice and although they were a little bit dry, they weren't so dry that you couldn't eat them on their own, but personally I do prefer them paired with the cheeses as I think they go great together. The crackers add the perfect soft crunch to go with he creamy cheese, and it cuts through some if the strong taste of the stronger flavoured ones.

The last two items in the box were two miniature jars of Tiptree chutney. I was excited to try these as I have never tried chutney before, so I wanted to see what it tasted like. Unfortunately, I didn't like these. But that being said, that is personal preference. the flavours I got were the original Tiptree Chutney and the Hot Mango Chutney. I'm not even sure how to describe the taste of the original chutney, but the hot mango one was a little bit better. I was excited for that one in particular as I love mango, and while it did taste slightly like mango, I still wouldn't eat it again as it wasn't a particularly nice taste. But if you are someone who like chutneys and things like that, you would probably like these.

Overall I loved this hamper. As a gift I think for Christmas it would be perfect for someone in your life who is a big cheese lover. The cheese box retails for £34.99 which is pretty good value for what you get if you know someone who likes these types of foods. What I think it would be really great for around Christmas time is for parties, if you are someone who likes having parties and putting out cheese platters and things like that.

Do you like gift hampers? Have you ever given or got a gift hamper? Let me know in the comments below?

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