22 September 2018

Get To Know hiyaitsashley... Again!

On the 25th of September 2014 I uploaded my first ever post on hiyaitsashley which was called 'Getting To Know hiyaitsashley'. Since my blog's 4th birthday is coming up on Tuesday and I have a birthday post planned for that day, I thought today it would be fun to celebrate my blog's birthday by remaking my first ever post!

So, 4 years have passed since I uploaded this post. A lot has changed since then, I have grown and evolved and so has my blog, so in this post I wanted to let you get to know me again!

My name is still Ashley, just in case anyone was unsure, and now I am 22 years old. When I started my blog I was only 18 and still a HND student studying media. Well since then quite a but has changed in terms of my education. After I finished my HND and went on to university where I finally settled on changing my focus from media in general to a more specific field where I was genuinely passionate about the work, which was PR and Communications.

Earlier this year, I graduated from Edinburgh Napier University with a 2:1 Bachelors Honours in Communication, Advertising and Public Relations. Over the last two years I was able to study at a place I loved, with great people. I got to work on some truly amazing projects I was proud of, work with some amazing charities and even create a campaign pitch for the SSPCA. Through my course I learned that PR and Marketing are the fields where I feel the most drive and creativity, so that's where I want to be.

Right now as you are reading this post I have just started my Msc Marketing course at Glasgow Caledonian University, which is going to help me refine my marketing skills so I can get my dream job in the future.

In that first post I said that I would love to work in the music industry, or in/on TV or film, and 4 years down the line is that still my dream? No, it's not, not really. While I still think it would be cool to do work in those fields at some point, it's not where I see myself anymore. I see myself working full time in PR or Marketing, ideally in the beauty or fashion industry, as that is my dream. It's also a distant dream of mine to perhaps some day in the future own my own PR an Marketing business, but that is one that is for sure a later down the line dream, than a right now one!

What about me as a person though, have I changed much as a person since that first post? Have my hobbies and interests? Yes and no. I barely gave any information about myself in that first post, so I'm going to do that now!

The only two things I really mentioned being interested in in that post were shopping and concerts, which is fine because those are two things that I used to loved and that I still love a lot. As a blogger shopping is pretty much what provides half of my content, so of course I love shopping the newest beauty products and the latest fashion releases. I also love buy props and backgrounds for my blog.

I love concerts, and live show. I love being in that atmosphere at concerts where everyone in that venue is there and hyped up because the all love that one artist. Being surrounded by people who love the same music, singing and dancing along, I love that. I also really love live shows, comedies mostly. Readers of my blog will know that I love all things comedy, so live comedy shows are a huge love for me.

I also love all things spooky and weird, which is a big part of my interests that I left out on that post. I love horror movies and scary shows, I love true crime and reading about serial killers and their psychology. I love conspiracy theories and aliens, and the supernatural, anything along those lines is right up my alley!

I love to read, so much. I love fictions books, anything from ghost stories to vampires, to just a good old thriller, crime book or the classics. My all time favourite book is The Great Gatsby. I also love reading non-fiction books too though, I love a good autobiography, books about science and conspiracies, and books about true crime.

What else can I say about myself that's interesting? I'm a big foodie. If I could only at one food for the rest of my life it would be mac and cheese or nachos, and cheesecake is my favourite desert. I love learning about history. I love dogs, my favourite breed is a pug. My favourite animal is either an elephant, or a penguin. I am a Disney nerd, and I love the Avengers and superheros.

What about as a blogger, how much have I changed as a blogger, and how has my blog changed? Well I'm going to save a lot of the details of that for my actual birthday post on Tuesday but I can definitely say that I have definitely grown as a blogger, I have become more confident and more happy with my blog. I am proud to say I'm a blogger and to celebrate my blogging achievements.

I've had the opportunity to experience so many amazing thing through my blog, and to work with so many brands I love. I've worked with my favourite restaurants, shopping centres, some amazing make up brands - I've even climbed 50ft in the air into the trees and ziplined over massive valleys!

So that's a little more about me, the girl behind the blog. I hope you feel like you know me a little bit better now!

Do we share any of the same interests? How long have you been blogging for?

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