27 September 2018

Your New Fitness Friend

Those of you who read my blog regularly will know that this year I have been making an effort to go to the gym so I can start being more active and healthy. I've been loving working out this year, so recently when the lovely team over at FourFit reached out to see if I wanted to try out their one of their Fit Bands, I jumped at the chance!

I've been going to the gym a lot this year, and I've been more active with trying to walk more and thin like that. So before I even heard of FourFit I was talking about perhaps getting FitBit. Now, I'm glad I didn't because I have found an amazing alternative!

So, who are FoutFit? Well, FourFit are a fitness brand who make fitness bands perfect for keeping track of your stats for working out. There were a few varieties of fit band on offer, even a mini and a kids version, but I chose to go for the Fit Band 2.0 in Aqua, which is a perfect pale blue colour.

The Fit Band 2.0 is a a slimline and lightweight fitness watch, which monitors your stats, such as step count, and calories burned, your heart rate - even how well you sleep! The slim lined OLED screen has a new larger size and can last for five whole days one a single full charge!

The band tracks a whole host of stats for you, but for me the most valuable are the step counter, the calorie counter, your heart rate and your sleep patterns. The machine even has a builtin feature to alert you when you've been inactive for an hour or more! On the accompanying app, you can pair your band with your phone, and have it alert you to calls and texts, even app notifications for things like Twitter, Instagram, email - all of it!

The band is designed to be perfect for entry-level fitness fans while still having a stylish look. What's unique about the band is that it doesn't have to be constantly connected  to Bluetooth to record your data, it will simply record them on the band, and sync up to your app once you enable Bluetooth again!

I tested this band out for a while to see how it performed. One of the very first thing I noticed was how responsive the band was, both on itself and with it's accompanying app. The display was bright an easy to read, and it was easy to work. One tap of the button brings up the time display, a second brings up your step count, one more brings up how far you walked in distance, and the last one loads up your BPM.

I particularly loved that band shows the time and date on the home screen, and that it's only a few clicks to get the data that you want. Having a step counter on the band is a feature I love, as I find that counting your steps on an iPhone app isn't as accurate as it is on the band. You don't carry your phone in your hand when you're working out, and what if you don't have it on you when you're out and about, or it' in your handbag? Having it on your wrist is super convenient and it keeps an accurate count!

The heart rate feature is another useful one, as it is handy to be able to monitor your heartbeat effectively and accurately. You just tap through to the bpm screen and wait for 8 seconds to get an accurate bpm. I love that it waits 8 seconds too, as it lets your get an accurate average.

One of my favourite features of the band is the notification feature as it is so handy. It let me know that I was getting notifications when I had left my phone elsewhere, and it actually showed the important data, like what app it was and what happened as well as part of the notification. For example it would pop up 'Instagram: @X liked your photo' or 'Twitter: @Y replied to your tweet: Z'.

Personally, I loved the band's aesthetic. I loved the size of the band, the functionality of the screen, and the beautiful colour of the band (of which there were 5 colours to choose from!). I found the band extremely comfortable to wear, however I did have one small issue with the band. While the rubber wrist band is very comfortable and flexible, I found that it cam unclasped extremely easily. The material of the band itself was fine, but the clasp mechanism was just two small, rounded pins that clip into the holes for your desired tightness. It's not a huge issue, but if you planned on wearing it 24/7, it might be something that bothered you!

The Fit Band has an app that goes with it that you can download on iOS or Android called 'DayDay Band' where you can sync the band up to your phone and track the day to day stats. The actual band resets each day to start again, whereas your app syncs the data for each day, so you can see the data for the past few days or the past week(s).

The app itself is very easy to use and functional, which is a big plus. When you first load the app it will ask you to enter a few details such as gender, age, height and weight, so that it can give accurate calculations, then you'll be asked to turn on Bluetooth and pair with your band. After that, you just need to configure the settings and notifications to your liking, and you're good to go! The app automatically syncs your data when you open it, but if for any reason it doesn't, or you have new data you want to upload right away, just pull the screen down to sync, it's that simple!

Once you open the app the first screen you see is the Sport page. This page shows you how many steps you have done out of your step goal, how many km you've walked, how many calories you've burned, and an average rating. In the top right hand corner of this screen is a little icon of a man running, when you click this, you can start a clock to track your running distance.

If you swipe to the right  the next screen is one that I really like, and that is the one that shows you your sleep data. This feature tracks your sleeping habits, telling you how long in total you've slept that night, as well as how many hours of that were a deep sleep, or a light sleep, as well as tracking how many times you were awake.

Swiping right one more time will bring you to the Dynamic screen, which is the one which tracks your heart rate. A long press on the big, white button will show your current heart rate, and the data underneath that shows your maximum, average and minimum heart rates for the day. If you click on the little graph icon in the top right hand corner of this screen you will be able to see your heart rate date for the previous days and weeks.

Overall I really love the FourFit Fit Band 2.0 as a fitness tracker. It was easy to use, comfortable to wear, and I was really impressed with the battery life considering it is always switched on and monitoring it. After a full charge I would definitely say that the device lasted the 5 days that the brands says it does, which is a big bonus for me. I found the band very comfortable to wear, and easy to use with it's accompanying app.

The only slight issue I had was the clasping mechanism, which would be an easy enough fix for the manafacturing process. The band also isn't waterproof, so you have to remove it any time you wash your hands or shower etc, which is something to bear in mind.

But on he whole, I would definitely recommend this band. For the price point, I think it is a fantastic device. It's stylish, functional and comfortable, which makes it a big success in my book.

Do you have any devices you use use to track your fitness statistics? What feature is most important to you on devices like this? Let me know in the comments below!

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