31 October 2018

A Halloween 'To Watch' List

Happy Halloween! Welcome to the final day of Halloweek here in hiyaitsashley. For today's post I thought I would keep it simple, and share with you a good all list of viewing recommendations - Halloween edition!

30 October 2018

Creepy Cocktails

We’ve made it to day 6 of Halloweek, and Halloween is tomorrow, which means its time to celebrate! What better to celebrate any holiday than with a few cocktails? In today’s post I’m sharing with you 5 cocktail recipes that I’ve adapted with a few twists of my own to make them Halloween themed!

29 October 2018

Dressed Down Dressing Up

This year Halloween falls on a weekday which means for a lot of people dressing up during the day won't be an option with work, school or university. Most Halloween parties will have already happened or will be happening this weekend which is when people will dress up properly. In this post, I wanted to share  few ideas for how you can still dress up a little on Halloween in ways that will be appropriate for work, or schools and universities!

28 October 2018

Homemade Halloween Treats

The 4th day of Halloweek is here and for today's post I wanted to share with you some Halloween themed treat recipes that I have. These cakes, biscuits and treats are the perfect spooky addition to a party menu or just for some Halloween fun!

27 October 2018

A Budget Friendly Halloween

Day 3 of Halloweek is here and in today’s post I wanted to share some tips for a budget friendly Halloween as Halloween bits and pieces can be pretty pricey, but I’ve seen a lot of affordable options this year that would be a good alternative to pricey version of the same thing!

26 October 2018

Happy Halloween, Michael.

Halloween is one of my favourite movie series so when I was invited along by Odeon to review the brand new Halloween sequel, I jumped at the chance!

25 October 2018

A Blogger's Guide To Halloween

This year for Halloween on hiyaitsashley I’m going to be celebrating with what I’m calling Halloweek, where I’m posting a new Halloween themed post every day for the next week leading up to the 31st! In today’s post kicking off Halloweek with some tips for celebrating Halloween as a blogger, where I’m sharing some tips for spooky photo props and some ideas for posts!

11 October 2018

Behind The Blogging Scenes

When it comes to blogging most people see a blog post or a blog itself once it's all finished and polished, written up nice and accompanied with pretty pictures. So for this post I thought it would be fun to share with you what goes on behind the blogging scenes.

7 October 2018

What's In My University Bag?

Some of you who read my blog regularly will know that a couple of weeks ago I started back university to study Msc Marketing. With that came a whole load of extra stuff finding its way into my handbag, so in this post I wanted to share what was in my bag, in case any fellow students need some ideas what might be hand to keep in their bag for when you've got classes!

3 October 2018

A Nostalgic Look Back: TV, Movies & Music

A few weeks ago back in September I posted the first part of the three part nostalgia series. In that post I was looking at some of the all toys and sweets that I used to love as a kid, and from that came the inspiration to create two more posts along the same lines. In this post, I'm looking at some of the best TV shows, movies and music from my childhood!