25 October 2018

A Blogger's Guide To Halloween

This year for Halloween on hiyaitsashley I’m going to be celebrating with what I’m calling Halloweek, where I’m posting a new Halloween themed post every day for the next week leading up to the 31st! In today’s post kicking off Halloweek with some tips for celebrating Halloween as a blogger, where I’m sharing some tips for spooky photo props and some ideas for posts!

Anyone who knows me will know that I love Haloween and that October is one of my favourite months. As a love of all things spooky, sharing a bunch of fun Halloween posts seemed like the way to go. In planning all of these posts I found myself needing a bunch of different props, and having a few surplus ideas, so I thought what better way to kick off Halloweek than to share some tips to help fellow bloggers get prepared!

Photography & Props

One of the big things that I love at this time of year is how spooky everything looks. There are always loads of little nick nacks popping up that catch my eye, and being a blogger and the Instagram addict that I am, I constantly find myself thinking “Oh, that would be so cute for photos”, and thus, I end up finding a tonne of cute little bits.
For a start, if you’re looking to spooky up your backgrounds and flatlays a little bit October or for some dedicated Halloween content, I would highly recommend picking up a themed tablecloth. These are super cheap and easy to get your hands on around this time of year. This year I picked up a great one from the pounds shop for, of course, only £1. It is black lace in the design of spider webs, and it’s the perfect change up from my usually white and gold print.
Along those lines another really handy background/general photography prop to have around for this time of year are fake cobwebs, complete with little plastics spiders. I had one of these packet spider webs last year for blog photos and I love how the photos turned out, (check out this post to see how they turned out). These webs come all bunched up with a handful of plastic spiders for decoration, and its as simple as using your hand to pull the threads as loose as you want. With these I used them in place of a background for some photos by stretching some of the web thing and sitting whatever I was photography on top of, or in amongst, them! Alternatively, you can also pull out thinner strands and use them to drape over items, like I did in some photos for posts this week!
Something that I found to use as a prop this year and have been loving were some minature pumpkins, which are called ‘munchkin pumpkins’ and can be found in Morrisons for only 50p each! I picked up 3 for my blog and Instagram photos, a small, medium and large one so I could use them create that spooky, Halloween-y vibe!
Halloween candies are another good call for blog props, as they often have adorable packaging with eyes or spiders, or monsters on the wrappings, and these are such cute and colourful additions to any photo. I also have some pumpkin lights, though the pound shops have all manner of shapes, from pumpkins to ghosts and other spooky shapes! I grabbed a couple of cheap glasses from B&M in the shape of a skull and one which was a ‘witches cauldron’ to use in a cocktail post, and even some miniature candles as well as some uniquely shaped plates for a baking post, in this case a pumpkin and a sugar skull, which add to the Halloween theme.
When looking for props like this for your posts or photos, I highly recommend taking a look around your local pound shops and shops like Home Bargains and B&M as you can find these types things and a tonne more for next to nothing!

Blog Post Ideas

When I decided that I was going to post a week’s worth of Halloween content on my blog this year, I sat down for a slid few hours to brainstorm ideas for the posts that I wanted to create. I had so many ideas that I wanted to do, but there were some that had to be cut from list when I narrowed it down to the final 7. So I thought this post would be a good place to share some blog post ideas with you, in case any of you are wanting to do something Halloween-y and need a little but of inspiration.
I’ve split it into categories with 5 post ideas under heading, so hopefully there is something for everyone!


Tips for throwing a great Halloween party
What’s going on in ____ this Halloween
Share some of your best Halloween memories
Halloween on a budget
The perfect Halloween night in


Top 5 SFX Halloween looks
Top 5 glam Halloween looks
Simple looks for beginners
Work/school/university friendly Halloween make up looks
Recreate your favourite TV/movie looks


Top 5 scary costumes
Last minute DIY costumes
Halloween themed outfits that aren’t costumes
Top 5 funniest costumes
Budget friendly costume alternatives

Food & Drink

Halloween baking recipes
Halloween cocktails
Halloween mocktails
Healthy Halloween recipies
A Halloween Menu (Starter, main course, dessert & a drink)


Top horror movies
Top family friendly Halloween movies
A Halloween playlist
Best scary video games
Best scary books

Hopefully this post has given you some tips if you’re looking for some handy and affordable props for your blog photography or Instagram feed, and these ideas have given you some inspiration for Halloween themed blog posts!

What are you doing for Halloween this year? What do you use for blog props in Halloween photos? Let me know in the comments below!

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