27 October 2018

A Budget Friendly Halloween

Day 3 of Halloweek is here and in today’s post I wanted to share some tips for a budget friendly Halloween as Halloween bits and pieces can be pretty pricey, but I’ve seen a lot of affordable options this year that would be a good alternative to pricey version of the same thing!

Around this time of year whether you’re a kid going out trick or treating, an adult going to a party or throwing one of your own, or even an influencer creating content, Halloween decorations, costumes and supplies can be petty expensive. I’ve found some really good shops with good bargains, so I’m sharing them here!

B&M Bargains

The first place I highly recommend checking out if you’re after some good deals this Halloween is B&M Bargains. I popped in to grab some props for my flatlays and some ingredients for my baking posts, and was pleasantly surprised to see just how much they had for Halloween, and the prices that had them at.

For aa start, I was in need of some spooky-ish drinking glasses to serve my Halloween cocktails in, and I found that they had some amazing tablewear, which is perfect for any of you throwing a part - whether that’ for kids or adults! For kids, there are spooky plastic cups with ghosts, witches and all manner of design for just £1! I also picked up two really good quality glass tumblers for less than £2 each, one of a witches cauldron print and one in the shape of skull! You can grab some really cute printed tablecloths for only £2.99, perfect for decorating or for flatlays, like I mentioned back in Day 1 of this series! There’s also a whole manner of printed plates, cups and napkins for only £1.99 each!

If it’s decorations you’re looking for, they’ve got some amazing value ones! Printed serving bowl for trick or treat candy come in  bunch of colours and spooky designs for only £1, or if you’re feeling extra scary, there are motion sensor witch and grim reaper bowls for only £9.99, which will give a little trick to anyone who wants a treat, they definitely scared me when I set one off in the store! Some printed balloons will set you back just £1, light up tombstones £4.99, or an outdoor projector for only £7.99! There are some little candles for only £1, (I grabbed one becasue it smelled amazing, like toffee apples!), some creepy animal skeletons for £1.99, or something that looks so cool to me, were some really realistic look cemetery, haunted house or zombie wall stickers!

For costumes they have a good selection of kids and adults costumes in stroes, from cute to scary! Kids costumes range from around only £7.99-£9.99 which are great prices for a costume! Adult costume come in at about £12.99-£14.99 which is a steal for an adult costume when they sometimes come in at £30, £40, even £50 and up! They also stock a range of costume accessories, wigs and even face paints for just a few pounds, which is awesome!

B&M also have a lot of really really good value sweets for trick or treaters or parties, with a lot of the bags of sweets coming in at just £1 a bag! They have everything from gummy sweets to chocolate to crisps, and own brand to brand names, so it’s worth a look,especially if you’re needing multiple bags for trick or treaters or for parties! If you’re looking to do some baking this Halloween, here is a great place to check out too as they have a good variety of affordable cake mixes and ingredients, and really nice decorating bits and pieces for next to nothing! I got a cake mix for a later post, and two tubs of Halloween shaped sprinkles for less than £5!


I’ve always been a fan of poundland, they’re a great alternative for getting everyday, brand name items for literally £1, and as a student that’s always been something I like. But when I saw the extensive range of Halloween items that they have, I was shocked. They have so much!

Poundland is a really great place to go for props and decorations. The stuff that they have is so varied and definitely affordable. For a start, they have a huge collection of lighting decorations. I have a set of adorable pumpkin string lights from there and they are so cute! These cost £1 and come in a large variety of shapes, such as pumpkins (of course!), ghosts, skulls, bats and more! They have candle holders too, in the lanter style and shaped like pumpkins and haunted houses which also cost only £1, and even LED tealights.

For general household decorations, Poundland has a lot of options. There are things like giant light up pumpkins and Halloween Light Projectors for £5, a Halloween doorbell or a strobe light for £2. If you’re throwing a party, or just fancy spooking any kids who approach your door, they even have a scary sound and light mirror for £5, or a spooky voice changer that amplifies and  distorts your voice with 1 of 8 spooky voices!

Poundland is also a great place to stop in if you’re looking for any affordable costume props or face paints, as they have a huge selection for just £1 each. You can grab little bits and pieces to pair with your existing costume for barely any cost, and if you’re looking for some make up for a party, for a kid to go trick or treating, or even just to get a spooky look for your Instagram feed, you can’t go wrong with SFX make-up and kits for only £1. Some of the things they have include; fake teeth, fake blood (the liquid-y kind), gel blood (the goop, congealed kind), specific popular color combos like black and white, glow in the dark make-up, green and red to be a witch or frankenstein, even some look specific kits, like day of the dead for example!

When it comes to food utensiles and snacks, poundland have you covered at any tiome of the year, and Halloween is no exception. You can grab themed plates and cups, bowls, serving dishes, napkins, you name it, for you guess it, £1! Whether you want spides, witches, blood or creepy words, you can get a bunch of styles. You can even get tableclothes here too, cheaper even than B&M though there is less variety. Poundland is actualy where I got the spider web tablecloth that you’ll be seeing in quite a few of my Halloween photos this year. It’s also where I got the cute pumpkin lights from the photo in Day 1 of this series, (you can read it here) and the cool eyeball chocolates in the cover photo for this post, becasue they also stocked a lot of great value crisps, sweets and chocolates to give you great value for money for Halloween with everything from regular fun size bags of candy, to their own selection of spooky themed treats.

Home Bargains

Home Bargains is the final shop I’m going to focus on in this post as they have a large variety of Halloween items in store for really affordable prices. Like B&M, you can get costumes here for really good prices, there are kids costumes, adults and even some toddlers ones! Things like a toddler skeleton costume will only set you back £5.99, while pumkin dresses, witches and vampire costumes are among the ones for kids that range from only £5.99 - £8.99. Even the adult costumes are a bargain ranging from only £6.99 to £12.99 for zombie prisoners, devils or phantoms! At those prices, you could get costumes for your entire family for roughly around the same as one high end costume of £40 or £50!

Going down the costume theme, you can also pick up Halloween make-up in store. Face painting sets like skulls or cats will only set you back £2.49, sets of face paint crayon sticks or single tubes of cream face paint in a variety of colours are only 89p.

Costumes aren’t all you can grab here though. Much like the other two stores you can grab a lot of pretty cool decorations on Home Bargains for a really good price. There are things like big 50 inch hanging spiders for £3.99, LED pumpkin and skull set for £4.98, or metallic pumpkin tealight holders in a variety of colours and faces, an LED cobweb with spiders or pumpkin string lights for £1.99 each. You can grab strings of light up ghosts or paper pumpkin lanterns for only £3.99, or if you want a real bargain, a set of 4 assorted sets of Halloween shaped lights for £1.99!

Home Bargains have a tonne of spooky drinking glasses too, such as the same skull shaped glass from B&M for 89p, coloured skill tumblers with straws for adults or smaller, cute character printed ones for kids for only £1.99, even pretty cool plastic vampire goblet style cups that are perfect for kids parties for 79p. It could be definitely worth a look if your planning on serving spooky cocktails or throwing a party for kids!

Here is another good place to look for any baking/food related items as well before you shell out a fortune to Tesco, because like with B&M they have a good range of Halloween baking items, for example tubs of spooky shaped/coloured sprinkles for next to nothing, and even tubs of pre-coloured icing that only cost £1.09. It’s in here that I even saw an ice cube tray in the shape of dead bodies which will come in handy for some spooky Halloween themed cocktails I have planned!

Of course as always you can also get a great bargain on Halloween candy in here, grabbing bags of assorted minis for only a pound or two, brand name cakes or candy for a much more affordable price and even their own brand of Halloween themed candies, gummies and chocolates!

I wrote this post hoping to help out anyone who is in need of Halloween supplies but doesn’t want to break the bank on items that are likely only going to be needed for one or two nights. These are just a few of the best value places I’ve found, but hopefully it has given you some insight into what’s out there as value for money!

Where do you get your Halloween supplies? What shops do you thing are offering really good value for money this Halloween? Let me know in the comments below!

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