3 October 2018

A Nostalgic Look Back: TV, Movies & Music

A few weeks ago back in September I posted the first part of the three part nostalgia series. In that post I was looking at some of the all toys and sweets that I used to love as a kid, and from that came the inspiration to create two more posts along the same lines. In this post, I'm looking at some of the best TV shows, movies and music from my childhood!

In this post I'm covering the entertainment side of my childhood because films and music, entertainment in general, has always been a big love of mine. I love getting caught up in movie's storylines or lost in music. So for this series it was a no-brainer that I wanted to include them!


Whether it was kids TV shows or old sitcoms, I loved TV growing up. Even to this day I am a huge fan of TV, I just enjoy the stories and the feeling of getting lost for a while in another life, universe, way of seeing things.

When it comes to kids shows, I had my favorites. I loved Arthur, that was one of my biggest favourites as a kid. There is this running joke in my family about my Arthur obsession that stems from an old home video where I'm holding my younger sister's birthday cake for her to blow out, but promptly dropped it when I heart the show's theme song, shouted 'ARTHUR' and ran to the TV. So yeah, I was a big fan.

I also was a huge Mona The Vampire fan, because my love for vampires has been a long running theme it seems! The Cramp Twins on Cartoon Network was another big one, I was so obsessed with this show I didn't stop to think about the weirdness of the creepy blue twin. I was also a huge fan of the Powerpuff Girls (/buttercup was and still is my spirit animal) and Kim Possible, she was a badass!

Does anyone else remember The Mysti Show? I loved this show so much but I feel like I'm making it up because nobody ever seems to remember it! Mysti was half-human half-fairy and it was like a strange reality type show? Nope, just me? Okay.

Outside of kids shows I was a huge Friends fan, like almost every millennial, despite it first airing before I was born and ending when I was only 8. But it is iconic, possible the best TV show in history. The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air was another favourite, I love Will Smith so much, even now, and Carlton was so funny. I also loved One Tree Hill, I was emotionally invested in those characters for a long time.


I've always loved movies and when I was younger there were some amazing movies. While I wish I could have grown up with the Avengers movies as my childhood staple, the ones I had were so good and such classic kids films, I can't complain!

High School Musical was a popular movie when I was a kid. It came out in 2006 when I was 11 and I loved it so much. I was always torn between wanting to be Gabriella or Sharpay, I mean I wanted to to be Sharpay more but Gabriella was the lead and she had Zac Efron so...

One of my favourite, and to be honest still one of my favourites was definitely The Princess Diaries. That's right, back before she was fashion disaster Andy Sachs, or breaking my heart as Fantine in Les Mis, young Anne Hathaway played the iconic Princess Mia (Mignonette Thermopolis Renaldi). This film and its sequel will forever be one of my favourite old films, I just love the storyline, and it has Julie Andrews and later in the sequel, Chris Pine. What's not to love?

Even though it came out 17 years before I was even born, I loved Grease when I was young, and even nowadays I love it, it's iconic and pretty timeless. It was probably what started off my love for musicals, because I always loved singing along and dancing away to the music. I even dressed up as a pink lady one Halloween in my first or second year of high school! 

Who remembers A Cinderella Story? I do. The casting in this film was so good, I love Hilary Duff so that was a bonus, and then there was the lovely Chad Michael Murray, and hilarious Jeniffer Coolidge. This movie get bonus nostalgia points for the heavy presence of old fashioned flip phones and a knock off msn.


90s and 00s music is the best. There I said it. As much as I love myself some Little Mix, a little Ed Sheeran or some Queen Bey, there's nothing quite like music we had growing up. It's crazy to think how much music has changed in what, maybe only 10 or 15 years?

When I think back to the music of the late 90s and the 00s my head automatically jumps to a few places. In the 90s there was TLC's No Scrubs which still gets stuck in my head to this day, or good old Wannabe from the Spice Girls, I don't know about you but I always fancied myself as a bit of a Scary Spice!

Then there were the legendary ...Baby One More Time and Toxic from Britney, everyone's favourite karaoke tunes. Or All Star, the song that has been forever ingrained in my head thanks to everyone's favourite green, Scottish, onion like ogre.

Then into the 00s there's old school Avril Lavigne, of course, it wouldn't be a nostalgic list without her! Who didn't love to air guitar or Sk8er Boi or have a dramatically mime to Complicated now and then?

Then there were my favourite, Steps and S Club 7. Steps were a classic, you could not step into a school disco without hearing '5,6,7,8' playing at least once, and having to watch 50 kids try to do the weird line dancing to it.

As for S Club 7, they had a lot of bops, but it has to be Reach or Bring It All Back, doesn't it? I bet you've got at least one of those songs stuck in your head now and it's making you want to sing, dance or both! They're just so catch and upbeat, it's hard not to get sucked in!

Just like last time I had so much fun writing this post. There are so many more shows, loved and songs I could list off here that I loved growing up, but this post would literally end up being 5,000 words long!

What were your favourite tv shows/movies growing up? Did you listen to any of these songs or artists? Let me know in the comments below!

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