30 October 2018

Creepy Cocktails

We’ve made it to day 6 of Halloweek, and Halloween is tomorrow, which means its time to celebrate! What better to celebrate any holiday than with a few cocktails? In today’s post I’m sharing with you 5 cocktail recipes that I’ve adapted with a few twists of my own to make them Halloween themed!

I chose to stick with gin and vodka cocktails for the 5 that I chose because I love gin cocktails, and vodka mixes really well with other drinks. These ones are pretty simple to make but I have tried each one and they taste amazing! Of course taste is a matter of personal preference, so just take the measurements as more of a guide and adjust to your liking!

Rotten Zombie Brains

Up first is probably one of, if not my favourite of the 5 on this list, and that is one I’ve called Rottten Zombie Brains, mostly because that’s what the resulting colour reminds me of! I also love that if you leave it not fully mixed the colours of the drink and the food colouring stay separated and don't mix in! This effect leaves it looking a little like discoloured zombie brains!

What You’ll Need;
50ml of gin
25ml of Prosecco
50-60ml of orange juice (smooth)
¼ of a lemon, juiced
¼ of a lime, juiced
Red food colouring

  1. First you’re going to add 50ml of a gin of your choice, and 25ml of prosecco and mix those two together in a glass with ice.
  2. Quarter a lemon and a lime, and juice ¼ to add to the glass, remember to remove any seeds. I chose to use fresh lemon and limes, but if you wanted to use it from a bottle, it would be roughly 2 teaspoons of each.
  3. Once that’s all mixed, add your orange juice
  4. Lastly, add a few drops of red food colouring. Be careful at this step, because you want to add just enough to get a slighter darker than flesh pink, like a dark salmon.
  5. Taste, and adjust to your preferences, and garnish with a lime wedge

I personally love this one because to me it doesn’t taste too strongly of any one flavour, just a nice combination of them all. I would say of all the flavours, I can most taste the really nice combination of gin an orange mostly, which us why I loved it. Other people I had taste it could taste more orange, others could basically taste straight gin, so that’s why you need to taste and adjust to your preferences, but for me its delicious as a blend of mostly orange and gin.

Witch's Cauldron

This one goes out to all my gin lovers out there, and all my sour lovers. Witch's Cauldron is black cocktail that’s a spin on a traditional gin and tonic, in that not only it black, it’s super sour.

What You’ll Need;
50-60ml of gin
50ml of tonic water
½ a lemon, juiced
½ a lime, juiced
Black food colouring

  1. Add 50-60ml of gin and 50ml of tonic water to a glass and mix
  2. Juice half a lemon and half a lime and mix
  3. Add black food colouring
  4. Taste and adjust to your liking

This one is pretty simple, just a twist on a classic G&T but with added bitter tang for Halloween. I really liked this one, but I’m not huge one sour things so I would personally add more gin to mine if I made this again, but I have friends who are huge lovers of anything sour who would likely adore this, so again it’s all about personal taste!

Dracula’s Choice
This one is another sour twist on a classic, but not quite as sour as the one before! Named Dracula’s Choice because of its deep blood red colour and the slight frothiness that resembles the type of bloody drink you’d see a vampire drinking!

What You’ll Need;
50ml of vodka
80ml of coke
½ a lemon, juiced
½ a lime, juiced
Red food colouring
  1. Add 50ml of vodka and 80ml of coke to a glass and mix
  2. Juice and add half a lemon, and half a lime
  3. Slowly add red food colouring until you get a deep, blood red colour
  4. Taste and adjust your liking

I love this one because of how simple but taste it is. It’s just a regular vodka and coke, I know, but once you add all of that acidic extra kick in, damn it’s good. Unlike the previous on, even though there’s just as much lemon and lime added, it’s nowhere near as sour. It’s still got a good sour kick, but not as much as the last one. Combine with the sharpness of the vodka and the fizz of the coke, this one is just the right combination of all of them. It’s like a tangy coke at first, then with the slightly burning aftertaste of vodka, but dulled to be more of an enjoyable burn than a harsh one.

Wake The Dead

Aptly named because of its’s ingredients, this one is a coffee cocktail that only came around out of my own curiosity when I was making about 10 different types to narrow down to five. It’s by far the simple of the list, but easily one of the most delicious.

What You’ll Need;
50ml of pre-made iced coffee (I used Starbucks iced mocha)
50-60ml of vodka
  1. Combine the vodka and ice coffee in a glass with ice

It’s literally that simple. I know, it’s just barely a cocktail with just two ingredients simply mixed but oh my god, the taste of this one. I just wanted to see how the two taste together because I hadn’t seen many recipes using coffee, unless it called for Bailey’s which is a liqueur in itself, so I wanted to see how it was. And wow, just wow. It was delicious. I adore coffee so to have the strong coffee taste with just the tang and slight burn of the vodka was delicious. It’s definitely a strong tasting one, with both flavours being pretty prominent, but it really works. Aptly called Wake The Dead because coffee is the only way to wake me up, and adding vodka to it certainly helps kick that up a notch.

Spiced Candy Apple

This one is completely my own concoction that arose out of my curiosity for mixing random drinks to see if it worked. I had the idea to do a spiced apple themed cocktail, given that it’s fall so people are having more spicy, cinammony treats and candy apples make their yearly appearance! Honestly, this one is up there for one of the top spots in my opinion.

What You’ll Need;
50ml of gin
60-70ml of apple juice
¼ teaspoon of cinnamon
½ teaspoon of brown sugar

  1. Add 50ml of gin and 60-70ml of apple juice to a glass and mix
  2. Slowly add around a ¼ teaspoon of cinnamon, and stir until completely dissolved
  3. Add a pinch a teaspoon of brown sugar and stir until until completely dissolved. Add slowly and stir until fully dissolved. If you add too much and it won't full dissolve, simply stir until as dissolved as possible then use a spoon to skim off the excess.
  4. Add ice and taste, then adjust to your taste

I absolutely love this one! It was made on a whim based on an idea I had, and I am so glad that it turned out as delicious as it did! This one is somehow like a warm apple drink and sweet candy apple combined, and then you get the little tang from the gin to cut through that sweetness perfectly! Just make sure you completely dissolve the cinnamon and sugar and do so before you add the ice, otherwise it won’t dissolve properly! The recipe also work with vodka in place of gin and taste pretty good, I just personally preferred the gin version!

If you’re planning on throwing a Halloween party this year, or even if you just fancy trying these recipes out, I hope you find them as delicious as I did. Of course, as with anything food or drink related it comes down to a matter of your personal taste, so if you want to add more or less of some of the ingredients, like the citric acids or the cinnamon, then by all means do so!

What is your favourite cocktail or alcoholic drink? Do you like themed cocktails for party’s or holidays? Let me know in the comments below!

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