29 October 2018

Dressed Down Dressing Up

This year Halloween falls on a weekday which means for a lot of people dressing up during the day won't be an option with work, school or university. Most Halloween parties will have already happened or will be happening this weekend which is when people will dress up properly. In this post, I wanted to share  few ideas for how you can still dress up a little on Halloween in ways that will be appropriate for work, or schools and universities!

There are a few ways that you can get into the Halloween spirit with your outfits and make-up without going full on horror movie worthy costumes, so here are a few ideas!

Make Up

One of the easiest ways to give a Halloween-y vibe to your look this Wednesday is through make up. Apart from the obvious method of grabbing a black eyeliner pencil and drawing on some cat whiskers, I think there are more natural ways of using your make up look to give a dark and Halloween-y vibe,

For a start, one of my favourite ways is with a good eyeshadow look. In particular I love a good dark smokey eyes, with a soft brown base and smoking it out with black and great eyeshadows. Doing that gives you that dark and mysterious look. Another one I love is swapping out the darker black effect and instead smoking out your eyes with a deep red colour and a little touch of black, for a deeper, almosty 'blood' like eye look.

There's also adding a classic eye look but pairing it with a red eyeliner, and if you want to take it that step further, add some little red, subtle blood drips coming off of the eyeliner. If you want to go the extra mile, you could even pop in some colour contacts. The eye looks might be a little more dramatic than your everyday work or university look, but they are still wearable! To top it off, why not add on some dramatic lashes for that big, bold look to draw attention to your eyes? Kiss have some amazing dramatic lashes that would be perfect for this!

Then there's my favourite, the lips! I would personally go with a classic blood red lip for Halloween, or a black lip! I love a bright red lip usually at Christmas time, but I think that toning it down to a mute, deep blood red instead would make it wearable for Halloween, especially if you added a layer of red lip gloss on top to give that idea of blood.

A black lip isn't for everyone, but I personally love it and I think that Halloween would be the perfect time to try out a black lip if you weren't sure if you suited it, becasue at Halloween nobody every really judges your make up, just make the excuse its for Halloween and its supposed to be spooky! But black is such a classic colour associated with Halloween that its a good way to have a little bit pf a Halloween'y vibe in your everyday make up!

The last tip I have would be to go classic, and paint you nails black! It's a simple step and it's got that gothic feel and is very cost effective and easy to do if you're not a fan of fake nails!

Fashion & Accessories

Another way to get into the Halloween spirit without going out in full costume is through fashion and accessorising. For fashion it can be as simple as getting quirky with your choice of clothing for that day. I have printed tshirts with horror characters on them, like the classic Scream eyes from the poster and one with Georgie from IT with his iconic yellow raincoat and red balloon, both of which I got from s shop called Damaged Society which sells a lot of gothic, horror movie clothing!

Then there's more subtle things like tight with cats or spiders on them, even ones that are designed to look like spider webs. Or maybe fashion isn't you thing, then why not jazz up your everyday hairstyle with a subtle little bow, or a hair clip? I've spotted some in shops that have little bows with cute spider or ghost patterns which can make a cute little addition to anyone's looks,

For accessories, here is where you can get creative. Shops like Claire's and even Tesco or Asda are selling bits of jewellery with spiders and bats, even dripping blood on them. You can get some adorable spider earrings, some of those plastic spider rings, or even a choker that looks like it's dripping blood from your neck.

Primark have a good selection of little Halloween themed accessories that would be the perfect addition to any outfit this Wednesday, such as little fake tattoos of spiders and their webs, bats and pumpkins! They even have some stunning fake nail designs, such as black and red ones with spider webs and spiders, grey ones with black cats on the tips and even some beautiful nude ones with a dripping blood design on the tips, which I picked up to wear this Halloween.

I hope this post has given you a few little tips for getting into the Halloween spirit this year in a subtle way. Some of us, like me, have university (or school or work) since it's a weekday this year so we can't really go full out Halloween costume, so these are just a few little ways to be in the spirit in a more subtle way.

I've got my beautiful dripping blood nails to pop on for the week, and I may even dig out my IT tank top and pop on a slightly more dramatic eye or black lip this Halloween!

Are you going to be dressing up this Wednesday? What are your plans for Halloween this year? Let me know in the comments below?

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